Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I lost my Phone: Letter to my Thief...

Dear Thief,

Don't find me offensive that I called you thief because I don't know who you are. I didn't feel like I lost it. I just felt that another caring owner owned my phone. Right? I know if you didn't love it, you will not pick it up. It is so amazing that you chose my phone only. Actually, I had my money purse too, lying next to it (Mobile), on my table. The charger and earphone is still lying on my table, abandoned. You could have taken that too. Whatever, I used it for more than five months and I didn't even scratch it once. I cared it dearly. Please give the same care and affection I gave.  

Model of my phone.
I am not so remorseful in losing my phone. It was just a cheap phone, if not cheapest of all. It is a money matter, and it does not matter much. But I am unhappy because I lost part of my memory with it. In it, I had my photos of unforgettable days, and I had part of my diary in its memo widget. And, I too lost my contact number. I can get the contacts through Facebook of those who are in Facebook, but what about those who never use and used Facebook? I have only few contact numbers scribbled in my heart, not head. But many I don't have it. 
I missed it so much. My hand went into my pocket every after a ten minutes. I used to use it for surfing web pages, frequently Twitter, Facebook and Blogs. Of course, for SMS and calls. 

I had few video clips, not so personal but memorable. Memories, actually, lives in our Heart, but my phone was so dear to me that I kept every bits of tangible memories in it. 
It is special that you took it on the Christmas eve. So let me suppose, it is a Christmas gift to you from my side. 
I am amazed that you entered my room, well-planned, exactly at our dinner time and escaped scoot free. Nobody knows who you are. My friends didn't believe me. I too. But chill ran through my spine, when I found it was already "switched off" when I called from my friend's cell, immediately. 
Anyways, enjoy using it. As much as I did, even more. Don't lose it and feel the pangs of losing it like me.

Thank you,
PS: I would be extremely happy if you read this letter and care it even more. 


  1. do u think he/she read it??? if he/she did, u could post in askin him/her to return ur memory card atleast...u mite get ur memory card back...just a suggestion.

  2. Thank you Dee for your suggestion. I loved your suggestion. But next wonderful thing about the thief is he is chatting with my friend from that same number. But he does not receive the call. But he sends SMS. i am in search of smart way to catch him up. thank you for your suggestion once again.

  3. Oh, you could have saved your valuable documents in drives. I do. I hope your words will give that thief a shocking shake and regret for his deed. Monu, we must be very careful these days.

  4. Of course I could have done that. But that Thief didn't give the second chance. I am praying, let me get that Mobile back, nothing more.

  5. hahaha.... dear smart Monu.... that was a absolutely a fantastic letter to a thief....I never knew that one could write to a thief who steals your valuables.... I must try once as I too keep being the victim of such thieves... Fantastic write up and hope you got ur phone by now...



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