Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bhutanese Dessert

In South India, sweet stuff is provided as dessert after the meal. And yesterday my brother asked me what is Bhutanese dessert. Both of us concluded,
I am not sure of how far we are right but I feel we are right somehow. We, Bhutanese usually prefer chewing Doma after the heavy meals. Whatever it may be, my point is, Indian dessert is served free of cost in hotels but Bhutanese dessert is pretty expensive. Exactly eight months ago, before I left for my College in India, I used to get 4 pieces of Doma for Nu.5 but sadly today it cost Nu.10 for 3 pieces. I am worried that Nu.5 will extinct soon because we even can't purchase Doma with Nu.5.

I don't know if it is also the impact of Rupee crisis but Nobel Laureate declared that, it is  economically incorrect to say "Crisis" and I believe the cost of dessert will also drop. I am not arguing for the cost of the doma to fall. My point is, if the dessert became so expensive, think of the meals? I will not say it off but I will write more of my observations in Bhutan in next post. For now, I want to sign out as it is pretty expensive here in Internet Cafe in Thimphu to type my thoughts. 


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