Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nge Sem Nge Sem...

Here, I tried to translate Dzongkha Song, Ngesem ngesem sung by Ugyen and Minzhung Lhamo. I sincerely felt that this is one way in which we appreciate the Bhutanese songs.

my Mind! oh my mind...

When I actually meet the one whom I love dearly in real,
It seems as if I am dreaming
For my feelings and emotions became uncontrollable.
where ever I go, I can see flowers blooming
Though there is none...
my mind,Oh my mind!
As if dreams are turning into reality,
Wherever I may remain, I always see you before my eyes

When cool,gentle breeze blows,
like the Prayer flags wafting  with the rhythm of wind
As natural as it is,
 my mind! 
whenever I see you
I cannot hold my mind.
Isn't it the magic of the Almighty above?
Isn't it the precious award of the serpent (Lu) below?
isn't it the demon playing tricks on me?
Or is it a magic that you spell on me?

my mind, oh my mind!
Whenever you sit near me,
the whole universe feels like paradise
and my mind becomes uncontrollable,
Wherever I go, I shed tears of joy.

my Mind! oh my mind....
It seems as if I am dreaming
Wherever I may remain, I always see you in my eyes
Wherever I may remain, I always see you in my eyes

my mind, oh my mind!

All photos taken from Google.

Monday, August 1, 2011

You are the Light in the darkness for me...

Have you encountered me laughing,
 When I saw  you crying in turmoil?
Did I spent a single day away from you,
Without a phone call and a message?
Is there a day,
Where sunset without me saying, "I Love you!" to you?
Did I ever commented bad on what you did for me?
Even your angry frown seemed a smile to me.
Your nags and screams were always a music for me.
I never argued on anything that you asked from me.

"Will you ever deceive me?"
I asked this, since the first day I met you.
I can still remember that you said, "NO!"
And made me promise that I do never deceive you
I promised...
But, the mistake, I never made you promise.
Because, I trust you, I was committed in you
My trust is clear and pure, forever!

It isn't out of pleasure that I remained far from You
Not because I hate you
Not because I cannot tolerate being together with you
You know every reason for why I am far away,
Knowing the reasons, why you nag on me again?

I knew my rose would wither up, impermanence! 
But your heart would never cultivate compassion and uproot infidelity.
 My pen ink would exhaust in writing notes for you
But your mouth would never get exhausted
From cursing me...

But my words: I would never stop loving you,
How far you are, that near you seems to me
It is only to a person I say I Love you
In my life
And as much as you try to keep me away
That much closer I would come.
I Love you as much as you hate me.
I don't know, whether my my love would remain unattended?

Photo credit: Google


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