Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Friends in spotlight II...

This post is dedicated to my friends. It is a gift from me towards the conclusion of the year. It is always wonderful to write about my friends because I know them closely. They are everyone for me-parents who cares me, brothers who guide me and friends who help me. I do not intend to hurt you all in any sense. Take it as a piece of humor.


MONU TAMANG, popularly known as....? Nothing as such. As "Cheu," Oh yeah! recently he has been given this name by Changzay keeping in account of his wide forehead and yet to get popular soon. Bombastic writing capability and bombastic knowledge stored inside his bombastic brain has probably made his forehead protude outward and widely open even for an aeroplane to land easily.
Nevertheless, he too has got a majestic walking style like Changzay, not like a drunkard  but like a Robot. His movement of the hands and legs would be as if the screws had been fixed between his articulating bones. And friends would be seen imitating him back to the hostel.
"Hay...hay...hay" with long gap in between each "hay, " he would be laughing staring at the laptop all by himself. Actually, it is his simple reaction after seeing hilarious reply he would receive from his facebook friends. Mostly, spotted infront of the laptop, he would be busy blogging, the one among our friends, who use the internet facility usefully. Within his wide Cheau, he has treasured the best qualities that a man must have and all our friends respect him for this with full dedication.-By Kinley Toobs. (My note: thank you dude for writing this for me as I request you to. This is unedited version of what you wrote to keep the originility of your writing. As I type this, I enjoyed your humor a lot).

Kitkat posing for photograph
KINLEY TSHERING, aka, Kitkat. He is a hyperactive boy with endurance. Once he started doing the work he gives the sound finishing move, very dedicated. Friendly guy, talkative in nature and damn jolly. He would keep his friends laughing knowingly or unknowingly. He would stand with his friends through the smooth and hard times. All his friends like him for his childish innocence, would love munching choclate a lot. He is a good sport man, and give active participation. For this very reason, he is appointed sport co-ordinator for the Bhutanese in Raichur. 
He is die hard fan of Messi and loved calling himself Messi. But it is sad that his friends call him Kitkat.   

 NGAJAY TSHERING, aka, Addict. Hey, don't think that he is addicted to some substances. He is a very decent guy. He got this name because he was encountered singing chorus for "Addict ya so nu" a popular dzongkha song, in extremely high-pitch by his friends.
He is a giant boy with bulky muscle. He visits gym daily keeping him healthy and fit. He is also a literature guy with highly intoxicated oxymoron in his write-ups. Among us he fills up the pages of Diary with lot of beauitful things. His writing is very unique. 
He is a friendly guy but he talks less. Don't mistake his reserved personility for stuborness. Once you are his friend, he shares every bit of his life.  
He is a big fan of Shakespeare and John Keats, and often shares his desire to be a writer like them.

Horgola with his friend, parrot.
 THINLEY JAMTSHO, his nickname is Horgola. Because he speaks incessantly like a parrot. Most of his friends do not know his real name but popular as Horgola. He do not hesitate to speak his heart out even with the strangers. He has that skill to make stranger feel so friendly and comfortable after a few minutes of conversation. Oh yeah, he has more energy to help girls than boys.
Popularly known among the friends for his cooking skills, I swear he would not let his wife cook atleast for a few months after the marriage. He prepares delicious ema datsi and kewa datsi. I am damn sure, most of our college mates has already tasted his dishes, especially girls and his beloved roomate, DaAza. These days, he endeavor to be a modernised guy by learning guitar and English songs from his roomate, and also commenced dressing all branded clothes.
He entertains his friends with his incessant humors and jokes. Perhaps, more of a Phurba Thinley to us. He loves his girlfriend, Kunzang Lache,  truly, despite their stumbles with squabbles and quarrels sometimes.

PS: Still four more friends  left to be written about. I will post as soon as possible. Enjoy Guys.


  1. Nice one man. I know Thinley Jamtsho. But I didn't know he was called Horgola. haha :)

  2. haha..He too used to talk about you when I enquired about you. He is called Horgola after reaching college only. Thank you for your comment.

  3. The friend who loves chocolate sounds like me...hhhaaaa.....I am also a big fan of chocolates........Neways nice one again.



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