Friday, December 21, 2012


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It was extremely beautiful day. I know rumors of Doomsday infected all, small and big. Some tried to be bold, yet freaking at heart. Everybody share their fear and worry in Facebook and Twitter. Status updates on Facebook and Facebook pages were flooding with the messages on doomsday. I am so thankful that this infection did not invaded my beloved parents, otherwise how worrisome it would be to have  their eldest son away from home. I too didn't talk about it with them. I too am a weak guy myself but gave the solace to my friends. I kept updated through twitter and Facebook of if anything is happening, but nothing happened. I was relieved a lot reading this article

21/12/2012, we waited for this day for so long with tremendous anticipation. But today we stood face to face with it. It was rather a beautiful day, full of contemplation and celebration. All were doing their ritual works. I too was on the ritual duty to my college. Here, I would like to write something  casual, yet important.

Dear parents,
I am doing good as I used to do in your proximity. Today I had a deep contemplation on how grateful I am to be your son. I never wanted to haunt you all with this rumor, that is why I didn't say anything about it. How happy that you all didn't dreaded this day because you all didn't heed this rumor! Rather I am happy that my youngest brother and only sister got excellent result. Expect gift from me, my dear brother and sister on my next vacation. And I am praying that my brother (next to me) would qualify for the government school for your class 11. 
Thank you,
Always your eldest son &brother.

Dear friends,
In time of need, I have to lean on you. When I shed tears, I have to find solace on your shoulder. When I am sad, you all make me smile. When I am happy, I share my happiness and excitement with you all. After all, you all are everything for me. I am sorry if I unintentionally hurt you. Forgive me for my rawness. What I am and what I will be is all because of you all. We should sail the tears and fears, together. We should soar and fly, together. 
Today I taught one of my friend, what it meant to be a friend. She seems not knowing what it actually means to be a friend. I am sorry if I hurt you in the process, but I can't tolerate such rubbish. 
With love,
Your friend.

Dear Bloggers,
Blogging became my world. I share funny incidents, auspicious events, happy moments, bad encounters and joyous celebration to the world through my blog. It has been less than two years that I started blogging, but it has been a rewarding journey. I enjoy blogging tremendously. Addicted. Because of my blog, I knew so many of creative and genius soul of our land. Though I didn't meet almost all of the blogging friends but I feel I know them inside out through their blogs. I wish to meet them personally in time and in space. I know most of you all shared the same fear of this day as I did, but still acted brave. Most of you updated about it in your blogs. Now, it is over. I wish to read updated posts form you all. I spend most of my time checking the updated blogs but it is quite sad that these days, only few update their blogs  rarely. Could be because of Doomsday? (?). In Twitter, I personally tweeted for PaSsu sir to update his blog as I missed his updates. And, I shared same things with most of other fellow bloggers like Riku sir, Langa Tenzin, and others. Only Pelden Sonam Nima and Langa Tenzin have been active these days. Happy to see his blog updated frequently. 
Thank you,
Monu GhishYing Tamang.  

I would remember this day for as long as I live. Perhaps, I would show the movie 2012 and lie that I survived the invasion of doomsday to my children. It would be full of fun and celebration. Thank god, with your grace we could still live. Let such rumors never proliferate in any time in future. 


  1. Nice post bro. I also couldn't believe the idea of doomsday. Therefore, it didn't worry me much. the day went as normal and beautiful as ever. I found the day nice in fact. Whatever, it is nice we have got over the fears raised by those false rumours.

    Coming to your words to bloggers, I share the same experience. It's been a wonderful journey. By the way, I think you are little wrong here. hehe. I am updating my blog as frequently. lol. Thanks for including my name, Monu. Keep writing.


  2. Sorry for not including your name in active blogger la. I would edit it and do la...sorry because i was in hurry that I may not finish it exactly before 12, so that it can be the post of 21/12/2012 la..hehe..
    Anyways thank you...

  3. I just said it bro. No big deal. :) So no worries. Goodnight.

  4. finally we could breathe out all our fear that was filled up by the rumours.
    Monu your writings have been always an inspiration for me.So keep inspiring me and all the people wishes for your life in space.

  5. Thank you Dechen for your beautiful inspiration. People like you always inspire me a lot. Do celebrate your life as we always used to do. Miss your company a lot.

  6. Well, Monu, This piece was awesome....

    Though I did not believe this rumor, somehow, I had a little fear "maybe something might go wrong today" but went to work as casually as I could. Whole day nothing happened and thought that rumor is a rumor after all. Towards evening, when I drove to town, a speeding car nearly hit me and that's when I thought that this might have been a doomsday for me!

  7. awesome writing... enjoyed reading :)

    I never believed in armageddon in the first place because I had been through the similar rumor in the mid 90's.
    This time some of my friends have left comments on my Facebook saying that the people ran out of slate while drawing Mayan calendar ... Anyway the day will surely be remembered in years to come when another rumor of another approaching doomsday is spread...hehe



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