Saturday, December 8, 2012

To Princess of my Heart

Dear princess of my Heart,

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This is little a word out of my soul. Exhausted that long it has been unspoken, hidden and mystified. It is little in content, not that my heart contains less but when heart is full words are few. I must write a line or two in my forbidden diary and see if that will help in dismissing you from my mind for ever  short a time. Since I tried, no moment I succeeded. It is ever so harder than going thirsty a day and going hungry a week.

I can feel you in gently blowing breeze. I can see you in tapestry. Love came spontaneously and naturally. Truth untold is equal to lies, thus, I want to express it out. I look out of window, can see beautiful girls walking by, but I have no desire in them. But, I deeply wish if one of them is you. I rejoice in emptiness. On conclusion note of the day with tawny twilight, I come near you to wish you good night. In early morning, I woke up to wish you good morning with the steaming cup of love. I can see you growing with the sunrise. It is ecstasy to lose myself gazing the sunlight in metaphor of your bright smile.

It is no hyperbole but I need a word more beautiful than beautiful, needs more colorful words than color. It is not fair that words express too less than what I feel. How long should I sustain looking at your photo set as wall paper in my mobile phone? How long should I rejoice seeing you in my dream? How long should I tell lies to myself that you are there for me? How can I keep words hidden in my heart? I blame my fate and go for deep slumber for why should I trouble you in reading this but I can't hide it long. I blame for how dare I force you read it when you haven't seen me. It looks mysterious. But it became so, so inexplicable that words knot to come off my throat.

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It is not to promise you the twinkling stars from the sky and to scoop the jewels from the ocean. I may not give you all the luxuries but I will never let you live deprived of your needs. I may not keep you happy all the time but I will never let you cry. I may not be there with you all the time but will come home with sweet smile and kisses despite my day-work exhaustion. I may not be the source of happiness in our home but I will never be the source of sorrow for you. I may not pave your way with flowers but I will throw off the thrones on your way. Our home may not be the Taj Mahal but will be the home where you would smile life out.

There is no way that my love will decline. Rather it would grow much quicker than those multiplying virus. I would have colonies of love for you. It aready germinated and I can't abort it. I can't destroy it. Photo pasted in my heart cannot be removed as easily as those posters pasted on the wall with strongest glues. I wonder why I am so deeply in love with you but my heart has the answer too-love is the lawless domain. No jail can jail it, yet gets crippled in the cavity of the heart for it remains unrequited.

With Love,

PS: This I believe is the first Love Letter that I wrote for myself. I wrote numerous such letters as of now but none for myself. I was letter writer of my school friends. Thank you friends for you all made my English improve day after day. 

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  1. Great love letter...liked the way u write....keep posting bro...



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