Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I swallowed a Pill..

I have often thought
Of becoming free from my parents
And cling to the world ofpleasures
But I don’t know
How to go about?

One beautiful day, I met a handsome boy
Exactly, from heaven he fell!
Despite butterflies in our stomach,
Spell of his countenance and magic of his words
Trapped me like a flies in the cobweb.

Since our last pleasure-filled rendezvous
I haven’t heard his name
Neither his phone number exist
Nor his address is valid
He is an escaped villain...

But I have the seed of love germinating
S/he would love to see this beautiful world
but wont digest the stigma and discrimination
Fatherless child!

How shall I let cat out of the bag?
To my thundering father?
To my screaming mother?
To my commanding big brother?
And to my innocent sister?
Rather, I would swallow a pill,
Sleep on the bed for whole day,
Take leave confessing I am sick,
Take an un-prescribed pill and escape the reality…

Why is the society so cruel?
And more cruel the loving family?
 And why is so-called beloved... so magical?
Where are you?
I’m bleeding out the clump of blood
Suffering from irrestible backache
Should I prolong my silent sleep?
Or scream out for help?
Oh beloved! Come to see me for the last time...

Image from the google.

Finally, I screamed out, “Mom...”
She rushed to see me drenched with blood
Shocked! She called my daddy
Truth cannot remain hidden!
Which I intended to hide so long
Oops!! Helpless little girl was I
You’re away during the time I needed you the most,
They rushed me to Hospital
Parents are not as weird as I thoughts them to be
They have their love and dedication.
I sobbed in silence
But no help did God rendered.
“It is too late, too bad”, screamed the Doctor.

I took eternal leave from the world…

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

World AIDS day 2011.

It is on Thursday, 1 December for the year 2011.

As  announced on 9 September 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa theme for this year'sWorld AIDS Day is “Getting to Zero - Zero New HIV Infections. Zero Discrimination and Zero AIDS Related Deaths”.  Through my blog, I would like to take a step forward along with my followers and blog readers. This step, I mean, through this post, lets atleast inform and educate the people. Stigma and discrimination is not the solution. We must do it. It is urgent call, too important to deny.

When virus consumes me day by day, its really tough for me to fight it alone. How long I would fight it? It is much more tougher than the fight against virus, to fight against the society- discrimination and stigma. I need our love and care. I need emotional cushion. I wonder how cruel human are? It is really sad, as soon as they are known I being infected with virus, my friends discarded me. It is no point, I need my friends and relatives and family in time of desperation. Think how I would feel when I am left out of the circle. How sad it would be to be a stranger to my beloved friends? Stranger, because they donot talk with me, avoid me, do not count me among them. How lonely? It is not the elaborated stories that I am telling. No hyperbole. Zero exaggeration! It is happening all around us.

We all know what is HIV AIDS, and how it gets transmitted. And still we are so impractical. Why should you avoid me when you know that its not an air borne disease. We know it doesnot transmit on physical contact, come on, we can shake hands, we can talk and laugh and joke and walk with them. I need mental cushion. You would never know how happy I would feel if you just walk by my side. I am already living in the world of sacrifice. I sacrificed my girl friend, she all untouched. I sacrificed my aims and ambitions, I sacrificed myself from dreaming, and I sacrificed my world. And last thing I would sacrifice is my life. But I would never want you all to sacrifice me. Please, I am begging. I can fight the virus and live for additional years, but I am too weak to fight the loneliness. Toughest battle is the loneliness.

I wrote it in first person point of view because I want the intensified emotions to run down and feel it urgent to abolish the discriminations and stigmas.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Proud Day for the Bhutanese teachers

I wrote it as a "proud day for the Bhutanese teachers," but it in no way means that all Bhutanese are not proud of it. We all are very proud of it. And I am writing this post as a humble expression of my heartfelt gratitude to His Excellency, Lyonpo Thakur S Powdyel. I jumped with joy on hearing this news. I am a student, far away from my home, but I belong to my home. And good news of my home certainly exhilarates my heart with intensified rhythm.

On 24 November, 2011, Lyonpo Thakur S Powdyel, was awarded the Gusi Peace Prize at the Philippine International Convention Centre in Manila, the Philippines. He was awarded this prestigious Gusi Prize for his contribution in education and academe in Bhutan.

He is the first Bhutanese to receive the award.  From Manila, he wrote thus:
As I have maintained, I am just a little spark of the light that has always shone from the golden throne, and followed the path that has been laid out by my wise mentors and worthy predecessors,

I said it is a proud day for Bhutanese teachers because this award means many things to our beloved teachers. There is numerous reasons to be proud of, because he is grateful to his teachers. He started contributing the Education system of Bhutan as a teacher since 1984. He worked as a lecturer and vice principal at the peak of learning. Lyonpo Thakur "played a critically instrumental role in shaping the identity, character and vision of the institution and in moulding the lives of hundreds of young Bhutanese" (Sonam Pelden: Bhutan Observer). He is most talked about in Education System in Bhutan. He is the icon of many Bhutanese teachers from whom they draws inspirations to move on. He was the Director of CERD before he resigned to contest from Dorokha-Tading constituency as the DPT candidates. People voted him and he became the Education minister in 2008. My teachers use to share so many  inspirational anecdotes and stories about His Excellency. Any teachers of Bhutan has the part of their story being with him.

Sherubtse College where Lyonpo Spend vital hour of his life.

It is a proud day for our beloved teachers because website of this award says, "Lyonpo is charged with a deeply-held conviction that a nation is only as good as its education system and its teachers. He has persevered throughout his career to reclaim the nobility of the teaching profession by building and enhancing the image of teachers and by encouraging and motivating them to discover the soul behind their role." (From Bhutan Observer)

Green schools' Concept became clear with his elaboration as "the natural, intellectual, academic, social, cultural, spiritual, aesthetic and moral dimensions" greenery.  How successfully we claim its successful applications  depends largely in the optimistic heart of our beloved teachers. It takes the heart and the soul of our teachers. Heart-will of our noble sector is the Teacher.

Far in this pearl-studded archipelago of the wonderful Philippinos, but always at home, I beg to say that this award belongs to all of you, my fellow-citizens, most of all to my fellow-educators,” Lyonpo wrote. “I can never thank you enough – for life and for living.”

The Gusi Peace Prize, Asia’s foremost awarding body and among the leading in the world, brings out the best of human achievements, ideals and values. Supported by a proclamation by former president, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, it is an annual event organized by nonprofit Gusi Peace Prize Foundation based in Manila. ( Sonam Pelden: Bhutan Observer).

This prestigious award is the source of inspiration for our beloved teachers.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Founder of Blogyul

Actually i wanted to write this long time ago. But I could not because my blog was sick with overdose of html. Here, I would like to write about the founder of Blogyul.

Sogyel Tobgyel: Founder of Blogyul

He is Sogyel Tobgyel. He blogs at Currently, he is studying Architecture in School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. He would complete his Architecture Degree by May 2012. He started blogging since June 2009 and wrote two articles in that year. Now he is an avid blogger with more than 150 followers. Perhaps, the youngest Bhutanese blogger with highest number of followers. Icon for the youth to look on and draw inspirations from him. He has the best designed. Afterall, he is a real architect. And he too designed my blog and revived it from html overdose. Thank you so much!

He is the one who started a page in facebook entitled Blogyul where currently there are 389 members comprising of youth and established writers. It is through this page any bloggers can face the world of blogging in Bhutan. But the members are not closely comprised of Bhutanese alone. We have members from outside Bhutan too. It takes a courage to introduce ourselves in Blogyul through facebook, and we would gather good amounts of readers and followers. It is very encouraging. And I whole heartedly appreciate the young but farsighted brain who created this page. It really keeps ue engaged.

"I have few of my friends, international bloggers who have created the pages in facebook to gather around the bloggers and discuss things openly. It wasn’t long before the same thought clicked my mind about having a page in facebook where I could try to bring out the bloggers and writers from Bhutan together, and like most of the people around the world, Bhutan has also many people in facebook and of all, bloggers and writers in facebook is not a wrong thing to assume. Facebook made it easier lot." This is what he wrote about how he came up with the idea of giving birth to Blogyul.

This is my humble gratitude for him. He is the founder of the Blogyul. And we, the youth, has so many things to learn from him.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Day for My Best friend.

I would like to wish all of my blog visitors and bloggers the Happy World Best friend Day.
May the thread of best friend never break up.
May the ship of friend never sink.
May we be friend forever.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Light moments in College.

Our class could be the one with least number of students from our college. It is not that I feel sad for we have only 10 students but rather feels good. I feel good because we knows each other personally including their boy friends and girl friends. It is very interesting for we can all bunk together without notice of our teachers. Haha..but it does not mean we always bunk the class.

Four boys of our class: Gonna be good physiotherapists is our dream.

Despite heavy terminologies of Anatomy, complex chemical equations of Biochemistry, endless mechanisms of Physiology, head-cracking physic-like contents of Bio-mechanism, psycho-turning Psychology and Sociology. Ours is the class who first smile all together and build up zeal to study with light jokes and humors. I end up being hero of the class in making fun. Actually I am fun less and reserved kind of person but I could not figure out why I end up cracking jokes in the class. Sivasankar always end up being fooled and locked as every body mimic him.

We share single dream: Together we will, together we will not.

We are from different places and we use to share our culture and custom. I tried learning Kannada and Mizo language. But ended up mixing it with my own language. Its fun. And in fun, the beautiful truth lies. That is I am learning something every day not every thing someday. Till now its going well and I hope it will keep going.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Am I a Man?

I didn't know that I already became a man. I developed a muscular body, have beard and mustache. I am grown-up. And I never got a chance to act childish being eldest son of my beloved parents. I was always a Boss. Boss!! Yeah, I tremendously know that I am less eligible to be a Boss but I am the one. I have to command what to do and what not to do to my younger brothers and sister. So, its not enough I too have to do what I asked them to do. Don't smoke! Don't drink alcohol! Don't tell lies! Don't steal! So all don't and I didn't do too. Thus, I don't realize that I already became a man. I feel I am deprived of freedom!

Those happy childhood days....full of freedom!

I learned to sacrifice breast milk of my mom to my younger brother when I was still a baby. I learned to have my choice after their (brothers and sisters) choice. I too learned to care them though I myself deserve extra care and love. I learned to guide them though I am a directionless guy. I learned to advice them though I don't exactly know what advice means. I learned to...and I learned a lot.

When I was young, I used to be friend with all girls. But it happens no more. I must either have one or none. might read like a self-complaint but it is the truth. It was a daily ritual to receive a kiss from my mom and dad, but I don't now because they says I am a grown up folk. Aren't they my parents anymore. I used to dance and nap on my mom's lap but I can't do it because she complains of backache and all pains. It was all normal to hold my girlfriends and walk hand in hand but I can't do it any more because she complains of acting outrageous and mad! It was normal to steal pencil from my friends and act innocent but I can no more do it. I am deprived of many things that I enjoyed as a child.

I used to cry and make my parents purchase me the things that I loved to have. But if I forced them anymore, they cry for I acted against them. But, I love the change. I love my parents ask things from me though I am still not able to do so. Still then, I am in service of my parents in a way big and small. So is the reality. But still I ask, am a man?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Moon of the Blank sky

This translated version of Nam tongpai bhulay shar wai daw is dedicated to all time bhutanese favorite singer Dechen Pem. Forgive me for I could not exactly translate it. Song is something that makes you cry and makes you laugh. It has that power! I think it tells all.

This song, I heard is her favorite song sung for Four Friends, which she says that her tears rolled down on singing it, if I am not mistaken.
Madam Dechen Pem

Oh! glimmering moon on the blank sky
Don't flicker dim and hide behind the western mountains
To radiate your light to brighten our world
please do stay on the blank sky...
Oh! glimmering moon, please shine there forever
And light up my heart, please
When we were friendly, I could not express my love,
Unexpressed words, kept hidden in my heart:
Lovely words turned into the poison in my Heart
Poisoned words invaded my Body and my Mind
To whom shall I share my heartfelt words,
Because I am already delayed to express it...
Oh! moon on the blank sky
Though you peeped behind the mountains
But I still hope for you to shine again...from the eastern hills
Oh moon please do shine again and cleanse my Heart with your rays
Golden drops of my words
Unexpressed to my beloved
Left dumped into the space of my ribs
turned into the poison
Still i hope it will turn into the nectar
YOU  are the one to whom I love so dearly
Please listen to the whisper of my Heart...
Oh! moon of the blank sky....

 Images taken from google.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What inspires me...?

I am government scholarship student. I am Monu Tamang. I am pursuing Bachelor of Physiotherapy In Navodaya College of Physiotherapy. So and so on... Always I am. But how am I moving. How am I having enough inspirations to move on with my life? I asked this questions several times a day. And these are the immediate answers that zoom by in my mind. Spare me, if I am wrong, hehehe...

I was a school boy. I was the one who walked all to school carrying books inserted into the back pocket of my gho. Thank god, gho has very big pocket. Perhaps the largest pocket in the world. I used to have the plastic shoes stiched several times. No, no, I dont mean my parents are poor. But then I never asked them! I was the only boy who fought summer rain with plastic over me, all others had colourful umberalla. So, it inspired me to study hard. Even harder when my loving teachers advised me to do so. And I use to do it. I used to be inspired to study when my parents looks at me with the innocent glances and smile to know that I passed the examinations.

I used to be inspired when I think on being the eldest. I am burdened because I am the eldest. I am not burdened that I have to look after my parents and siplings. I never can predict how wide I would smile and how many litters of tears of joy would fill my eyes when I first hand over my hard-earned payment to my parents. How successful I would feel to be able to give pocket money to my school-going brothers and sister? How happy I would be to be able to offer my service to the Bhutanese people? And more happy when I first be able to treat my patient. It may seems a castle in the air, but dream causes no harm. Dreams are just a yard of hard work away.

In school I learned various subjects just to pass my examinations. But here in college, I have to learn in order to pass my life. It is not enough to complete my 4 and half years course and return home proudly with prefix Dr. infront of my name. It is not enough! I have to be a physiotherapist who on touching the patients can heal her/him. It counts what I can do for my patients, than what I can do for myself. I still dont know how triumphant would be the moment when my first patient walks out wihtout any support and bless me from the depth of his/ her heart for making him/her walking human. I know it must happen...for physiotherapist are the one who spends most of their time with the patients.

It must be proved! It doesnot mean that I am blowing my own trumpet so loudly. But it is the source of my makes me work hard and follow my dreams.

This is what inspires me to move on...and what about yours?


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