Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To my King and My Queen

On the Joyous occasion of Royal Wedding, I in deep felicitation would like to offer my heartfelt prayers through this poem.

I felt fortunate ample, as a citizen, to write this poem
And be blessed with another auspicious event
It is a simple rhythm, in simple words of my heart
Where I saw flowers blooming everywhere I walk.
Of Royal romance, every body talks
It is a joyous celebration and a historical moment,
Where whole universe sprays sweet scent
For the king with innovative aspirations and aims

His majesty proclaimed, his Royal consort be Jetsun Pema
Who is young and warm, kind and beautiful,
His humility blended service as a father, brother and a son
Radiated the heart, not only of Bhutanese but foreigners alike
And in space, though not left, still needs
Another person- a humble mother, sister and a daughter
Making a complete family, extended over the nation,
May glorious heir be born, in the dragon lineage
To shower the light of happiness to the people.

One amongst thousands, destined as royal consort
Her youthful radiation from her cheeks, beautiful
Her company to His majesty, insurmountably devotional
So young, yet very humble and disciplined was she
No time passed, but became an example for all
She touched the heart of all the people,
Left none torn apart, but joined all the hearts
Such is our queen- as is the king, so is the queen!

May the sun of happiness shine on the people,
From the heavenly palace of Lingkana
May Bhutan be blessed with the visionary Royal couple
With their compassionate wisdom and warm love
May they be role models of all the families
As they always used to be…
They are the moon and sun for us
Eternal as they are, brighten up the world
With the GNH flourishing all over and forever…


  1. And blessed be called upon, to solemnized the royal wedding, and the joy be at the end of it...:)

  2. Wszystkiego Najlepszego młodej parze!

  3. @punkt A. would u please translate what it means for me?

  4. I appreciate you! You're young, still undergraduate but can write so well and maintain your blog beautifully. Let me tell you...when I was like you I didn't know anything other than merry-making. You can do and achieve great things in your life. Keep up what you doing. All the Best!



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