Friday, December 7, 2012

Pilgrimage to Mundgod: With H.H the Dalai Lama. Part II


Ambrosia of peace and happiness with the blend of triumph prevailed in our heart. We are going to see the spiritual Buddhist leader and more excitingly the Nobel Peace Laureate, His Holiness the Dalai lama. We dressed neat in traditional attires and mumbled the prayers. It became profoundly splendid moment to wait eagerly for H.H the Dalai Lama, who would arrive shortly. It was 11 am and all were in queue. Ocean of red-robed monks lined along the road for reception. Fragrance of incense sticks filled the air, religious! Red robes dominated the crowd. Police engaged equally in arranging the crowd. Every one mumbled the prayer, in their heart and through their mouth. Different segment of people assembled, alike together. 

We, Bhutanese, joined the crowd with Khadar on our hand. Heart elevated with the grace of happiness and excitement. Despite hot sun burning our back, we stood challenging. I would rather say, we didn't feel the heat of the sun. At 11:17 am I saw H.H the Dalai Lama with my own naked eyes. Excitement grew spontaneously. Virtue grew immeasurable in my heart, cleansed with the rising sun. Happiness on seeing him became inexplicable. Gush of peacefulness rushed through our heart, filled with compassion and love. "Om a Hung Bazra Guru Pema Sidi Hung," I mumbled as I vow down with immense reverence. Heaven on earth, exactly. Radiation of His smile filled our heart with compassion, our heart received the new light. I felt like I am in heaven. His blessing of illuminating smile and virtue of catching him with our eyes cleansed our heart. He is the real ambassador of peace. 

30/12/ 2012

Train of people lined along the road to enter inside the gate where H.H the Dalai Lama would preach the Jangchub Lamrim Teaching. There were many foreigners. And of course  monk in red robes dominated the crowd. Police had tough time checking every individual in the entrance point. I saw them pushing off some people forcefully, out of frustration. I can understand how frustrating and tiring would be their job. Among the crowd, we were there in our own short queue, unique.  

Among the Bhutanese boys, I was carrying a bagful of steel plates. Plates are for eating lunch because once we enter we won't be sent out. It is for the convenience of Police and security personnel. So, I was made to open my bag by all security personnel. All of my friends went in because they didn't carry anything. But I was stopped by every police there and checked my bag thoroughly. That is why I was late. My friends laughed a lot because I was checked by every body.    

After all of the devotees entered the gate, still some were sitting outside the gate. Then came in the pilot, and finally arrived H.H the Dalai Lama. We saw him for second time on second day. My friends, Bejay and Pradip shed out the tears of happiness on seeing him. It was so emotional and so joyous moment. We got to see him real, where mostly we saw him in internet, books, newspapers and televisions. It was dream come true for us. The monk body received him in traditional manner. There was deep contemplating prayer before his teaching started. We too prayed. We can well read the Tibetan script, though we could not grasps its meanings.   


It was on the first day of the last month of the year 2012. One of the Bhutanese monk, through his consultation with senior lopens, made appointment for all Bhutanese students to meet His Holiness personally. Early in the morning, we all dressed in national dress. We all were smiling and feeling the aroma of meeting him in real. Then, we were guided by the monk towards the place where we would meet H.H. We were made to wait on the steps where H.H would come. There were two groups that day, who were eagerly waiting for him. One of them is our group. Then, H.H came, finally.

"Are they Drukpas?" H.H pointed to us. He preferred to meet us first. As H.H walked towards us, all of us rushed to touch him. It is the symbol of getting blessed by touching him.  

His Holiness told us, "You all are Buddhist, and Buddhism is not all about saying prayers from your mouth. It must be practiced. You all are studying in India, land where many great scholars were produced. You all must study hard as well." (This is not the exact words as said by H.H). 

Most Memorable moment for everyone of us. 
It was the day where I am sure is the most memorable day for all of us. We really felt that we are blessed. I smiled whole day. I had no room for the sadness and sorrow. It was deeply emotional moment. I prayed thus:

"May the peace flourish in this world. May all the sentient being be free of sufferings. May all beings enjoy the moment of happiness. May His Holiness the Dalai Lama have long life. May the Tibet be free from the grasp of China and Tibetans get back their peaceful home."

That was what I quickly prayed and wished on seeing His Holiness. I could not believe that I saw him, real. It was dream come true for me.   

Returning Journey

We have to book the bus ticket from Hubli City, which is one and half hour journey from where we were. To book it, three of us: Kinley, Daaza and I drove earlier to Hubli. We booked the ticket for 9:30 pm. After the arrangement, we roamed in the city and waited for our friends. To refresh, we went to the restaurant. We had dinner and some bottles of beer. We were semi-drunk. All of our friends reached by 7:00 pm, then we all waited for the bus. Bus didn't turn up until 9.00 pm which made all of our friends panic and worried. On top of that, three of us were drunk. They inquired every people out there, they said it will come very soon. Another thirty minutes passed, but no bus turned up. All worried. All anticipated conspiracy! Yet no bus! More than three bus ply off from that platform. We were equally worried but we know that bus would come. Every one re-checked the ticket, individually. No bus!!!

But, finally it came with the signboard, "Hubli to Hyderabad" and we were confused. But that was the bus. All were reluctant to get in until driver confirmed that it is the bus to Hyderabad via Raichur. Movement of the AC bus was as smooth as silk in paved road. But shaky earthquake movement in the rough road and on bumpers made our mates wake up disturbibg their beautiful dreams.

Finally, back to Raichur, after a night travel. It was memorable moment for everyone of us. we reached by 4 am in our hostel and slept throughout the Sunday morning.    

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