Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Destiny got Seal

Today is the day when my destiny got sealed to be a physical therapist a year ago. With the gentle breeze blowing our hair, all dressed smartly marched towards the Nazhoen Pelri- Youth's Paradise for selection interview. We were all tensed and worried for which course we would get to pursue. I applied for three courses: 1. MBBS, 2. BPT and 3. BDS. My head held low when I came to know that MBBS slots has been decreased to 15 from 25 slots of previous year. And this year it is increased to 25 slots.

All looked tensed and worried for that was the day where we must decide what we are going to do throughout our life. We must decide wisely or else life is ruined. I referred or else life is ruined it does not mean that there was some course which would ruin our life but it means how difficult it would be to do a job which we least like. It gives highest sense of satisfaction when we get selected for the profession which we always wanted to do. And I must make wise decision because I should do what I always like to do. I should not look at status of profession, I should not look for salary, I should not easily fall for what my neighbor says, what my parents says. But I have to listen to my heart because I fully know what I wanted to do. In which profession I am good at. Choosing profession is much more difficult than woman choosing her wedding dress. 

It was my turn after 28 of my friends entered the interview hall. I entered confidently inside and opted for BPT. And as of now I didn't regret choosing it, and I know I will never. I am still not sure of how happy I would be when bed-ridden patients walk out with our effort and bless us from the depth of their heart.
Physiotherapist at work

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  1. yeah brother, truly said, one must follow the heart. give the best at what we r doing and of all enjoy it. if we fail to enjoy, it is sorry state ain't it.
    choosing a career is toughest thing coz there Is no going back and correcting the past but moving on.
    wish u good luck.



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