Sunday, October 30, 2011

What shall I do?

I came all the way from the village to the  city in search of a job. But, numerous buts...
With all formalities I came to city and many pairs of shoes I changed as it torn off on walking in search of job.
My life is half-way to death in search of a place to live...

To every vacancy announcement I submitted my documents but my name never appeared on the shortlists...
Shall I tear off the university certificates and dump it off and live in the village with cows and buffaloes?
I emptied countless bottles of beer and lived among the suspensions of smoky cigarettes for pass months...
Shall I commit suicide or go to village for paddy plantations?
When in home, my dad and mom always nagged me to go in search of a job...
After several knockouts, I was shortlisted but again I failed interview...
Shall I pierce my belly with a knife or go out of this place?
Those who took my job be extinct from this world, if You think bad on me let God do the justice...
Shall I marry Ap dorji's daughter or plow the field and sow the seeds?

I am despondent, none looks friendly...
Shall I carry grass and fed my hungry goats...but let it die out of starvation because I starved for several past days...
Why should I be burden of this world? After all, I know that I will never be better...
Now, now...I will jump off the veranda and kill myself.. 
Bye, bye...
Don't hold me back, my friends...

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why do I blog??

It is me all alone, yeah, I am alone. What should I do? Ahh...Where shall I go? No one in the room especially in sunday and holidays. Read textbook, is tedious. I read it! When you force too much in study nothing will get in. So, write something... all writings piled up amongst the garbage does no good. Let all the people read it and let them taste it. And which is the easiest way to do so. Just throw it off at facebook. Okie, it is good! But to keep all articles collected, to collect the comments of the people, blogging is the best way. So I blog.

Blooming Flower...source of inspiration...

Writing is my passion. I like to write when birds fly so high, when twilight rays shine too dim, when flowers bloom so bright and when rain pats on me. I love to write my memories and histories. Blog is a well-maintained diary. It is fun to comprehend how those words can really convey what we mean to say. I speak less! But it never means that I don't have the words to speak. I have so many things to tell, scream at and kneel at. So I take solemn hour to do so in my blog. Thank you my English Teachers for drenching me in writing domain. Thank you! Mr. Saacha Dorji who struggled to take me to the fantastic world of writing. Thank you Madam Kinza Lham for grooming my passion. Thank you so much!

Through my blog I pay tributes to the legendary monarchs and those influential people of my life. Through this I aim to promote good culture of encouraging young Bhutanese writers to venture on it and never look back. Everyday is a new experience. My blog is my best friend, you are there when I am alone... you take away my preserve my priceless are the bank of my did so marvellous job in connecting me to all great people and youth with crimson dreams. Lucky to meet Madam Rachna, who authored many books. I am friends to many Bhutanese bloggers, they are kind enough to invite me to their home too. I will go and enjoy heavy plate of rice and chicken curry...he he he.Thats why I blog.

I want to update my language through blogging because I am in medical field where language is less cared. It is the only resort to keep my language updated. Otherwise it will ruin! But it is sad that I never receive constructive criticism for my improvement. That doesnot mean I know all. We are all very selfish in giving out bad comments. Is it that we dont want another to improve? We either praise the blogger if good or never post a comment if it is not good. I think this should be deleted. And comments should call spade a spade, so that we will improve and shine. I dont mean only in case of language but in case of ideas and contexts. It is not always good to accept what other says...he he. I am talking too much now. So I blog.

I felt happy to introduce my English teacher, Mr. Saacha Dorji and Mr. Prem Limboo to Blogyul yesterday. May they too will find the nectar in blogging. See, here too, I am proving my good purpose of blogging. I introduced them so that they too will find an amazing platform in blogging with the good number of followers.

Wish all of the bloggers good blogging.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

How I started blogging?

Blogging is a recent culture in Bhutan. Notwithstanding its recent influence, we have inspiring and famous bloggers like Lyonpo Tshering Tobgay, Mr.Passu, Mr. Jurmi Chhowing, Mr. Kunzang Thinley, Mr. Rikku Dhan Subba, Mr. Sogyel Tobgyel, etc... They would tell their  story for how and why they started blogging. Perhaps, writing passion, heart broke, to interpret and communicate with the people through social media and so on. We have reasons for every actions! Here let me tell how a fellow student like me got into the blog-sphere.

I started writing since class seven but only my English teacher and few class mates would have read it. Few got published in national newspapers and got circulated around. He he, it could have perhaps filled the dustbins!! But now at least ten people reads my write-ups as soon as I finished it because of my blog.

I was not aware of blogging till early 2011. I reads about blogs in some newspapers but never understood what it meant. I used gmail account for first time in 2009 to post my articles to Kuensel. I was never thrilled by social media. It was Mr. Pema Namgay, who introduced me to the blogging. He created it for me. Then I developed the passion. For first few months I had only one followers. It never  increased! I know how happy a bloggers become on seeing one more followers the next day. Through facebook, I contacted Mr. Passu and asked more about blogging. He registered me to the Blogyul- facebook page created by Sogyel Tobgyel, the founder of Blogyul, dedicated to the Bhutanese bloggers. Since then followers gradually started to increase and there is no looking back now.

The source of inspirations for me is the Bhutanese bloggers, the number of comments that I received from my followers and readers, and the number of followers. despite my arduous effort to update my blog in time, I failed a lot. Because of time factor and because of resources. Huh,  I decided to have bi-weekly post now onwards: Wednesday and Saturday. I value my followers as much as any bloggers treasure them. I don't wanna them run off. I promise to serve them chill drops of words and sips of sentences.

Thank you Sogyel Tobgyel for you helped me in connecting my blog with the face book. You always guided me in need. I rejoice blogging. It is my companion when I am alone, it is my teacher who expands my thinking capacity everyday, it is my bin where I dumb my resentment and it is my treasure box where I cherish my happy moment. I love blogging...


Friday, October 21, 2011

Who is my girlfriend?

Perhaps, it is shocking to have it said. But I have no girlfriend till now. It is not that I didn’t get one because I am not smart. I am as smart as I am. And it is not that I have the Penlop-phobia. Penlop is the jargon used by boys when he is being discarded by the girls. It doesnot mean I never talk with my girl friends, I do talk as much as to my boy friends.
Friends float with girls, but I don’t mean that they are bad boys. It is their ways of life. They says it is an enjoyment! However I disagree here because I haven’t seen them filled with joy rather I saw them tensed- busy schedules to be carried out in Saturdays and Sundays. Moneys flying off! I have to justify it. I dont want to waste my money because I know how hard my parents toil to earn a penny. I too know how huge expenditure has been invested on the human resources-students studying abroads. I am no miser!
I have procastination trends that keeps me out of this bussiness. When I was in Class seven, i thought I am too young to involve in it. And I will make one when I am in class ten. When so, I thought it is too early, I am not ready! In class twelve, I had huge piles of books that would not let me free. So, I would do when in college. So, today, i am a college student and I have another reason: it is time for me to study and take home a gift as precious as  relieving the pain of those people with pain. Thus, it is not the time. And I dont hurry because I am sure that  god would have surely made me one. And I am not so eager to meet her.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To my King and My Queen

On the Joyous occasion of Royal Wedding, I in deep felicitation would like to offer my heartfelt prayers through this poem.

I felt fortunate ample, as a citizen, to write this poem
And be blessed with another auspicious event
It is a simple rhythm, in simple words of my heart
Where I saw flowers blooming everywhere I walk.
Of Royal romance, every body talks
It is a joyous celebration and a historical moment,
Where whole universe sprays sweet scent
For the king with innovative aspirations and aims

His majesty proclaimed, his Royal consort be Jetsun Pema
Who is young and warm, kind and beautiful,
His humility blended service as a father, brother and a son
Radiated the heart, not only of Bhutanese but foreigners alike
And in space, though not left, still needs
Another person- a humble mother, sister and a daughter
Making a complete family, extended over the nation,
May glorious heir be born, in the dragon lineage
To shower the light of happiness to the people.

One amongst thousands, destined as royal consort
Her youthful radiation from her cheeks, beautiful
Her company to His majesty, insurmountably devotional
So young, yet very humble and disciplined was she
No time passed, but became an example for all
She touched the heart of all the people,
Left none torn apart, but joined all the hearts
Such is our queen- as is the king, so is the queen!

May the sun of happiness shine on the people,
From the heavenly palace of Lingkana
May Bhutan be blessed with the visionary Royal couple
With their compassionate wisdom and warm love
May they be role models of all the families
As they always used to be…
They are the moon and sun for us
Eternal as they are, brighten up the world
With the GNH flourishing all over and forever…

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Who wrote? to whom?

05 October, 2011. It was around 06:48 pm.

Sorry for i irritated you...perhaps... 

I have been blind for what...i dont know... 

You distanced me..but i would take this time to say something before i go dumb... 

When I said, "I love you" I promised I would kabhi alva da na ka hana...but i have to do it today...for you failed to understand me and I failed to convince thought I am a mad...perhap cyber villian...sorry, I made a mistake to dream of holding ur hand...sorry, it has been mistake to rejoice for having you...after all why did we meet...talked...n chat with eachother...? It would have been best for if we never meet...never talk..never message..
In first sight, to decorate u in my eyes has been a insurmountable expect a love-filled heart from you has been a mistake...all I did has been a mistake...sorry for all things that I did to u... 
I would love if u never reply dont reply me...let it be my cry in the endless abyss....sorry, for I took so long to explain....bye...
There is this reply after a few days... 08 October 2011, 23:16
i neva heard da word,....... u neva uttered it....... nwz m sorry, im a big _____, fill up dat 4 me... 

aa.. o plz!! tell me ua kidding!! Sad( am i dat bad, dat u ve 2 go s well..... ok fine go away... shuu!!!

Don't ask me...who wrote this and for whom....???

Sunday, October 2, 2011

To my prince...

Dear my prince (Dorji),

I am Dema with this letter. Don’t be sad for I wrote a letter instead of calling you. It took me a great amount of time just to complete it. As you know my hands are becoming rigid and immovable day by day. My illness, doctors, says is incurable. It is cerebro-spinal degeneration! It started haunting me like never before. I may die today or tomorrow. Don’t cry for if I extinct all of sudden because you are a man.  You must face reality with the confidence.
I have enormous gratitude, unexpressed in my heart. Thank you for you pushed my wheel chair and took me to all beautiful places. You never made me sad. You wiped my tears and made me smile. You did all you can. You took me to every hospital and prayed in all temples and monasteries. You took me to neurologist and most reputed shaman, and still I could not get well. Only solace for me is that it is probably the bad karmic fate that I have to bear on. Every day my health decline and the intensity of my illness escalate. I am crying as I write this.

Sorry… I can no longer walk by your side in the blossoming spring. Sorry for I can no longer call you and talk normally. Sorry for I could not complete weaving special gho for you. Sorry for I can no longer come out of my home to meet you, hiding from my parents. Sorry for I told my parents about you and they told it to your parents. Sorry if your parents scold you for being in relationship with a diseased girl like me. Still then, listen to me even if I take an hour to say a world. Do walk with me even if I drag myself on the road. Don’t be ashamed to introduce me to your friends. Don’t leave me alone in the time I need you the most. Live with me for I will not be on the earth for very long. I know you are doing this. And you cared me more than anyone else. I cherish those moments more than anything. You are really a living god.

Tears trickled on this paper and dissolved some words. These missing words are something that you can hear from me.

With love (loving Dema)

He called her immediately but her phone was switched off. He yelled in the silence. He spared no moment and rushed to her home. It is really melancholic for he could not listen to her missing words. It is this manifestation of true love that changes the course of our life.

On the floor he saw a note: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTVWXYZ, I wrote it all and I saw all around me but you know I missed “U.” I could not see you around…

How many more would have died in same condition and more of in worse condition. So, I wanted to help them be better. For this reason, I wanted to be a physiotherapist… 


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