Sunday, December 30, 2012

Publishing House in Bhutan...

"Kuzuzanpola..." I vowed in reverence. I was with a pen drive in my hand.
"Kuzu wai, can I help you young man?" He threw dirty and sarcastic look upon me.
"Actually, sir, I have drafted a book, and...."
He cut me short.
"Wow, young boy, great job. Is it a guide book? And for which class?"
I was puzzled. And don't know what to say. How can a class XII graduate write a guide book for class XII? He waited for my answer.
Finally I uttered, "It is not a guide book. It is an anthology of short stories and anecdotes."
"See, we only publish Guide books. It is hard that other books go in the market. It is of no use publishing those books which ruin our business."
I was startled. My long dream of publishing a book dusted down to the ground. I thought, I would never write any thing called book. Actually, I am a literature fan, but I hated literature instantly. What encouragement these so called publisher gives to a young men and women? Could be the possible reason that we hardly have any young writers? Or is it that only old, bald headed and eyes covered with glasses people become a writer? Don't we need the young writers for young people?

These publishing houses publish those guides book, thick Dzongkha texts, textbooks and other academic researches. How many more people's dream could have been crumpled by them? I would have been happy, had they at least read my manuscript  once and rejected. They broke my dreams of becoming a writer. I got rejected from more than three popular publishing houses in Bhutan of that time. I lost my hope. Young hope, perhaps. Since then I romanticized blogging. I am myself a writer, editor, reader and publisher in the blogging world.  It appeased my hunger of becoming a writer.
But I didn't abandoned my dream. I published the book myself. Because I wanted it to be published, no matter what world says. I am that impatient in running towards my dream. I requested for loan from Health Worker (HA) in my village. He agreed. Thus, with that limited amount of Nu. 25,000, I managed editing and printing cost. I printed 500 copies and distributed to small segment of my friends and well-wishers. I did it.
One of the pioneer book published by Riyangbooks.
But recently, my dream got re-energized. Riyangbooks gave me a new light. I have this hope, if young writer can be a writer, it can happen through this publishing house. This House is founded by literature giant, Aum Kunzang Choden whose Circle of karma is known internationally and first Bhutanese Novel, and Dawa-The story of a stray dog is a novel text book for class IX students in Bhutan. I have a hope, this house would make our dream come true. In romance with this house, I started writing a novel in my free hours. I hardly have free hours from my medical textbooks, but I wanted to write The Pretender (tentative title), which is for the youth. Guys, wish me good luck in this voyage of writing a novel. Remember, I am a medical guy in love with literature. 


  1. All the best...and yea don't forget to send me a copy of your book...the one which u have published it already......I will pay you double them price.....

    Congratulation and many many Tashi Delek.

  2. I understand your predicament... cos I've been thru the same but tht shld never be an excuse to run away from our love for literature. Its only by risking tht we can spread our love for reading.
    Congratulations Monu!

  3. Thank you both of you la. Kuenzang sir, would you give me the detail address, so that I can send you a copy there with my Autograph. To be frank, it is not a well written book. It is a book just born out of my curiosity and ego that says "I must publish it." Still then I would send it to sir la.

  4. That's a big achievement bro. And I wish you all the best for your second book. :)

  5. This is a touching one and it brought instant tears to my eyes.... and I can understand how you must have felt being rejected right away without even glancing at your manuscript.... and this is the way of life not only in Bhutan but all over. And I congratulate you on your success of being finally able to realise your dream.... I look forward to your new book... Demi Tshewang



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