Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Morning Accident with Anti-Buddhist Shoes

This is what I exactly wrote to Mr.Passu's Diary in respond to his post on Anti-buddhist shoes. It is unedited and original. Words ran short to express my instant feeling. I could not express how I felt as a Buddhist to have the images of our Lord Buddha on the shoes and foot wears of someone. 

I woke up this morning just to get startled with this heart-breaking news. It came as a hard blow on my face. I never thought that they are this inhumane to use the images of Lord Buddha. You all have the freedom to choose your own religion as per ua wishes but i am damn sure that you all dont have any right to insult our God this way. 
Why don't this designer get any other design idea? If you (designer) don't have this mind to differentiate what the shoe means to have images of God, why should he proclaim to be a shoe designer? Hope they would understand our sentiments before they find that we are not the Buddha...we are Buddhist! I hope I hit the point, and hoping that it be heard by the person to whom I am speaking to...

I desperately wished it to be the prank someone designed against us. Though it would have been the most insulting prank but it would not have been this disheartening. It hurts our sentiments and place dark circle to our faith. He is the light and source of our light. He always looked sacred and pristine as the Thangka in our altars and walls. But I never knew that someone would design it for the shoes. I never imagined this. I never thought about this even in my most terrible nightmare. But when i see it in reality, I felt like lightening striking directly on my spinal cord. I ran short of reaction. 
Insult on us

I know every Buddhist at heart feel the same thing. And they are expressing their feelings through the Facebook and other form of social media. It is my wish that they would know their mistake and make the correction with the apology. Buddhist may not stand to see their blunder.

Still I am wishing that someone would confirm that it is just the prank. And no one ever designed it. If it happens I would jump with the joy and forgive that prank-player because it would at least sooth me that it didn't happen in reality, and no one wore it. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bhutanese in Raichur

Behind the thousands mountains and demarcation of numerous rivers, behind the ranges and hills lies a heavenly kingdom called The Land of Thunder dragon. From that far-away fairy land comes the students like me and many other to pursue their higher education in various fields to Navodaya Groups of Institutions. Fragrance of successful stories of Navodaya in pursuit of cultivation of excellence reached there and sparkle the light of enlightenment in the heart of many Bhutanese people. They trust enough that this College would light the heart of their sons and their daughters. As they think, as they dream, Navodaya Groups of Institutions is fulfilling their dreams with international par excellence education on various professional courses.
With high expectation and great hope, we all are here. In this context, I would less elaborate on the noble purpose we are here for. I would take this golden opportunity to share on lighter side of our heavy duty.
Bhutanese in Raichur

Raichur- many Bhutanese students dream land. When they study, they would think of coming here. Heat of Raichur is so intense that it pricks our skin and penetrate through the cranium in summer, that always chase us indoor, giving us ample time to be with the book. Umbrellas are used to protect ourselves from sun rather than rain as in Bhutan. But towards the conclusion of May, Raichur become so spectacular with the sprinkle of monsoon rain. Green lawns breathe fresh air and give birth to blooming flowers adding extra beauty to the college campus. Enjoyment and recreation engulf our heart to find another home away from home.

Bhutanes boys are used to wearing short skirt like dress called Gho. And I am sure they did manifest it in form of half-pants and went round to be teased by the local people here. Raichur is sincerely rich in preserving their profound culture. Traditional values are still preserved intact. Cultural values add the bliss to the students making them more honorable and dignified, humble and decent. These days I walk around in pants, not for the fear of being teased by the crowd but with the pride and dignity of collaborating Raichur to preserve their traditional values.
Movie theatre in Raichur is another boon for economic growth. We are already the fan of Bollywood, and almost all of my friends can speak fluent Hindi. Many shopkeepers dropped their chin on hearing us speak Hindi. It made them more comfortable with us in doing their business. In turn they showed their best hospitality to us-language made them feel that we are part of the large family. Like any other movie-goers in Raichur, Bhutanese students show their face in theatre on release of every new Bollywood movie. Romance and suspense of Jaanat 2 encapsulated our heart, and we are in excitement for what Ek Tha Tiger would have in store for us.  Movies succeeded to entertain our heart amidst heavy duty of study, more happy, that we can equally boast of watching movie on the date of release like any other Indians because movie reach Raichur theatre on the day of release as any theatre in India.

Trying out fun in South Indian Culture

The bakery shop near the gate, the college corridor where we chit chats, the pathway to reach the college, debates with our friends in the hostel and in our room,  Ambtala park where we boat and rejoice the beauty of beautiful garden will always remain as the best memory for every Bhutanese Navodayan. We would live in that memory. We would smile with pride that we got this chance to be in this beautiful place in our life.

Entertaining part has fully satisfied the stomach of Bhutanese gangs here. Never the less Navodaya family has given space to Bhutanese here and academically, professors have won the hearts of all Bhutanese here with their profound knowledge and impressive teaching skills. No Bhutanese will regret for having been the part of Navodaya family in the future when they graduate with a degree certificate and a smiling face along with them. But surely they will feel the emotion of departing and miss the memories made in with the professors and our friends here. Memories would always linger with us even when we reach home, but the pride of Navodaya is that all of us would be the light to our Nation. We would serve the people with all wisdom and knowledge that we absorbed from the nectar of Navodaya. Glory is always of Navodaya! May Navodaya always shine as sun illuminating thousands of innocent people like us. By its nomenclature, Navodaya means “land of rising sun” where thousands of students receive the light to follow their destiny.


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