Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is silence Gold?. . .

"More than halfway through DPT's term in office, some MPs have not contributed even a single word to the parliamentary deliberations and discourse. Simply chair-warming and voting for bills do not justify the high salary and perks they enjoy. Surely, the people voted them to represent their concerns in the parliament, not to play dummy. If their role in the parliament sessions is simply ceremonial, we doubt they play any role in the background. In the absence of sword fighting today, the paraphernalia of position like the sword signify their responsibility to speak."
-Editorial of Bhutan Observer, Friday May 27-June 03,2011.

It is quite disheartening to see some MPs not speaking even once for the past six sessions and still keeping shut through the seventh session too. I feel that silence is not gold out there, though proverb says, "Speech is silver but silence is  gold." People highlighted about Opposition Leader, just for remaining silent regarding the Anticorruption Bill. But he clarified for he raised his hand twice but "The speaker probably did not see me." Even if he was given a chance he said he would have supported it. It is clear that people are watching.  

When some MPs can raise his hand six times in a sitting, why can't some MPs just  pick their hands once in a six sessions. Whatever it may be, if they fail to speak out in parliament, people still miss a part of your capability. We would be proud to count the points coined by our Representatives. But if they contribute zero point, how shall we comfort our mind. Even a word coined or deleted makes a mighty difference in this context.

We must follow middle path, we should have vocal as well as substance in one's speech. But till date, those who raised their vocals are filled with content. It is a good sign. However, silence could either mean one of the two: they don't do their homework or they are too passive. Neither of these is good for our parliamentarians.   

So, is silence still gold?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Giving Life, Before Giving Birth...

Today is world blood donor day: it is the only way of giving life to another without becoming parents. Donate blood, save life. Religiously you are accumulating merit, medically good health and socially more friends. Donating blood is an act of unconditional love.

We can afford very expensive gifts and flowers to our friends. But it withers very soon. Cards scribbled with thousand thoughtful words, but it will remain in the shelf accumulating dust. Whatever gift you give is temporarily enjoyed and forgotten forever. But gift your friend the life and he/she will remember you throughout their lives. To give life? It might sound strange but it is very simple, you just donate your blood.

Photo: Google Image

It is said that a pint (whole blood in one unit) of donated blood saves three lives. You can donate 46.5 gallons of blood if you start at 17 and donate every after 56 days till you are 79 years old. If it sounds strange to you, it is because you never thought of donating blood.It takes 8 months to restore the iron you lost in donating blood. But only hours to restore the fluid and 4 weeks to restore your red blood cells.

Donating blood will never hamper your strength, rather simple ailments are eradicated. To tell from my own personal experience, I donated blood and  lost one of my teething illnesses, that is, dizziness. And I could see my palm becoming red and red every day. You should donate blood because it cannot be manufactured. Only 1% of total population is required to meet the basic requirement of blood in the country. That means for a population of 600,000, only 6000 blood donors are required in Bhutan. 6000 may seem too less but hospitals in the country is in short of blood. Gift your blood to our fellow Bhutanese. There is no such valuable gift than gifting your own blood. 

So, let’s roll our sleeves and go to hospital to donate blood. Let us do it, because we can do it. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Love Letter...

Dear friends,

Congratulations for being on top list among 6000 competitors, and also for getting opportunity to represent our nation abroad. You are example at home and ambassador outside our country. I am writing this letter based on the two days workshop in Harmony Valley, "Living the Purpose." Words and expressions are all derived from those resource speakers.

You must know that you are the first batch of GNH students. Our country is small but no more unknown to the  outside world. When you say you are Bhutanese, they will certainly expect certain GNH behavior. And you must do it. It is not that you have to be extraordinary, but you continue what you have been doing at home.  You did very well in homeland. You are all the cream of our nation to fulfill the dream of our nation.

Emotional Intelligence blended with your intellectual faculty would be the best asset for you to lead a successful life. You must excel academically. And you must succeed socially too. When you are awarded with an opportunity to explore diverse cultural life, you should not remain isolated. You have to mingle and socialize with new friends. Make great circle of new friends and be proud to have friends from across the world. It is the time.

Being Bhutanese by birth is not enough. We must be Bhutanese in our thoughts and in our actions. When expectation is so great, let us do well and make Bhutan proud along with us. We have to exhibit our culture and tradition, exchange good values and eliminate those not-so-good behaviors. Do not find solace in drugs. It will neither quench your thirst nor appease your hunger. Do your best and enjoy the rest. 

When we all return home, let us bring in us the well set of doctors, engineers, architectures, teachers,etc...It is the only gift possible from our side and it is also the most precious of all kind. We are sent abroad to imbibe what we can and bring it to our country. Our country needs it desperately. We may be far away but in our heart we should feel near to our home. We should never dream of going out forever. We must return home, full and wise. 

World outside might seem strange but it is not an alien world. Adaptation is something very difficult but we must adapt. Do not occupy back bench and doze off. We have confidence as much as what others have. So, go forward and participate in effective discussion and learn from it. Never procrastinate your works and assignments because we well know that tomorrow never come. 

Above all, we are from the land of Gross National Happiness. It is not a sophisticated philosophy as we think it is. It is all about being a good human being. It means we must be more feeling, more hearing and more seeing. We were doing this for so long from the beginning of our school life. And let us do it throughout our lives.

We must remember:
"Whenever and wherever your name is mentioned, may it be done with an honor." His Excellency, the Education Minister repeated three times with humble prayers, during the closing ceremony. This must echo in our heart every time we do our work and act accordingly. It is short and simple in words, yet it has profound meaning and implication.

We can do it even without someone preaching us to do. We love Bhutan dearly. But it is different to love it emotionally and intellectually.

This is not a love letter but a letter with love.

With Prayers and Best wishes
Monu Tamang.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

World Day Against Child Labour...

12 June, 2011. Today is the day. And National Commission for Women and Children and Ministry of Labour and Human Resources did their part by observing it at Harmony Youth Village, Thimphu. But what did we do as an individual? I am asking this not because I did something great. I could not do anything great but I could at least write this and post it in my blog. Theme for this year is children in hazardous work.  This day was launched by International Labour Organization in 2002; it is to eliminate child labor in the world. 

National Statistical Bureau found out the rate of child labor to be 18.4% from the total between 5-10 years old children. Child labor is practically intense in the remote area. No statics is required to prove it. If we care to visit some remote region of our country, we can see children working in the field with dust to help their parents, some running after cows, some carrying firewood, some cutting grass for cattle, etc… it might sound exaggerated sample to many. But it is the reality.

But we expect it to decline rapidly. Because it is declining. In olden days, girl child used to be retained at home for performing household chores. Now it is no more a trend. I went through my village in search of a baby sitter and it was really tough. I didn’t get even one. It is not because parents are not willing. It is because all children were enrolled in schools. Then, I realized that education is the sublime tool to eradicate child labor.

Few left outs started doing business. This is based on my observation in my village. They neither want to work in the field throughout the year nor do they want to do hard labor under others.

I wish happy "World Day Against Child Labour" to all the children of our country and of our world.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am moving...

Dear readers and followers,

Do follow me as you all always did. From today onward I am moving to new domain. That is So do me follow me there too. I would always remain grateful to Mr. PasSu for his invaluable support in moving to new domain. And thank you Mr. Pema Gyamtsho for doing it for me.

Thank you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Internet Acess...human right.

Recently, I received the tweet from Mr. Khampa:

the UN declared internet access a human right.

With this i could say that it would be near to impossibility for our government to ban facebook in the office. But let us join our hand and promise that we would not delay the work of our fellow Bhutanese just for the sake of chatting with the friends and just for you didn't finish cultivating your farm land. Now we hope to see more of our services going online. Recently, security clearance certificate went online. It made our job lot easier, perhaps, tremendously easy and accessible...

Next post I will be writing on two day workshop that i have attended at YDF. It is first of its kind for those students availed with scholarship to study abroad. It would be very interesting and meaningful. Hope I will reach Tsirang very fast. Because it is really hard to write and post through the Internet cafe in Thimphu. Just financial constraint...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our concern, your news…

I am from Soentapsa (place where seeds are sown) Chhiwog, Tsirangtoe Gewog under Tsirang Dzongkhag. I introduced myself because I am trying to bring the concern of my village as your news.

Farmers over our country started paddy plantation. But our villagers toss and turn, look up to sky and pray for rain drop. But blazing sun always let them down.  

This is because local water sources are going insufficient as they started drying up. One Devithan, prominent water source dried up completely affecting three households in paddy transplantation.  People were startled because it didn’t dry till this date in our history. The only reason that people console with is they didn’t perform puja to please the local deities this year.  So, I request all Bhutanese people never to let our local deities down. Perform Puja on time.

Some doubt that fencing the water source area must have annoyed the local deities.

Our mistake is your lesson.

photo credit; google

“If it continues… forget about self-sufficiency with agriculture, we would die of starvation”, says every farmer. And of course, drinking water supply has been cut off for last few months due to maintenance works going on. People are really having tough time fetching drinking water. We hardly can fill a jerkin waiting in queue for several hours because local sources are drying up.

We don’t know whether it is also the impact of Global Warming...

First International championship in sport in Bhutan…

at clock tower square in thimphu during 8th south asian bodybuilding championship

Bodybuilding contest is recently evolving competition, recorded to be between 1880 to 1953. Father of modern body building is Eugen Sandow of Prussia.  The Oscar winning 1936 musical film The Great Ziegfeld, tells tale of modern body building. It was when Sandow began showing body for carnivals. He did so much and it became famous all over the world.

Then on, first large-scale bodybuilding competition in America was on 16 January 1904. Three years before the establishment of institution of monarchy in Bhutan. Winner was Al Treloar winning $1,000. Great amount at that time!

World Bodybuilding Federation (WBF) was established in 1990 by Vince McMahon, wrestling promoter. First WBF champion was Gary Strydom. Sadly, it is not in Olympic as many argued that body building is not a sport. I would urge all of you to respond to this question in my blog: is body building sport or not?

But it came to Bhutan very few years ago.   Bhutan Weightlifting and Bodybuilding Federation were established in May 2004. Now to talk about 8th South Asian Bodybuilding championship: It is special because it is first kind of it in Bhutan. Bhutan was represented by nine participants of which Lobsang brought home Gold Medal in 60 kgs category. Wangchen in 85 kgs category brought silver medal. And Deepak Lepcha in 55kgs category and Tshering Dorji in 85 kgs category brought bronze medal. Total of four medals for Bhutan. Proud of them. congratulations!!!

On top Wangchen won South Asia's "most improved" bodybuilder. Great job. Keep it up!

They all competed for Mr. South Asia. And India's Bobby Singh declared Mr. South Asia.

Kuensel of 3 November, 2007 reads:
“… there were plans to build a bigger gym behind the Changlimithang archery range, hire professional trainers from India, organise local weightlifting and bodybuilding competitions at least twice or thrice a year and send outstanding bodybuilders and weightlifters for international competitions outside the country.

None of that has happened, notes Tshering Dorji. “The support is limited to people who are into this sport.”

With competitions in Finland having concluded and the one in Bhutan postponed until June next year, Tshering Dorji is building his body mass these days. He eats six meals a day, comprising a plate of rice, vegetables and 200 grams of beef or chicken breast, works out an hour and half a day, and pushes heavier weights every day…”

Bhutanese are doing their best in the field of sports in international forum. But we still have vast room for improvements.  And government needs to equally endeavor in this pursuit.   

In June 4, 1990 at Thimphu Hospital…

This day, started her story
Who would enter into the chronicle of Royal history.
No one knew her faith-in-making
That would ultimately make her the Royal Bride of our king

Born to Sonam Choki and Dhondup Gyaltshen
Is our Royal Bride Jetsun Pema in memory lane
Second eldest amongst four children
To Little Dragon Montessori School in Thimphu she ran.

On this auspicious day, let’s sing:
“Happy Birthday to you…
Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday to Jetsun Pema…”


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