Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Memories

It is often fascinating that when I tell the story of myself I land up telling the stories of so many  people. Here, through my eyes comes the memories of 14  Bhutanese individuals like me who left Home in pursuit of higher education under the government scholarship.

Home is a cushion where we love to adhere forever. But destiny no longer keeps us in paradise because we need to sweat to have sweet life.  From the heavenly kingdom of Bhutan to faraway land of South India. It is not always sweet to go away from loving parents, caring brothers and good-wishing neighbor.

Journey to my college from my homeland was melancholic journey despite having encouraging friends.  Friends are my world henceforth, I thought deep in my heart, with tears brimming in my eyes. All of my friends were supportive and cooperative, and tried all the possible methods to make me forget my home as much as they tried for themselves. I am a meek boy, which adds fuel to emotional turbulence.

First time in train, could not see where it begins and where it ends. All of us like a chicks without mother hen waited for train in Alipur for the train. I could see profound nervousness displayed in my friends’ face. However, we need to act smart. Train was delayed by one hour. Advices of my choking mother rings fresh in my mind. Farewell parties from my neighbors and teachers knot my throat and sophisticated me with immediate tears rolling down my cheeks.

Three nights and three days journey in the train is not a cup of tea. I tried reading books, playing cards, talking with my friends and cracking jokes. Sleeping in the moving train reminds me of frequent earthquake and it became my nightmare. It could be the longest way possible from Bhutan to Raichur, we travelled from Alipur via Chennai to Banglore in a train, and in next train from Banglore to Raichur. Extravagant scenery along the way exhilarated me. The vastness of Indian plains and beautiful lakes along the way inspired me to feel the differences.

On the terminal end of our journey, I became intoxicated with the dizziness because of long and incessant travelling. I could hardly drag out my bags but I have to drag the bags of girls too. With the beautiful golden rays of sunrise, we (14 Bhutanese students) reached Raichur. We were all out of train at Raichur train station. A middle aged man, smartly dressed approached us with illumination of smile. We greeted him and knew he is our escort to the college. It was deeply touching to find him guide us to our college. He is no other than Dr. Doss Prakash.

I was fascinated with the infrastructural facilities of Navodaya Group of Institutions. Tranquility of the environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city provided me warm cushion for study. Temple near the hostel reminded me the godliness to whom I can pray for perfect health and successful life. I felt more homely as we entered the campus in College Bus. On reaching our hostel, Bhutanese seniors extended their warm hands to help us settle in our respective rooms. My throat choked for I found someone far away from home to whom we can call our brothers and sisters. 
Navodaya Medical College, Photo credit: Dr.Doss Prakash.


  1. hey bro that was a awasome journey tht we all had and now u brought out... Cool one!!!

  2. Past memories come to you in a blink and you make it seem beautiful.
    You had an incredible journey Monu, despite those ups and downs of feeling taking control of you.

    We do miss home so much!



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