Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cyber Blackmail!

Going by the style of Mr.Passang Passu Tshering, blackmail do not come in black colour. It is reason beyond the literary meaning it is called so. Blackmail happens in any way and with the rapidly escalating number of internet user in this era, it started happening even in the internet too. It is not so new in other developed countries but let me say it is new in our country, may not be brand new. My friend used to blackmail me (I have to share hard-earned marbles with them) by saying that otherwise they would report my parents that I played marble on the way.     
Internet Blacmail!!
I was going through the Bhutanese news website as usual to update myself on whereabouts of our Homeland. Unlike previous days, one news in particular caught my eyes today. That is "A woman blackmailed on internet" I read it twice, but neither  was I surprised nor did I  enjoy it. I read it twice and different twist of stimulus ran up and down in my spinal cord and struck my brain. I may be wrong but I felt it is the  blackmail out of a blunder. Sorry, if I used harsh words. But I have to call spade a spade because it is no use writing false expressions. I will justify my stand on following paragraphs.

They have been chatting for just past 8 months and they were still unseen friends. Unseen and unmet! But they reached such a condition where they exchanged nude photos. I was shocked that our women became so bold that they can distribute nude photos to a complete stranger. That is the point of blunder I apologetically referred. When we even fear to share such photos amongst the  best friends, I supposedly feel that it should not happen with the stranger. When it reached the point of exchanging such photos, we have to think twice. And victim on top has the husband and what she did is completely contradictory. I mean there should be mutual faithfulness between a wife and a husband. 

Thank you for your bravery to speak out with the media. And this episode should be the lesson for our youth. When it comes to exchanging nude photos, ultimate repercussion would surely be Blacmail in either ways or else more humiliation . This could be the simple blackmail, just worth Nu.18,000. But it must ring the alarm in our heart that, such things lead to much more devastating blackmail. So, my sincere appeals for our youth that it is better safe than sorry.

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