Monday, December 17, 2012

105th National Day of Bhutan.

Air is full of celebration. The day we smile illuminating and express all our gratitude and appreciation to our monarchs. Bhutan crawled like a toddler towards the light of development, incessantly. Light of happiness and rays of peacefulness fell on the Land of thunder Dragon. As we flip through the history book, it brings tears and joy in our eyes. Civil wars and battles among the local leaders sucked the blood of our innocent people and high taxation burdened the subject. Land was filled with the bloodshed, all directionless. People long desired peace to prevail in our country. But light was dimmed by the pompous and power-hungry petty leaders. Amazingly, despite division within the country, we, Drukpas have that blood to fight unitedly against the external invasion. I admire that unity the most. Otherwise, we would have lost our independence long time ago. 

The light of peacefulness and unity shined on our land through the century. It is 105th National Day, and only we know how far we came. On this day, our forefathers unanimously enthroned Druk Gyalpo Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck on the golden throne as the first hereditary monarch. As we celebrate this day, it always brings the sense of pride to have our beloved monarchs.
Enthronement of our first King Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck.

Since our country formally established the institution of Monarchy from Theocracy, developmental activities commenced. People started enjoying greater peace, and treacherous assassinations and attacks vanished from our land. Bhutanese could travel around the country without any worries and tensions, security flourished. Our country saw first modern schools, sons and daughters of villagers started schooling rather than household chores. Modern education invaded our country. Our country saw first motor roads, first motor vehicles, telephones, hospitals, city, towns, mobile phone,  Druk Air, Internet access, and so many. Our nation broke the cocoon of isolation and joined United Nations Organisation, where world recognized our nation as a independent and sovereign nation. Our country sailed through such transition with the wisdom and leadership of our beloved monarchs. Shy Bhutan is know throughout the world as GNH country, more famously as the Last Shangrila

Today is the day where we see all Bhutanese people celebrate the day unitedly. Despite diversified political, economical, ethical  and religious backgrounds  all stand as Bhutanese and chant the prayers for the long lives of our Monarchs and express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to our Monarchs. All over the Bhutan, Bhutanese celebrates the day with songs and dances, plays and prays, all euphoria and fantasia. 

Today is also the "Result Declaration Day" in Bhutan, where year-long hard work of the students get justified and rewarded. Hard work pays off with good result. They reap as they sow. All the best of luck with your results, my dear young friends of Bhutan. But most of the schools declare the result on 18th December, because mixed emotions should not mist this important day. What about your school? 



  1. Nice one bro. It's nice to see you write about the national day though you are far away from Bhutan. That's what I call sincere patriotism and sense of belonging. :)

  2. @Langa Tenzin. Thank you so much for your comment. Despite being away from my home, my heart is always in my home.

  3. Tashi Delek
    Was there Lhotshampa songs and dances presented during the National Day celebrations?



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