Friday, November 4, 2011

Moon of the Blank sky

This translated version of Nam tongpai bhulay shar wai daw is dedicated to all time bhutanese favorite singer Dechen Pem. Forgive me for I could not exactly translate it. Song is something that makes you cry and makes you laugh. It has that power! I think it tells all.

This song, I heard is her favorite song sung for Four Friends, which she says that her tears rolled down on singing it, if I am not mistaken.
Madam Dechen Pem

Oh! glimmering moon on the blank sky
Don't flicker dim and hide behind the western mountains
To radiate your light to brighten our world
please do stay on the blank sky...
Oh! glimmering moon, please shine there forever
And light up my heart, please
When we were friendly, I could not express my love,
Unexpressed words, kept hidden in my heart:
Lovely words turned into the poison in my Heart
Poisoned words invaded my Body and my Mind
To whom shall I share my heartfelt words,
Because I am already delayed to express it...
Oh! moon on the blank sky
Though you peeped behind the mountains
But I still hope for you to shine again...from the eastern hills
Oh moon please do shine again and cleanse my Heart with your rays
Golden drops of my words
Unexpressed to my beloved
Left dumped into the space of my ribs
turned into the poison
Still i hope it will turn into the nectar
YOU  are the one to whom I love so dearly
Please listen to the whisper of my Heart...
Oh! moon of the blank sky....

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  1. well gues i have not listen to the song yet bt i should say you made the great effort to try it out...nice post n good effort ...



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