Sunday, January 8, 2012

Controversial controversy...

State funding for political party. Is it necessary or not and constitutional or unconstitutional? This is the most controversial issue deliberated by first parliament of Drukyul. It has been year long. Still, National Assembly could not come on consensus and postponed for Joint sitting discussion. They deliberated on it with heat-generating submissions from about 20 parliamentarians including Prime Minister Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley. Now, hoping for it would come to meaningful conclusion after Joint sitting deliberation on January 19. Committee formed mainly to study the necessity of state funding concluded that they could see the financial problems faced by political parties but could not see necessity of sate funding for political parties.

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Constitutionally, Article 15 section 4 states that the political parties are allowed to accept contribution only from registered members. However, Article 15 section 4 also states the sources from where political parties are not allowed to accept contributions but never mentioned the word "State." This is from the Constitution of the kingdom of Bhutan.

It is near to impossibility for our political parties to survive from the membership contribution. It should be learnt from the past lesson. Haven't we seen most of the part members resigning membership when their party could not do well. As per me I feel that most of our people won't join party membership because of they had tough time during the Local Government election when they couldn't  get apolitical certificate easily. Looking at less populace of our country, it will be very difficult for political party to survive, in a way we may lose those good leaders just because of financial constraints. And another possibility is that as our PM mentioned, this would lead to the division among the small Bhutanese society. And other thing is that, if there is no party funding from the state, party need to beg those rich patrons. When they beg those patrons, it would lead to the corruption because when they commit mistakes parliamentarians need to keep quite. We don't want the parliamentarians controlled by some rich people. We don't want rich playing lead role in democracy. We need the democracy which is based on fairness and equity. When we can boast of having unique democracy, unlike other countries, we need to look at the ways on how to sustain this good growing democracy. We need vibrant democracy, not the democracy influenced by rich people.

This is my views on political party funding by state. Do share yours too. Youth are the leader of the future. So, guide me if I went wrong in my opinion. But I strongly feel that state funding is necessary for the vibrant democracy. This is my second article on state funding, go through my first article also which I wrote last year.


  1. i agree with you man...state funding is very necessary...for a strong democracy...and to fulfill the wishes of those innocent smiles of the bhutanese living under the bamboo houses.....

  2. very thoughtful oponion of u over STATE FUNDING FOR POLITICAL PARTY..kep ur views alive for the youth of our country..its alys educative to go thro ur blog..



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