Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fundamental Values

Human has mountains of ego and self-dignity. I don't mean to blame all because I felt it so. But it is my honest attempt to tell the truth.

These are something that I wanted to delete from me long ago. I know it cut zero inch of my height when I bow down saying "I am Sorry" but this is something that I never did. Thus, I am egoistic in nature. It takes no more than a moment of anger shown by other and I dare see not that person. I really wanted to learn how to say sorry when I must say it. And I really want to forgive those who bow down saying "sorry, forgive me." "Sorry" and "forgiven" seems deserted me once upon a time but I wanted to sow the seeds in my mind. This is the fundamental values for the Super-glued adhesion between the individuals, communities, nations and world. I desperately wanted this values to be installed in me. Am I crazy? Yeah, I am crazy. I am damn crazy because I no more want it but I need it. I want to apologize someone and forgive someone. Sorry....forgive are forgiven...ha-ha-ha....I am practicing it. How to utter it out! What are words if you really don't mean when you say them.
When I say sorry, I mean it.
Domestic violence starts resulting into black and blue beating because of this ego ( I don't want to say sorry and I don't want to forgive). Just imagine for one second, how beautiful would be the world for if we can just say I am sorry and You are forgiven. It would have been heaven. Perhaps, paradise on the earth. It would bring smile on our face and delight our heart. Am I right????



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