Sunday, March 25, 2012

Feeding the Little Dragon

A dragon is nothing but our personality. A dragon exists and lives in the heart of each one of us. A dragon becomes bigger and stronger as one grows older and accumulates experiences, and one must always be in control of one’s own dragon. I tell the children of my country to feed their own dragon. I hope you will feed your own dragon, too. His Majesty the King Jigme Khesar Namgyel wangchuck told to the students of class V and VI at Sakuragaoka Elementary School in Soma City of Fukushima Prefecture on November 18, 2011.

Feeding our little dragon is our responsibility. We often need to ask ourselves that whether we are feeding our little Dragon. Is it growing? Or is it retarding? It does not grow big when we fed ourselves with hazardous drugs, it will not grow when we contaminate our respiratory tract with smokes and it will not grow on consumption of alcohol. It does not grow when we tell lies, when we steal other's things and when we think bad. Rather it would dwindle. Little Dragon would suffer the deficiency syndrome. As much as our body requires the balance diet for proper growth and for good health, our little dragon requires the same combinations of nutritious diet. 

What is the nutritious diet am I talking about? Can we purchase it from the market? Can we borrow it from our neighbours, parents and friends? Does it have the price tag? What amount of carbohydrates, what percentage of protein it contains? All are the questions which may not get answered. Nutritious diet for little dragon  is not a quantitative items for sale. It is the nutrition manufactured within us. It can be neither sold nor bought. The nutritious diet that I referred is called Fundamental values. 

What is the fundamental values? Everybody would have heard about it. And I bet you know its meaning in more profound sense. But here, I would like to elaborate it in simple sense. Fundamental values are the basic requirement for the good health of our Little Dragon. It is the way we talk, way we dress and way we behave. Above all, it is the way we think. Way we think matters a lot because  we do what we think. Thinking is the central power that controls our actions. If we think good, we do good things and we become good person. When we become a good person, it is the symbol that we provided nutritious diet to the Little Dragon and it succeeded to be a big dragon. 

It is quite disheartening to see our youth becoming violent day by day. Recently, under 16 years old students made headlines by blasting bomb outside the house of a teacher in Bajo. Is that the reward for the noble services that our teachers are providing? I was shocked to know that gang still prevails in Thimphu. I thought it was fully disbanded some years ago by our police. Sometimes our youth involve in gang fights, sometimes in drugs abuse, sometimes for stealing examination question papers, sometimes for breaking the rules and all kind. So, we have to ask ourselves, whether I am providing a good diet to my Dragon. When the dragon in us dies, it is as same as we are living a dead life. 

So, let's ask whether we are feeding our little Dragon with right diet or not. Will you all ask?

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  1. The character of all the individual is what makes difference to the outside world. Interesting! I still have little dragon over my head but I am sure it will grow healthily with time.



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