Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beat the Heat of Raichur

What comes in our mind when we think of summer in Raichur? It is evergreen hot place without winter season. I am saying without winter because winter is also as warm as summer in most highland and handsome number of highland students are here to sip the nectar of Navodaya Groups of Institutions. Incessant sweating, sleeping in the lecture theatre, fainting, bunking classes, wishing to wear micrometer thin clothes, longing to drive into swimming pool, taking frequent bathes and wishing to be inside refrigerator zooms across our mind. Hope I didn’t overdose my sentences with excessive hyperbole?

Scorching radiations of Raichur sun penetrate our cranium stimulating headache and nausea, tan our skin with burning sensations and chase us indoor, where fan rotates 24 hours. Peeping through the window and wishing for it to shower lightly to quench the thirst of dusty environment is our unanswered wishes. Most of us wish to go to mountainous lands for summer exile and recreation, yet if you follow few tips it helps you remain as cool as a cucumber in Raichur.
 Dress in light, loose and cotton clothing: Cotton clothes are pretty cool than synthetics, despite some high-tech special design for cooling purposes.  Putting on wide-brimmed hats provide cool shade and keep sun out of your eyes.  Loose clothes allow air to circulate making you feel cool. Lesser the number of clothes, better it is but it should not violate the norms of the society.
3     Drink plenty amount of water:  hydrate yourself enormously before heats dehydrate you to emergency casualty. Besides water, drinking fluids helps avoid dehydration. Lemonade (Nimbu-pani) exhilarates you because it is excellent refreshment ever popular in India. If not the lemonade, another best is tender coconut water. Coconut water is richly contained with proteins, sugars, fibers, minerals and vitamins. Drink water from earthen pot that brings cooling effect in your body.
     Nutritious food: Eat light, nutritious and non-oily salads, vegetables and fresh fruits like water melon, which contain 92% water and 14% vitamins. This compensates the water you lost through sweating. Avoid cut fruits from vendor because it may be infected by flies and dust. Spicy food also help here because capsaicin in pepper makes you perspire and when sweat evaporates it makes you feel cool. Try it out and experience the magic.
5     In Room:  If you still feel warm indoor too, open the window and hang a water drenched sheet there. From there you will get cool air as evaporation takes place, cool air blows in from the open window. However closing window when it is too hot outside avoid the heat being sucked in. Fill spray bottle with water and keep it in refrigerator and spray at regular interval on your body, evaporation of water cools the flowing blood of your veins.

Health hazards
Ailments related to summer heats are dehydrations and heatstroke, heat exhaustion, skin diseases, heat cramp and water borne disease like diarrhea. If you are dehydrated you would feel thirsty, light-headedness, dry skin, fatigue, less-frequent urination, dizziness, muscle cramping and dry mouth. It is best prevented by drinking plenty of water and fluids.

Heat stroke can happen in summer. It is serious and may prove fatal. It has the symptoms like headache, high body temperature, dizziness, dry, flushed and hot skin without sweat, fatigue or sluggishness, confusion or disorientation, increased heartbeat, hallucinations and seizure.  If your friends fall victim to heatstroke, move the person indoor, remove his clothes, apply ice packs in his groin and armpit, sprinkle cool water and fan to stimulate sweating and call for medical help immediately.
Another common ailment during heat season is diarrhea. It occurs due to food poisoning and contaminated water. Summer is highly humid making it favorable for bacteria to contaminate foods and water.
On humid summer days, muscles compete with the skin for blood circulation. During hot days, more blood flows near the skin to dissipate body heat and cool the body. It helps keep body's temperature from rising to dangerous levels. Therefore lesser blood reaches muscles making you lethargy. That’s why we doze off in the classroom despite profoundly rich lecture from professors and lectures. On rising temperature of body, muscles enzymes accelerate to burn down glycogen depleting sugars in muscle which is the fuel for the muscles. For maintenance of internal cooling, drinking enough water to keep muscles and skin hydrated is very essential.

I wrote this article surfing some of the websites and summarized the points to this article. These methods prove pretty helpful and applicably effective. Give a try and feel the difference. We can surely beat the heat of Raichur. There is no point wishing the fairy tales to happen upon us and we can make it happen with our own little efforts. Let us do it and have a happy summer season in Raichur. It will chill you all.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Who is responsible?

Cane sticks, needle plants, gravels, thrashes from the Guruji did more good than bad in the past. Those who tolerated those harsh treatment are doing extremely well these days in high profile, but those who could not, are not so successful.  But looking through the perspective of  Human Right, Corporal punishment has been banned from our education system. With the ban of corporal punishment, numerous disciplinary problems emerged. And Ministry of education are looking for the alternatives for it. We adopted "Educating for GNH" as an alternative for corporal punishment where morality and discipline are focused and highlighted. If we could have succeeded to implement it, we could have certainly reduced the offences in the schools and harmony in school would have flourished. However, it seems that it is failing.

Now, other alternatives are on way like suspension from the school with loads of assignment to be completed, closing the in-country education door, and others. It may do well but we may fail too. Thrashing and beating from teachers still exist in many part of our country and that is the best solution to streamline the children. Children are more afraid of one slap than writing the assignment for thousand times. If they were slapped they do right things if they realized, or else even the profile of the teacher is threatened. It so became that we should rather allocate security guards for teachers than to the politicians. It is extremely sad to know that the most noble profession is becoming most dreaded profession. If it happens so, who would dare to work the day with chalks and innocent students. It deteriorate the dignity of our teachers and it would become deserted profession one day. Students blasting bomb to threaten teachers, parents entering classroom to drag out the teacher and breaking their teeth and beating them black and blue, students going against the teachers are no more encouraging things happening in our country. We will have a day where we should cry for teachers, and no more people opt for this profession. If so, with what hope and dreams can we expect  our teachers to work hard to produce productive future citizens.

I am not sure of how effective would be the new alternatives. It may die  the day we implement it. Here, parents are equally responsible, even more responsible to discipline their children. If you can't tolerate your children being beaten by the teachers, you should be responsible for beating them, disciplining them. We need to remember that teachers are also the parents, and they don't intend to harm students by beating. They just want them to walk the right way. They are in noble profession with noble intention. Beating here does not necessarily mean the physical harassment, it means the methods of shaping the behavior of the children. Or else we would soon see the war between parents and school teachers.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I will also be voting...

Come 2013 and I will become a legally eligible voter.I didn't vote in 2008 because I was under-age to be eligible voter. I feel quite proud and responsible as a citizen when I become eligible voter for next election. My vote too would count and mean a lot.This time I would be eligible to vote but I am quite worried whether I would be able to vote because I am studying in India, away from home.

I was watching around the election in 2008 with my young and innocent mind. I saw people talking big about politics. I saw the village divided into two parties as if they were captioned to be so. Most of our villager didn't know which is DPT and PDP party but they referred as Horse and Bird party looking into their logo. Our village was full of horses and birds. Labour exchange extinct, and some reach to the extent where they even stopped talking. That was the impact of the political party at first, but it fast healed and we are united once again. We are no more horses and birds.
My parents voted for the political party as well as apolitical party and in numerous mock elections and local government elections. They voted to the one of their option and I don't know to whom they voted because I never interfered in their fundamental right to vote the candidate of their choice. That is it. We, as an literate youth can educate them on what it is and how it should be, but we should not go to the extent of influencing them on which to vote for. I never told them which party is good and which is not good. Not that it was beyond my knowledge but I never wanted to take off their fundamental right. I explained the manifesto of both the parties and made them realise and vote for which they think is better. That was the responsibility I had taken up in educating my family as a literate youth of the family.
I felt quite proud to know that majority of the voters in 2013 would be the youth. And I would like to say that we need to vote for the right candidate. Our representative should be the one who can speak out on behalf of our people who has placed high hope and expectation by casting the precious vote. We should look at the party leader but most importantly we must see the potential of a candidate because he/she is the one who would deliver our problems in the National Assembly and let them see the matter. We really don't want a representative just for a sake of having one. We don't want a representative to be chair-warmer, one who would always play hide and seek with camera. We want a representative who is potential enough to raise the voice in Assembly and who is capable of looking into the problems of the people. We don't want an incapable candidate of a capable party, rather we want a capable candidate. I don't mean that incapable party would contest in 2013, but I mean we want a capable representative. We must learn from the past experience, and be prepared to vote for the right representative. We want the one who can hear and see the problems of his/her people and deliver the solutions.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Deep condolences..

We are always proud, no matter what and where, of our men in uniform. Be it in case of safeguarding and upholding our laws, or in case of emergency like forest fire, our police men are doing great job. They will be the first in line to reach the spot and last to leave. They were and are doing great job. In a way they succeeded to save our forest from the blazing flames of hungry fire.

But it is sad, indeed extremely sad to know that their goodwill to save the forest met with the tragedy. It is sad to know that most of the men in uniform were very young, some even teenagers who met with an accident when they were on the way to save the forest from the fire. It took place above Yangchenphug HSS in Thimphu. Two of our brave and young men lost their lives in the accident and two of them are in critical condition with brain and lungs injury amongst 17 injured men. We, the students pursuing our higher studies here at Navodaya Groups of Institutions would like to express our heartfelt condolences to two of them who lost their lives in good mission, and we are praying for two of them in critical condition to recover quickly. Though far from our home, our heart is always at home.
We salute your bravery and would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you all.


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