Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Friends in Spotlight I...

This post is dedicated to my friends. It is a gift from me towards the conclusion of the year. It is always wonderful to write about my friends because I know them closely. They are everyone for me-parents who cares me, brothers who guide me and friends who help me. I do not intend to hurt you all in any sense. Take it as a piece of humor.

Kinley Wangchuk K
KINLEY WANGCHUK, aka, Changzay (Drunkard), popular among the friends and classmates. It is not that he gets drunk everyday. It is derived following his popular dialogue, "Raa Zid yed mey" (meaning 'Intoxicated') whenever he is busy or tensed. But girls attributes his nickname with the majestic walking style he has, which resemble drunkard's gait. He is cool-tempered guy. But more furious than a tiger when he gets angry. He is talkative, friendly, and honestly honest. He does not hesitate to speak out the truth. Currently pursuing B.Sc MLT, but he always wanted to be an Army Officer. He dress so neat and clean, making him Army Officer in non-uniform. He is so faithful in relationship but always get deceived. Football fan he is, and basketball too is his favorite.
He rarely fantasize movie stars but he is a regular movie goer. But he is damn fan of Kobe, and Messi. He would spend handsome time updating the news on football and basketball.

Daaza with his Guitar
 TSHERING DORJI, Daaza of his family and friends. Fun loving guy with versatile talents. His keen observation skill help him imitate skillfully including his friends. He is a very good imitater, perhaps, junior Ulap Leki. He spends most of his time listening to the music, locked in his room. He believes in "cleanilness is next to godliness", he keeps his room extra clean. He dress decently fashionable and neatly clean. Talkative nature ease him to be friend with anyone. Oh, I told you, he is a versatile guy: he has a very melodious voice, talented acting skills, sporty, and of course a studious student. He is a smart boy. He has a number of dreams: to be an Actor, to be a singer, to be an Army officer, and Laboratory Technologist, of course. Changzay and Daaza combines to form Phub Thinley and Gyem Tshering, who tease his friends for fun, unlike two legends who tease eachother.  
He is die-hard fan of Tandin Bidha of Bhutanese film industry. He would love acting with her if he gets a chance. Oh, I nearly forgot, he plays guitar too.  

Our Soft ware Engineer lol
BHAGAWAT ACHARYA, my roomate, well known as Aarya among the friends. His nick name is derived from South Indian Movie, Aarya, which is his favorite. And, intrestingly, last part of his second name has Aarya, see here Ach-"arya." His passion with softwares fit him to be a software engineer but he says his fate brought him to Nursing College. He plays well with numerous softwares, and we take advantage of his knowledge to make slide show of our photos to gift our girl friends, prepare class room presentation,  photo editings, and downloading movies and songs. He is friendly guy. He is lean and thin. He goes on playing with laptop for hours and hours. Laptopphilic, indeed.  
He is never into any serious relationship after his last break up with his true lover. He feels useless to give false promises. We call him Sarpang Gup because his dude dad was former Gup of Sarpang, and also he looks like a Gup when he wears Gho.

Toobla, no Toobs!!!!
KINLEY WANGCHUK, Toobla for his friends, but he try to make it fashionable by replacing 'la' with 's' making it Toobs. He was called so because he is graciuosly huge guy with deposition of healthy adipose tissues. Cool tempered boy with enough patience to tolerate the mosquito bites. Friends call him slow motion because he has patience in doing every kind of works. He is very friendly guy who always wear big smile on his countenance. He too shares the passion for blogging, but he rarely updates it because of his patience, and laziness. He is a shy guy. He takes enough time to speak out what he thinks. He maintains his Dairy, but I don't know for how long he didn't write. He is a romantic person and loves living in the world of fantasy, but he never turns out his romantic self inside out. He is dedicated to his work, commited. He does not play games but Guitar, skillfully. He would definitely remain faithful in his relationship, if he gets his Little Lucky Angel.
He loves Bhutanese dishes and tradition very much. And, he is a talented cook. He prepared delicious ema datsi last time. It brings saliva on thinking of it.

PS: I would write about other friends in my next post. Till then enjoy reading this post and yeah, good day ahead.


  1. Seems to have nice circle of friends. I am missing my friends lol......

  2. Nice that i made you miss your friends. They are wonderful bunch of friends.



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