Sunday, December 23, 2012

Stanley Ka Dabba-A Movie Review...

It has been more than two weeks that I watched this movie, but I believe it is never too late to talk about something good. Goodness lives forever. I watch numerous movies but I  rarely write their review because it should touch my heart to write about it. And, Stanley ka Dabba touched my heart after the last movie (The Story of Ron Clark) that touched my heart. 
Stanley is a small kid studying in fourth grade. He is very popular among his friends. Teachers, especially Ms. Rosy like him so much for his writing and speaking skills. His creativity is amazingly splendid. But he never brings his lunch box (dabba), and also don't wish to eat from other. He keeps drinking water to subside his hunger. He always goes out in lunch saying he would eat hot lunch prepared by his mom and come to class. But, in reality, he never goes home. Rather, he is seen praying in front of a statue of Mother Marry. One day, his friend knows the truth. Then, they share their lunch with him hiding from their Hindi teacher, Khadoos (meaning Grumpy). He is a miser, never brings his lunch box, and hunt from other teachers, and from his students, too. 
Stanley was always warned by Khadoos to bring his lunch box because he don't the share from the students when Stanley don't bring his dabba. Stanley was warned by Khadoos in terrace, while having shared lunch with his friends, Khadoos told him not to come to school if he can't bring the dabba. Then, Stanley didn't come to school for few days. His absence is felt by his friends and teachers. But one fine day, Stanley brought mouth-watering dishes for Khadoos, then, he realize his mistake and he quit the school. Stanley always says his mom prepared the lunch box for him and always talk about how sweet is his mom. 
Poster for Stanley ka dabba
 Ms. Rosy wants to drop him to his home but refuses saying his mom is waiting and would go with her. But school's principal drop him home. Not home, his residence.  Here the truth is revealed for why he never brought dabba. He is an orphan and work after his school in the restaurant and take left-over food in his dabba to school. 
It is a heart touching movie by Amole Gupte. It brings vivid memories of our school life. It talks about the harsh reality of child labor in India. And, no doubt it would touch the Bhutanese heart too. It is the reality in Bhutan too, especially in rural area. It would inspire our beloved teachers again because it portrays the role of the teachers in different angle. Watch it and feel the pangs of child labor in your heart.   And say, big NO to child labor.


  1. Hey Monu.... have never seen this movie... in fact I don't see movies at all.
    Yes, it is a touching story. Some situation in Bhutan is also bad as this, but nevertheless, it is not that worse like India. If someone in the neighbourhood knows about this kind of situation, a friendly neighbor chips in to help and gathers as much help as they can. That is how it is in Bhutan.

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