Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dr. Sanga Dorji, Chief Physiotherapist.

This could be the probably last post for the year 2011. And I want to write about the Physiotherapist of Bhutan. He is a loving husband, happily married in 2008, after completion of master's degree in Rehab medicine. He is much of my inspiration because I too am Physiotherapy student. And what inspires me the most is that he never got defeated in life despite being visually impaired. We have numerous things to learn from him. He is the first physiotherapist of Bhutan.

Dr. Sanga Dorji, Chief physiotherapist in JDWNRH
He was a happy boy from Bemji, Trongsa,  helping his parents. He had his vision. But since eight years old, he started losing his sight. Within a short period of six months he was totally blind, which left him despondent. His mother brought him to Thimphu Hospital, but to no help of regaining his sight. However, his life turned when Dr. Samdrup reported this to HRH Prince Namgay Wangchuck who sent him to Blind school in Khaling.
Though he is deprived of sight but not of vision. While still young, in class six, he started thinking of what would be his career too. He inquired his Principal  Philip Holmberg about it. And Principal told him that three successful career for blind in West are Lawyers, professors and physiotherapists. On his childhood experience of frequent tooth ache and frequent visit to hospital made him decide working in hospital. And Physiotherapy was the answer for him. He studied till class 8 in Blind school and 2 years in Khaling High School. He used to observe physiotherapists working in Hospital while working in Ministry of Education. He studied for two years in London under government scholarship, and trained as physiotherapist for 4 years.

He is the head of physiotherapy department. He mostly enjoys clinical works, teach sometimes and do the management works. He said that he is extremely happy working in hospital. He interacts with the people who comes to him. He is inspired by Helen Keller the most. 

He loves trekking and he goes for it with doctors, physio-technicians and good group of friends. He too listens to radios to keep himself updated with current affairs. He listens to music and to stories too.

I updated this post with the information from Opposition Leader's blog. For more reading click here.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

We can dream beautiful...

Dear friends,

I am really sad. I am really depressed with you guys. Because you all are losing the battle of your life. When a girl is heart-broken, she cries till tears dry off. But when a boy is, he drinks till he gets drenched.  Boys are proud counting the number of girlfriends they made, even if it is just sight-exchanged girls. But girls battle to say that they have only one or none even when they have many. Pride of a boy is in having highest number of girlfriends but for girl is in having none. Paradoxical.

Blinky, Thinky, Chinky, Whinky and Twinky have the same reason to go mad. Blinky went mad when he heard that his girlfriend went with another boy. It is half truth! His girl confessed that it is not so. But he believes in what he heard. And came hostel at night in swinging gait. How funny he looks? But I didn’t laugh because I know you are in pain.

Thinky fell on the ground on his way to hostel and Chinky too lied dead flat on him. Actually Chinky wanted to help his friend but he too was dragged down. Downward dragging is more powerful in combination with the force of gravity. That’s true. Whinky and Twinky have whisky and twinkling stars in front of them. It is really funny, why should they laugh endless if they are in pain. It is in no humiliation that I am writing this post. It is just that they touched my heart deeply. They know the profound meaning of friendship. Chinky try to care Thinky even when they can’t care himself. Blinky wants his friend to behave well despite his wild display. This is a mad world.

It is hard to define what it actually is. Even harder to know why they are doing it. I thought, and I realized that they enjoy emptiness. Just imagine my crazy thought: if the world split into ashes at once and none remained alive. What it would be like? No uncle, no daddy, no mummy, no sister, no brother. No human. No animals. No happiness. No sorrows. Nothing. No life. Just the space remains eternal. Only the space! So, why should we be so emotional? Why should we be so sad? Why should my friend spend so huge in paying the bills? Why should my friend finish ink writing those unspoken words to his Love? Will she hear it? Will she knows that you are hurt when you drink? I don’t know the answer. But let’s live happily and peacefully for we will not be living so long. When you live good life, life is sufficiently enough to do all good works. But there is no correction fluid in our life to correct it and rewrite on it. It is a like a flowing river.

It’s not very difficult to sacrifice everything for someone. But, it’s hard to find that someone who respects your sacrifice.” It is true. Such a lovely words you wrote but what’s the point when she does not know what you wrote. She never took the time to know you. This is the mis-match. Umm… I think I am talking too much now, but I can’t really bear to see my friends losing the battle.

Let’s refrain from these. Let’s live with Hope. Let’s dare dream and wake up and crawl and walk and run. Life is not all about this. Life is much more beautiful than these.

With Love
Monu GhishYing Tamang.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In memory of 13 December, 2003.

We received our country and our boundary,
Our traditions and our culture,
Our languages and our literature,
This is our mountains and our passes,
Valleys and basins, rivers and lake,
Our forests and our animals
Protected from invasions and attacks
Above all, our soil- The Land of Thunder Dragon!
We all share the same nationhood,
May we all remain united as we always did.

We love to love our country dearly,
So immensely that our forefathers fought unanimously
To safeguard the sovereignty, security and prosperity!
As much as they did, may we uphold the cultural values,
Laws and conscience of the nation in peaceful hours to safeguard our land in future.

Country was never so sad before.
With all three- body, mind and mouth
We prayed for the safe return of our King and our Army
I was in five, innocent was me and my faith too that
They all would return home warm and safe.
So brave was our Drukgyal Zhipa
And so were the thousands of patriotic soldiers
I salute them! They love nation more than their lives,
They left their lovely wives and loving children  
Some abandoned them forever
And their heavenly home became accursed house.
Wives cried till their tears dried off
I salute those who died trying to safeguard the nation,
Which became paradise again for all the Bhutanese.
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fresher's Night Fever.

On 12-12-2011, Faculty of Physiotherapy's seniors are going to welcome us to Navodaya College of Physiotherapy. Although we were running to college for three months and covered quater of our syallabus, still we will be freshers of the college till 12 December. We would be more encouraged and feel being cared by our seniors when they finally welcome us.

As a gratitude to our seniors and as a introduction from us, we need to show our talents. So, question is what talent I have? I can't dance, for this very reason I quit Scout six years ago. I can't show any of the magics as I have learnt no magic. But I cant be a statue infront of my friends and seniors. Should I recite those poems that I have written? Or should I narrate those stories from my life? No. Its not English class or storytelling competition. I cant think of anything as such possibly to introduce myself. Shall I not go for this function? No! I must attend it as it is mainly arranged for us. So, I should do something. Something! Something! I cant do even one thing, how come I will do something? Oh, no! 

My friends sketched this when in classroom discussing on what to be done in Fresher's night. We are all excited. I am too excited. I exactly don't know whether tailors finished sitching my black suit. Actually this suit is not for fresher's night. But what a coincidnce!  I am going to wear it. I am ready now.

But what to do on the stage? Finally I decided that I would sing a song. That too Hindi song!  I learnt Hindi in past three months stay out here. I can only ask for food and some iteams from shopkeeper, that too mixed with English. And now  am going to sing a Hindi song. I would probably display my donkey bray but would still be proud because I am going to sing "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna". I started memorising its verse and catching its tune. It is so sentimental song. Its meaning speaks much more than its rhythm. So, on the day I sing it, please do listen to the words and not my voice. I should sing it because I can sing it.

I need all of your good wishes to do it.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Facebook Story.

This is a true story. It is not the Romeo and Juliet of Shakespeare. But it is not the fiction.

Perhaps Rabindranath wrote the truth in Woman Unknown.

It is about a boy fell in love to an unseen and unknown girl. It started when I created a facebook account in 2011. And this story too started since then only. It started when she sent me the friend request. I was  excited and nervous. She was in vacation and I too Vacation. We chatted spontaneously. I became mad since the first sight of her photo. But I am a meek boy who can never express what I feel. I wanted to propose her.
But, how? When?

I experienced the rhythm of crush for first time. It is so strange. It is so beautiful. Sometimes, you can see her tapestry dancing in the air and sometimes blowing around with the gust of wind. Rattles of leaves and shatter of papers whispers her name. And her name sounds more harmonic than the music. It happened to me. But I don't know whether it is true or no!

We created an account in and chatted thus:

Me: how are you?
Lhazin: hey, is that you?

She wrote so, might be she couldnot believe me for we both succeed together. Though I couldnot write it in facebook message but here I wanted to say that I love her.  I accumulated the courage of courage but I could not.  I did never proposed a girl so, my friends called me chaka.

 It becomes very memorable when you are the only one to walk alone in the road.

I asked her Mobile Number but could not even message her. But it was hell-turned-heaven to receive her sms. I was tremendously happy that I jumped high and ran here and there like a madman. Love is not blind but man in love is blind! Then, we remained in contact through messages. I insisted to call her but she didn’t agree. So, I didn’t force because I thought that she could be least interested to hear me. But once again, towards the evening when I was little elevated with the beer, I smiled again to receive her call. I don’t know what she felt but for me that day is unforgettable day in my memory lane. I smiled whole night. That night was the most beautiful with princely moon seated upon the silver cushion. I felt that she too has a soft corner for me. I don’t really mean she has, but I felt so. Her charming voice still echoes fresh in my ears.

I called her and we talked for hours and hours. I tried not to frequent my calls but did atleast twice a week. I talked about her to my big brother. He was happy too.

I asked her to submit my document to  Madam Tara Limbu, the journalist at BBS as I was in village. While taking through phone dictating what to write, I was all in fantasy. My brother was near me listening to her. He appreciated her a lot because she was soft-speaking and frank girl. Don’t be surprised her photo is the wallpaper of my mobile. I deeply look at her every moment and finds her more and more beautiful every day. I love you not that you are beautiful but you are beautiful because  I love you.

Sunny shone bright, and flags fluttered beautifully outside. I was checking my mail gazing out through the open windows. She left this message:
 "hey… r u logging in hea…n posting…hate being away from home…"

It is a simple message but it was profound for me. Instantly, I posted two things in discussion forum on the day. But I did never proposed her through the phone. By that moment, she surely knew that I started loving her. I replied her, " it is not a big deal to be away from the home mey na…but m sad being away from u"
Then I told her that my leaving date has been preponded. I am moving to India to pursue my further studies under Government Scholarship. She was already in Sherubtse college. I called her frequently and was inspired for she speaks so soft, so sweet, and so beautiful!  She wrote thus in my inbox:
"u vl miss home hehehe…"

She had said earlier that she would call me when I am leaving. It touched me more when she told me that her mobile is not functioning but would call me borrowing her friend's mobile.  I was so happy. But she didn’t call me. She might have forgotten! It was  on 17th September that I was in Bus to phuentsholing with my friends. We would leave Bhutan on 19th september. I tried to call her, but her mobile was switched off…ahh..what shall I do? I tried every minutes and yeah, god answered me. When I reached near Phuntsholing, I called her and she was there, but could not hear her due to the scream of over burdened Bus. I messaged her telling that I would call after ten minutes. But I could not as bus didn’t reached the destination. She messaged me telling that she is waiting for my call. If earth is heaven than it was on that moment!. As soon as I reached Phuntsholing I went to one corner and called her. We talked for more than half an hour. I sang Nge sem nge sem to her. She told me that she was happy to receive my call as soon as she switched on her mobile.But I couldnot tell her that I love her…uhhh.. I am going to India!
I asked her to keep her mobile switch on after 4 pm on next day and she did. I talked a lot with her. I asked her, “Do you have your  boyfriend?” she said “no!” it meant a lot to me.  It meant a air for breathing, water for fish and sun for day. As we ended our call, earthquake, caught my breathe. I was on attic of hotel Moonlite. I ran all way down and called her to ask her safety. But I only know how sad I was to know her mobile was switched off. But I left message in the facebook, however, she never replied me though I checked my account every day.

"Sorry for I irritated you. Perhaps, i have been blind,so blind for what,I don’t know. You distanced me but I would take this time to say something before I go dumb. When I said “I love u” I promised I would kabhi alvadha na kaha na, but I have to do it today for you failed to understand me n I failed to convince you. You thought I am a mad, perhaps, cyber villian. Sorry I made a mistake to dream of holding your hand…sorry, it has been my mistake to rejoice for having you. After all why did we meet…talked.. and chat with eacother? It would have been best for if we never meet..never talked…never messaged. In first sight, to decorate you in my eyes has been mistake…to expect love-filled heart from you has been a mistake…sorry for all things that I did to you…I would love if u never reply me…so don reply me….let it be my cry in the endless abyss..sorry for I took so long to explain..bye.." I wrote it after some misunderstanding which I do not want to disclose it.

I cried a lot. I lost the diretion. I became mad. I never wanted to let her go. But I wrote thus because I wanted to forget her. I wanted to go far away. But she replied, "I never heard the never uttered it..anyway I am  sorry, I m big_____, fill up that for me…aaa…o plez!!tell me ua kidding!! (am I that bad, that you have to go as well…ok fine go away..shuu!!!"

She said that I never uttered and she never heard me. It is true. My friends request me to tell her. But I didn't tell her since now. Rather I would wait for some days and surprise her with what I am doing now for her. Nothing so special but something that I dream since my childhood that I would do it for the girl to whom I first love.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Most Precious Gift

Roads that connect far and wide, electricity that lights our homes, computers and telecommunication facilities that make our world a village, complicated equations and complex theories, philosophy and literature and mighty architectural wonders make us live in a new world. Recent studies have broken down huge chunks of knowledge into manageable modules of learning. This is nanotechnology.  All these achievements have been possible because of our mind.
The most precious gift of God is the mind. We are superior to the numerous animals because we have superior mind. Our mind has its vastness and its complexities. The mind is the most precious gift because we are not given the sight of an eagle, ear of a cat, body of an elephant, neck of a giraffe, and nose of a dog. But we are given a mind superior to those of all the animals. Scientists say that our mental faculties can expand to an immeasurable extent. Everybody holds their breath when they hear about countries being conquered. But hardly do they feel excited when they hear about those who control their minds.
Mind is a wonderful phenomenon. People have indeed lived without ears, eyes and tongue. For example, Helen Keller despite her inabilities produced numerous books that succeeded to be among the most treasured books in the world. Limbless people too made through their life. We appreciate the beauty of Shakespearean language and his spectrum of thought; we marvel at the complexity of the Einsteinian equations, the self-enlightenment of Lord Buddha and numerous such beautiful human achievements.
Such beauties are inventions of advanced and trained minds. However, all the causes of sufferings commence with an untamed mind. Untrained mind is fickle: it dawdles here, gets connected there and never remains constant. One could be a broken youth, who prefers occupying the corner bench. One may attend a whole session of Buddhist wisdom but that monkey mind might still cling to earthly pursuits and fleeting affiliations. When concentration declines, performances will weaken, resulting in mediocre results or below.
Our mind is a jewel. We strive too hard to earn the jewel and once we get it, we worry day and night to keep it in our home. We could lock the box and defend it against thieves. Unless we lose it, we will not know the real taste of its possession. By the same token, our mind is the best heritage from our parents, and so we should defend it from the emotional theft. Therefore, as much as we work to protect our jewel in the box, we must work to train it. Our mind is a diamond if we can control, otherwise it is like a stolen treasure.
World is too beautiful to be frown at.
I was a lazy boy in my childhood, and I asked my two younger brothers to prepare a cup of tea for me. One of them started boiling water for the tea. But he opened the lid now and then and observed with curiosity the simmering and boiling. He took fifteen minutes approximately to make a cup of tea. The next morning, the other brother prepared the same amount of tea on the same stove within nine minutes. It fascinated me. But I saw some profound meaning in it - be steady in our journey to control our mind. Every moment adds to the achievement of the control of mind. We can achieve miracles within a short period if we incessantly practise training the mind. The voyage to the autobiography of our individual mind is an endless journey. The more we learn about it, the more will remain to be learned. Mind, like the sky, is vast and splendid and can remain calm and tranquil despite stormy weathers - if we meditate and control.
When depressed, we must take a smart interval and refresh ourselves in a beautiful garden, a serene forest or an idyllic landscape. Our body requires physical rest as much as our mind needs mental rest. Forget those heavy burdens of work and then rejoice with friends, scoot out of busy schedules and gaze at the blank and limitless sky, and relinquish the social sickness and learn to smile. We miss too many beautiful things while we remain grapple with ugly obstacles.
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