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Synergy: Through the eyes of a first Year student.

I am happy to have my articles published in our College Magazine, "NECTAR." Two of my article got selected for the magazine. Here, I would like to feature one of them.

     “I am a part of all that I have met;
Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough

Gleams that untravelled world, whose margin fades
For ever and for ever when I move.” By Alfred Lord Tennyson in “Ulysses”

Our class
We were still new to the college despite running to college for three months. We felt less cared and less encouraged. This is because we were not welcomed to the College of Physiotherapy by our seniors. That feeling of tenderness persisted which psychologically made us feel like a stranger.

Our batch represents the unity in diversity for co-existence. From Nepal, Bhutan, Mizoram, Karnataka, Assam and Kerala, all gathered to sip the nectar of tranquil Navodaya College of Physiotherapy. College showers perfect environment for study with blend of tranquility and peacefulness, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We are from different places and we share our culture and custom. I tried learning Kannada and Mizo language but ended up mixing it with my own language. It’s fun. And in fun, the beautiful truth lies.

Despite heavy terminologies of Anatomy, complex chemical equations of Biochemistry, endless mechanisms of Physiology, head-cracking physic-like contents of Bio-mechanism, psycho-turning Psychology and Sociology. Ours is the class who first smile all together and build up zeal to study with light jokes and humors. I end up being comedian. Actually I am fun less and reserved kind of person but I could not figure out why I end up cracking jokes in the class. Sivasankar always end up being fooled and locked as everybody mimic him.
But on 12-12-2011, the euphoric celebration gave us the insight of being wrapped into a cushion of happiness, enjoyment and encouragement. Seniors’ hearts united so closely that we felt completely happy on walking to the auditorium of Navodaya Medical College. That night was more than celebrations, more than songs and dances. We felt the caring touch in our heart, loving warmth in our mind and consoling tap on our back. Thank you so much for making us the part of lovely family.

Fresher’s night
With my friends and seniors

“Doctors add years to the life of patients but physiotherapist add life to that added years.” In commencement of the program, anchor explained it on choosing Physiotherapy as the profession.
Serene evening synchronized with the euphonious music and glittering light. All gathered to celebrate the night devoted to welcoming new Principal and freshers (2011-2012), and bidding farewell to the outgoing students (2007-2008). Program commenced with the candle lighting by Director, Dr. P.Vijay Kumar and new Principal Dr. S. Mani Vannan.  It started full swing after Dr. S. Doss Prakash offered them rose flowers and gift, with his illuminating smile.

All fresher ramped the stage on their best costumes and cosmetics.  Our seniors offered us the rose flower and a gift to welcome us. Applause thundered when we introduced ourselves to the college. Despite blushes and butterflies in our stomach, seniors didn’t spare us. They cracked our brain with common sense question session. That’s not enough; they brought second sets of brainstorming questions. Then, II years BPT students sang heart-touching song to welcome us. Words worth millions when blended with rhythmic music. I spoke with the reluctance and voice knotted with undigested clump of nervousness.

Cultural programs followed immediately. No one could resist tapping their legs and fingers when our boys danced, and more of boys stood shouting when they could resist no more when our girls danced in tip-top dress elevated with heels. I sang kabhi Alvida na kaha na. I am not a good singer. But my love affair with Indian culture and as an expression of gratitude made me sing with passion.   I started memorizing its verse and catching its tune a week ago. It is so sentimental song. Its meaning speaks much more than its rhythm.

There was marvelous performance from our seniors. Amongst them mono-act by Ms. Lipika Boruah of IV year grasped our attention. In concluding note, there was the exhilarating game. Suddenly, anchor called me up to the stage to participate in “musical chair.” I did it. And making tail for donkey after being blinded was most interesting. Some ended up drawing tail on donkey’s mouth. These games strengthened the bond of togetherness.

In concluding hour, all boys rushed one after another to dance on the stage. They danced impressive. Then, they were to award the best performers from the newcomers. There was dual tie for the boy. It could be the first time in the history that two Mr. freshers (I and Rubin Khadka) and Miss Freshers ( Lalmangaihzuali and Rupa Gajmir) were chose.  We had brief photo sessions with our seniors, where we got time to mingle with them. The sense of attachment to the college developed naturally and immediately.

Then we marched towards the call of appetite, yummy and delicious dinner was served.

Tranquility of the Navodaya College
Fills our heart with ecstasy to be here,
And energized enthusiasm to study hard
May the glory of Navodaya reach the zenith height.
Myself: Singing.

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