Thursday, March 29, 2012

Menstruation in Men.

During menstruation females suffers the pain. It may be normal symptoms that everyone suffer. Few of the symptoms are like abdominal cramping or dull ache that moves to lower back and legs, heavy menstrual flow, nausea, headache, frequent urination, diarrhoea or constipation, dizziness, vomiting (not so common), etc... Mostly  menstrual pain is not a serious problem, however (sometimes) it can be associated with endometriosis or uterine fibroids which is a non-cancerous tumors in the uterus. Sometimes sharp stabs double up the pain in belly and back. For more click here.

We know about menstruation in women. Tremendous amount of informations flash across in webpage and books. That is normal, but have you ever thought of menstruation in men? This is a crazy thoughts, perhaps. So, don't take it as a researched article or any proposal for hypothesis. I am not trying to provoke any researched based post here but simply wanted to share the thoughts that ran in my mind for some time. 
I feel that menstruation takes place in men too. Because once a month or so, we become so restless and helpless without any reason, feels lethargic despite numerous entertainment, we grow frustrated at the same time without any reason and feels like barking to someone who did nothing wrong to us. That kind of feelings we experience but it goes unnoticed mostly and we do not care. But I feel that that is the time we, men, have menstruation. It may not happen to all but I feel it at least happens sometimes. Despite medical symptoms that women shares, they too share this psychological symptoms. So, that was what I wanted to share long ago but could not exactly share it.
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Stubborn Tummy

I am not a professional adviser on this topics but my inspirations to learn about it made me share this to you all. I read these from the different web pages and evaluated this post. On top, being a to-be-physiotherapist always inspires me in this field.

Do you dream of having tight fit stomach? Do you have protruding stomach while your body is slim? Do you feel uncomfortable  wearing tight jeans  with belly fats? Do you dream of having slim body like the Hero of your choice? Definitely yes! But how?

Of all parts of body, to shed off the tummy fat is the hardest part. You may lose your weights and grow slim but your tummy would still protrude forward. It is the truth. Mr. Tummy is the most stubborn Mister of our body. Tummy, that too protruding and hanging is troublesome, especially for young people who wanted to wear tight jeans and show off their youthful and slim body. Fats of this area falls off the last. If you are the person who worked so hard to reduce your tummy you should know that you are not  alone. So many exercises and diet control may not prove effective. You may fast in such a way that your stomach growl in middle of the crowd and still it does not reduce an inch. Here under I would suggest few of the effective ways to shed off the adipose tissues from your tummy.

Unless you go for tummy tuck surgery, under mentioned tips are quite effective.

Regular cardiovascular exercise helps reduce the tummy fats. It should be done minimum of five days per week. Warm up exercise before cardiovascular exercise is essential. And try reaching your peak heart rate after consulting Doctors. Even the simple breathing exercise can helps contribute for the slim profile. Little more effort than walking drill like aerobic jogging, swimming and dancing helps a lot. Cycling and ski machine will reach to have flattened tummy.
Tummy requires a lots of attention to be firm enough. Exercises to abdominal muscles help you reach your dream. Building leaner abdominal muscles definitely reduce your tummy fats. Abdominal crunches do a great job if used correctly and effectively. Abdominal exercise and cardiovascular exercise makes good combinations here.

Weight machine and gym too helps reduce the size of your tummy.
To do all these without attention to your diet is as equal as back to zero square. Keep away from the food rich in sodium. Take food rich in fibres, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin and minerals and add balanced amount of carbs in your diet. Avoid fast food, pastries and carbonated drinks. Choose for chicken and fish rather than fat-filled porks and beef. Drink lots of water and stay away from the heavy meals in the night. Lead the healthy lifestyles, away from smoking and stress.
It requires the determinations and you would develop abs faster than you ever thought of it.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Feeding the Little Dragon

A dragon is nothing but our personality. A dragon exists and lives in the heart of each one of us. A dragon becomes bigger and stronger as one grows older and accumulates experiences, and one must always be in control of one’s own dragon. I tell the children of my country to feed their own dragon. I hope you will feed your own dragon, too. His Majesty the King Jigme Khesar Namgyel wangchuck told to the students of class V and VI at Sakuragaoka Elementary School in Soma City of Fukushima Prefecture on November 18, 2011.

Feeding our little dragon is our responsibility. We often need to ask ourselves that whether we are feeding our little Dragon. Is it growing? Or is it retarding? It does not grow big when we fed ourselves with hazardous drugs, it will not grow when we contaminate our respiratory tract with smokes and it will not grow on consumption of alcohol. It does not grow when we tell lies, when we steal other's things and when we think bad. Rather it would dwindle. Little Dragon would suffer the deficiency syndrome. As much as our body requires the balance diet for proper growth and for good health, our little dragon requires the same combinations of nutritious diet. 

What is the nutritious diet am I talking about? Can we purchase it from the market? Can we borrow it from our neighbours, parents and friends? Does it have the price tag? What amount of carbohydrates, what percentage of protein it contains? All are the questions which may not get answered. Nutritious diet for little dragon  is not a quantitative items for sale. It is the nutrition manufactured within us. It can be neither sold nor bought. The nutritious diet that I referred is called Fundamental values. 

What is the fundamental values? Everybody would have heard about it. And I bet you know its meaning in more profound sense. But here, I would like to elaborate it in simple sense. Fundamental values are the basic requirement for the good health of our Little Dragon. It is the way we talk, way we dress and way we behave. Above all, it is the way we think. Way we think matters a lot because  we do what we think. Thinking is the central power that controls our actions. If we think good, we do good things and we become good person. When we become a good person, it is the symbol that we provided nutritious diet to the Little Dragon and it succeeded to be a big dragon. 

It is quite disheartening to see our youth becoming violent day by day. Recently, under 16 years old students made headlines by blasting bomb outside the house of a teacher in Bajo. Is that the reward for the noble services that our teachers are providing? I was shocked to know that gang still prevails in Thimphu. I thought it was fully disbanded some years ago by our police. Sometimes our youth involve in gang fights, sometimes in drugs abuse, sometimes for stealing examination question papers, sometimes for breaking the rules and all kind. So, we have to ask ourselves, whether I am providing a good diet to my Dragon. When the dragon in us dies, it is as same as we are living a dead life. 

So, let's ask whether we are feeding our little Dragon with right diet or not. Will you all ask?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where will it serve the purpose, then?

Why our national language is not going well in Bhutan? Why English dominated Dzongkha? Be it the newspaper publication, forms-filling, applications, leave letters, labels on the native produce, sign boards, etc. All in English. Once it made headline in the news about wrong Dzongkha spelling used in signboard. Let’s see in case of school syllabus: Except for the subject as Dzongkha, we do not use Dzongkha as a medium of instruction in schools and colleges. Almost all the subjects are in English medium. And it is very sad that we can't even learn our own history in our national language. For few academic years, history for class 7 and 8 were taught in Dzongkha but again they changed to English. I wonder why we can’t learn our own history in our language.
Photo credit: Google.

English became everybody's language. Even those who never been to school also use English. Even my father prefers saying, "tonty (mean to say "Twenty") gi guram na mey, aunty?" He don't care his mispronunciation but he cares he use some English vocabulary. "Excuse me" after sneezing, "sorry" if accidentally someone hit the other, are some of the common words that everybody uses. Don't we have those vocabularies in dzongkha? Of course, we have but only in those big dictionaries. It is not that we don't have those vocabularies. We have it. But we don't use it. That is the problem. Here, I am a student away from my home, and it is quite surprising that other students find it comfortable to learn the lesson in their own language. When our professors and lecturers give lectures, they jot down the points in their own language. But we (Bhutanese) feel comfortable using English. These are some of the observations I made.

Everybody loves listening to English songs-whether we understand or not but it is pride to blast the English music and walk. It is good that we learnt English and unlike others we can communicate fluently in English. But my appeal is that we should not be ashamed of blasting Dzongkha music too. My friends call me "Traditional boy" because among modern music collection in my Mobile Phone, I too have some Boedras. I just don't keep it there as a collection but I listen to it frequently. It is so sweet that I remember my home and miss my home so much, but it satisfy me fully. I feel proud to listen to those Bhutanese songs among common English songs. I always feel proud when I can communicate in Dzongkha with my friends. I wanted to use pure Dzongkha but frequently get mixed up with English words. Still, when we try sincerely we can use it purely and perfectly. It is pride of our language that we can talk of a person next to us without their notice. It happens here and it is quite interesting. It always feels proud to use our own language. 

It is disheartening when we have to read the news like is Dzongkhapublication in newspaper serving purpose? If it fail to serve the purpose in our own home, than where it is going to serve its purpose? We need collective collaboration to promote Dzongkha. Media alone can’t do it. Media needs readers and we are the readers. Media should not fail their responsibilities in bringing out newspaper in correct Dzongkha.  Sometimes we can see Dzongkha newspaper with silly spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Media is the window through which we see the world and the source from where we learn new things. So, when we trust media so much, don’t teach wrong spellings to our readers. If Dzongkha paper became just the insert in our country, then where can we expect it to be the main paper?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cyber Blackmail!

Going by the style of Mr.Passang Passu Tshering, blackmail do not come in black colour. It is reason beyond the literary meaning it is called so. Blackmail happens in any way and with the rapidly escalating number of internet user in this era, it started happening even in the internet too. It is not so new in other developed countries but let me say it is new in our country, may not be brand new. My friend used to blackmail me (I have to share hard-earned marbles with them) by saying that otherwise they would report my parents that I played marble on the way.     
Internet Blacmail!!
I was going through the Bhutanese news website as usual to update myself on whereabouts of our Homeland. Unlike previous days, one news in particular caught my eyes today. That is "A woman blackmailed on internet" I read it twice, but neither  was I surprised nor did I  enjoy it. I read it twice and different twist of stimulus ran up and down in my spinal cord and struck my brain. I may be wrong but I felt it is the  blackmail out of a blunder. Sorry, if I used harsh words. But I have to call spade a spade because it is no use writing false expressions. I will justify my stand on following paragraphs.

They have been chatting for just past 8 months and they were still unseen friends. Unseen and unmet! But they reached such a condition where they exchanged nude photos. I was shocked that our women became so bold that they can distribute nude photos to a complete stranger. That is the point of blunder I apologetically referred. When we even fear to share such photos amongst the  best friends, I supposedly feel that it should not happen with the stranger. When it reached the point of exchanging such photos, we have to think twice. And victim on top has the husband and what she did is completely contradictory. I mean there should be mutual faithfulness between a wife and a husband. 

Thank you for your bravery to speak out with the media. And this episode should be the lesson for our youth. When it comes to exchanging nude photos, ultimate repercussion would surely be Blacmail in either ways or else more humiliation . This could be the simple blackmail, just worth Nu.18,000. But it must ring the alarm in our heart that, such things lead to much more devastating blackmail. So, my sincere appeals for our youth that it is better safe than sorry.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Memories

It is often fascinating that when I tell the story of myself I land up telling the stories of so many  people. Here, through my eyes comes the memories of 14  Bhutanese individuals like me who left Home in pursuit of higher education under the government scholarship.

Home is a cushion where we love to adhere forever. But destiny no longer keeps us in paradise because we need to sweat to have sweet life.  From the heavenly kingdom of Bhutan to faraway land of South India. It is not always sweet to go away from loving parents, caring brothers and good-wishing neighbor.

Journey to my college from my homeland was melancholic journey despite having encouraging friends.  Friends are my world henceforth, I thought deep in my heart, with tears brimming in my eyes. All of my friends were supportive and cooperative, and tried all the possible methods to make me forget my home as much as they tried for themselves. I am a meek boy, which adds fuel to emotional turbulence.

First time in train, could not see where it begins and where it ends. All of us like a chicks without mother hen waited for train in Alipur for the train. I could see profound nervousness displayed in my friends’ face. However, we need to act smart. Train was delayed by one hour. Advices of my choking mother rings fresh in my mind. Farewell parties from my neighbors and teachers knot my throat and sophisticated me with immediate tears rolling down my cheeks.

Three nights and three days journey in the train is not a cup of tea. I tried reading books, playing cards, talking with my friends and cracking jokes. Sleeping in the moving train reminds me of frequent earthquake and it became my nightmare. It could be the longest way possible from Bhutan to Raichur, we travelled from Alipur via Chennai to Banglore in a train, and in next train from Banglore to Raichur. Extravagant scenery along the way exhilarated me. The vastness of Indian plains and beautiful lakes along the way inspired me to feel the differences.

On the terminal end of our journey, I became intoxicated with the dizziness because of long and incessant travelling. I could hardly drag out my bags but I have to drag the bags of girls too. With the beautiful golden rays of sunrise, we (14 Bhutanese students) reached Raichur. We were all out of train at Raichur train station. A middle aged man, smartly dressed approached us with illumination of smile. We greeted him and knew he is our escort to the college. It was deeply touching to find him guide us to our college. He is no other than Dr. Doss Prakash.

I was fascinated with the infrastructural facilities of Navodaya Group of Institutions. Tranquility of the environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city provided me warm cushion for study. Temple near the hostel reminded me the godliness to whom I can pray for perfect health and successful life. I felt more homely as we entered the campus in College Bus. On reaching our hostel, Bhutanese seniors extended their warm hands to help us settle in our respective rooms. My throat choked for I found someone far away from home to whom we can call our brothers and sisters. 
Navodaya Medical College, Photo credit: Dr.Doss Prakash.


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