Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Liam Payne's Birthday: One Direction

I would like to wish him happy birthday. Many happy returns of the day. May your last year in teens be as successful and happy as it was. I would update more later.

Liam celebrates his 19th Birthday today.

Update 9: 26 PM (IST): On this special day, I would take this opportunity to pay my tribute to British Boy Band, One Direction. I would less spend on talking about their popularity because you ask to every young people, they would sing at least one  of One Direction's song. Despite being far from your motherland, fans of 1D extends to Asian countries. My friends too hum some of your famous songs. What makes you beautiful, I should have kissed you, One thing are some of the song of your band which is on their tip of tongue.

May you all keep singing the songs which touch our heart. You all are the real icon for the young people like us. You all proved that success comes with hard work and not with age. You all achieved so much so far, and it is our prayers and wishes that you all keep moving with same speed and same rhythm.

"You don't know you are beautiful,
That's what makes you beautiful"

Keep inspiring us, keep entertaining us and keep rocking....

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time: Un-arrested Killer

These are few paragraphs out of my personal diary. Writing dairy always keep me accompanied and feel satisfied to jot down even a line per day. I always find time to write something in my diary despite busy schedule of the day. Writing diary is my passion and my habit. 

My Diary

Dear Diary,
I always wish to push back the hands of clock. Earlier memories are so sweet that I miss it desperately. The first time we meet our friends, exciting! Sweet and charming conversation, respect and honor prevailed. But gradually everything faded with the time. There is no respect, no commitment, no dedication among the segment of people. It is too bad to know each other clearly, especially when black circle appears and white light disappears. I miss the moment when we blushed to talk with each other. I miss the moment when we talked with each other with utmost dedication and affection. The time we boozed together, time we walked together, time we laughed together, time we knew each other so little and that littleness was so beautiful.

Time killed everything. Time killed our friendship, in fact aborted the embryo itself. Promises broken and friendship dumped. It created wound but failed to heal. Life becomes boring when we live it all uselessly. I wish our life is always full of adventures-new life, new people, new places, everyday. That would be better. Those were the sweet days which is gone, and have to live with flashing memories. Memories keep us breathing. 

Life is full of fun for a short while. Rose is so beautiful, keeping playing with it, it will wither and decay to the ground. Rainbow shines so beautiful but for a short while. These all are metaphor of human life. Nothing is permanent in our life. Impermanence is the permanent. 

Today I am friend of Jack, next day I am friend of Tashi, Sonam, John. They moves away with the passage of time. They become stranger once again. They hide their smile with frown. The politeness of their speech turns into the sour words, which become pinching salt to the wound. They are so wonderful, just for a while or for the time that you are his source of happiness. We kill the precious friendship with the time. We hide our face when we meet each other. I feel guilty when I have to hide and bend my head low. Why it happened? It could be me or you, but we are the very reason. Still hands of clock keeps moving and we need to move with its cruel rhythm. 

When you are alone, you befriend yourself  the best!!!
Nothing can keep us happy forever. Today's source of happiness becomes tomorrow's source of sadness. We may be successful in one aspect but looser in many ways. We are born imperfect and we die imperfect. Life is full of mistakes and guiltiness. Either alone or with unending circle of friends we must endure life independently. Endure it alone, more stronger you will become in your life. Do it. Fight for the goal, achievement is always by your side.

Update: 31-8-2012

This is just the rubbish thoughts that zoom through my mind. I rule my Diary with all thoughts and I am the king in the kingdom of my Diary. I write making myself right because I must be right at least to my Diary when I am wrong all around lol. That is why diary becomes our best friend. Diary don't let us drain the tear, don't keep us depress, it never oppose us and above all it keeps all of our secretes. This is nothing personal I am writing about, don't take it personally, it is basically the general truth I am talking about. If it is so personal and secret I never dare to share it. I hate speaking off the personal affairs in public domain. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Love story 2012

For the change, I am coming up with a story. I am pretty sure of you all getting tired of reading about social issues. Now, with what youth loves the most. Love story. Romantic??

Thrill of cold wind passed over his countenance, with brief drizzle hitting the floor. He was shivering outside with mobile on his hand. What could he be doing? He was not talking with anybody. All alone and deserted from his friends but was all happy. He was using internet in his mobile, yeah, facebook. Scanning eyes through all beautiful girls but none penetrated his heart. They are beautiful in their own ways.

Jack and Rose in Facebook
But some one caught his eyes. Deeply lost looking at that photo. She is so gorgeous, tremendously pretty. Faith decides everything and it decides right thing, he thought before he clicked send friend request, shortly his notification read: Rose accepted your friend request. He was overwhelmed with the happiness and jumped into the thin air before he sent message to her.

“Hi” he waited for the reply. What if she didn’t reply me? He thought and freeze. But after a minute came a message.
Thank god, she at least replied me. He thought and smiled alone. And the conversation escalated rapidly. Exciting! After rapid progress of conversation, he asked for her mobile number.
“Look at my info and get the number from there. I forgot it” came the reply. That is what usually girls do. They are always reluctant at first. They act strange even when they don’t want to. He smiled with happiness when she finally responded “Hello” in her phone. Sweet voice charmed his ears, and he could not stop talking with her. Blush after blush, short confused laughter and soft voice are the part of introduction for every love story.

Jack miss Rose when it Rains
He scribbled to his diary:
I miss you when I see blooming flowers attracting honey bees. I miss you when I see beautiful moon upon the majestic throne. I miss you when I saw fishes swimming under water. I miss you when I see chirping birds whispering harmoniously melodious songs- so beautiful. I miss you when I saw snow upon the heavenly mountains and when sun rises with eternally cleansing rays. I miss you when the tawny twilight bid farewell to sun and welcome twinkling stars. I miss you when soothing breeze across my hair. I miss you when the rain spatters on the window panes. I dream of you and me, dancing in the beautiful rainfall. Carrying you on my arm and running after the blow of wind. Above all, I miss you every second.

Next two days passed. Still the infant lovers talk endlessly through the phone. They talk so sweetly and blush after every words. On day three, when they are very close, Jack took a chance to propose her.

“Baby, I love you”

He waited for her respond. She didn’t reply him rather told him that he was telling lies. How will I make her believe that I mean it? He thought and diverted the topic. That is not the end. He proposed her again after some minutes. She told him that she would reply him tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes, he told himself impatiently.

“Please tell me today. Or else I can’t wait till tomorrow hehe…” He proposed her with nervous smile. She was silent again. He thought, either she is shy or rejected my proposal. One could be the possible reason. And he waited with prolonged silence.

“Same to you” She replied me. Is that her voice? He was confused and confirmed again by saying,
“I love you”

“I love you too” replied Rose with charming voice. That day was so special for him. He smiled throughout the next day. He looked so excited, energetic. But he always misses her.

He misses her so much and wished they were always together for eternal.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Darker reality of Dance khoray Dance

If I am not wrong Dance Khoray Dance is the first of its kind in Bhutan. I appreciate the organizer for the innovative idea, at least in Bhutan, otherwise the title is direct copy- paste of India's Dance India Dance. But the way it was organised was unique in Bhutanese setting. It did a lot good because youth were involved in it rather than living ideally. Yet another segment was involved watching it in television. 

It went well throughout despite being tedious sometimes. It happens because we can't expect to compare our show with that of other countries. They have larger participants, more developed technologies. The show as a start was good. But it failed to leave a good trend. It failed in its bud itself.
Photo courtesy: Google

Everything has darker and brighter side. It was so shocking to see how the show ended.They promised A-star car for the winner but they just gave Nu.100, 000. I would produce what one of the famous Bhutanese blogger, Mr. Passang PaSsu Tshering posted in the facebook page Breaking the news-Bhutanese social media:

Dance Khoray Dance prizes shocked everybody. They advertised A-Star car and lured even college students, who had to miss a semester and go home with a rice cooker.
What's wrong with the organizer's ethics? What is the excuse? It wasn't school level dance competition where you can escape with washing machine and rice cookers.
 ·  ·  · August 8 at 5:04pm

On writing this post I took chance to interview the hyperactive and anonymous tweepie in the twitter. I would love to produce what Jigsnews told me in Twitter.

 Heard reality shows r now not getting sponsors. The main reason seems to be coz of less money in the mkt. Plus less ppl voting 2
 I m honored la! Can't wait to read it. Heard 1 girl wasted 1 yr of school so she could dance.
 Bad for participants & audience. Leaves a bad taste every time such things happen. Meanwhile those who r serious suffer too.
 Basanti! Is kutey ki saam ney matt nacho. (Sholay)

Do you think our youth are inspired?  To miss one year of education and get rewarded with the prize like that of school competition is really disheartening.What could be the reason for giving out such a cheap prizes? Let's not talk about the prizes but about  breaking the promise. To promise A-star car, and to give away Nu. 100, 000 cheque is tremendously distant thing. Promise broken beyond repair. 

Hope that the Bhutanese people will not be fooled again in future. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fictitious sign board- Do we need it in reality?

BHUTAN street Fashion, famous Facebook page posted this photo and gathered handsome number of comments, some felts its need and other felt it is insane. It shows to what extent our youth had grown, not in term of goodness but in term of insanity. I am not talking about all youth but those fragmented segment of our youth. Thank god! at least this sign board doesn't exist as of now.

Fake sign board
I was startled at first to see this photo. Such an insane sign board on the road to the sacred Buddha point. It looks embarrassing. But it could be the ultimate measure that the concerned authority might take when every possible measures fail. How will we explain this to the foreigners? And how will we drive through,  with our family? It's not the matter of hiding your face from this sign board but for how many times will you hide your face? We would definitely bend our head on seeing it, and bending head is nothing more than being GUILTY. What will we say about this sign board to our children?

Let us join our hand and keep the holy place as holy as it is. It is not the place where we exhibit mischievous behaviors. It is not the place for dating, smoking, drinking and fighting. It is the sacred place.  This area become more lively at night than in day. Youth crawls here at night: some high with drugs, some with their partners (I referred as partner because it is temporary pair-ups), some to crack their knuckles, etc... It is bitter as I write but this happens more bitterly. Sign board focused on what happens more. That is sex. Let us abstain from this, come on, lets see the world with broader prospective. Virginity is the only gift as precious as jewel that we can take to our destined partner. If we loose it somewhere to wrong person, we lose it forever. That is the time we lose our precious gift, the time we lose the faith in ourselves and our destiny.

May all of our youth join hands with each other and prevent the birth of this sign board. We have so many other places for fun and recreation. We must utilize those facilities because it is made for us. There are football grounds, play foot ball. There are basket ball court, play there. There are gym houses, go for it. There are bookshops and libraries, make full use of it. Involve in healthy activities and grow up to be a good citizen of our motherland. Please, lets not crawl in this holy area at night for all mischief.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Bhutanese vs The Government

It is very clear that huge wall has been built between The Bhutanese and the government. Do not mistake The Bhutanese for Bhutanese people. It is a recently established private newspaper. The newspaper features critical and investigative stories about the government bi-weekly and directly or indirectly government caught the paper's neck by circulating confidential circular stating not to give any advertisements to The Bhutanese.

First Issue of THE BHUTANESE
Since several  days I have been seeing “The Bhutanese” being the center of news. Be it from newspapers website or  online news, and three of recent posts of Opposition Leader on his blog featured “The Bhutanese.” I read a lot about it and read about the hot discussion  of the people. Some are on side of The Bhutanese and other on side of government. OL focused on less number of advertisement for The Bhutanese in two of his blog posts. Debate is going on with much heat.

It must happen and that is what we call democracy, all people have freedom of expression and speech. They can express their opinions and they are exercising it online. I am not here with the verdict to judge who is right or wrong but I am here  with my opinion.

Media house must be  the mirror of the society. We believe what you report. We trust that what you said is the total truth. But now it seems that people started losing the faith in media report because they report what is the truth plus what they feel is true. The Bhutanese became anti-government newspaper since its launch, since its birth it wrote none of the successful story about our government. Does it mean that our government didn't achieve anything? No! They don’t report anything good about the government. Does it mean that our government is bad? Tell us the truth not what you feel is the truth. There was talk about The Journalist being anti-PDP just few weeks ago. If media started scanning what they want to report, it is no use being media, you can be critics. I feel that it is biased reporting when I read about DPT-supporting and PDP-supporting principals. It creates bad image of our government when there is only one party speaking. Nothing was said by the principal of Dorokha. When you have the patience to write a story, you should also have the patience to write it fully. It reads like a complaint letter written by Kinley Tenzin, not as news. On top it was reported in absence of Sherig Lyonpo who was centered there.

If one is a daily reader of The Bhutanese and not other newspaper he/she will have nothing good to talk about our government. He/she can talk about corruptions, nepotism, etc...Thank god that we have lots of newspaper who balance the news. I fully appreciate The Bhutanese's courage to tell the truth openly but I feel paper got to be more responsible by writing both sides story. This is not the first encounter, most of the stories in The Bhutanese comes one-sided. Government did a lot good works but you didn’t report it. When you can point out your finger on their misconduct, you should also fold your hand for their success. That is balanced reporting. We appreciate the effort of The Bhutanese to bring out the investigative stories and critical news but it looks that you are targeting to create bad image of our  government when most of the time it reads one-sided.

Got to re-visit your editorial policy which states "Impartial."

This is what I feel as a Bhutanese, may I hear from you all too??

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Independence day

I, on behalf of all the Bhutanese here in Raichur would like to wish Happy Independence Day to all of my Indian friends. The day where you got to hold your head straight with mind free of insecurity. We are really proud of Mahatma Gandhi for his courage to move on till India got the independence.

Happy Independence Day

Friday, August 10, 2012

Towards the reconstruction of Wangdue Dzong- From Raichur

Heart is where the home is. Despite being away from the home, our heart is always in home. Anything good happened to our country we equally rejoice the joy as those of you in home. We are in India but we are Bhutanese. Bhutanese in heart. 

When Wangdue Dzong was engulfed by the fire, we panicked as much as those of you near the Dzong. We could not help save the Dzong. We were so helpless. We were so sad. I saw every one of my friends looking shocked at first and getting startled on hearing the news.  We became numb. We were miles and miles away from our home but our heart reached there with the heartfelt prayers. We could only stand near the laptop and see the devastating updates in Facebook and Twitter. We prayed that the next news come saying "they (Bhutanese) succeeded to put off the fire." But every next photo came heart breaking and every next update by the social media user came tear breaking. We kept on praying until the Dzong burnt down to the ashes. Only remaining part is the wall of the ruined Dzong.
Wangdue Dzong engulfed completely by fire
We were just happy that our Wangdue Dzong will be reconstructed again into its full glory. We were happy that every Bhutanese felt the pinch. Some expressed in Facebook, some expressed it in their blogs and in various ways. Some formed group in facebook towards the reconstruction of the Dzong. Media did their share. Some contributed in cash, some contributed their service and still other contributed their prayers and good wishes. 

Bhutanese students here in Raichur could not resist the pain of losing the Dzong. Every time we come across the picture of the ruined Dzong it reminds us of how heavy was the loss. It brings tear into our eyes. We know that the Dzong we saw last time while in Bhutan is no more there. In kindness and towards the goodwill of rebuilding the Dzong, every Bhutanese in Raichur decided to contribute little amount to the reconstruction of the Dzong. We started contributing. And we will bring those collected amount to home on coming Vacation, and contribute to the concerned source. We mourn the loss of our heritage.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Spell of Mobile Phone...

I would refer Mobile here for Mobile Phone as most of us prefer to call it.
It is a poem that some body recorded in Nepali Vocal, and am here just with the translation (not exactly).

What is this device called Mobile?
That became necessity to every rugs to riches,
One must have one in pocket despite being there without a call
Its fine with urban folks, think of rural folks?
Mobile exceeds the family member,
Those with brain build the house and bought the vehicle
Those without, exhausted few months wages within  a day
Countless husbands left their wives, and numerous wives left their beloved husbands
Mobile became more addictive than drugs and alcohol,
And ringtones became sweeter to honey,
No need of any wires and poles, but every individual need it
Days of letters and errands extinct, SMS rules it
The task of one week accomplished within a second
More than earning is our expenditure,
No matter what, one must recharge girlfriend's account
Forget about the money to buy salt and oil
But one needs to recharge the cell of the girlfriend
We talk so sweet, thought Mobile sucks our pocket the way Vampire sucks the Blood
What to do, there is no way than to call back, when there are missed calls
Days of calling labors on whistle is gone
Mobile that I purchased recently

In village Mobile became fashion,
Even a yard apart needs mobile to communicate
Children forgot the Toys, they demand Mobile
Forget about Robbers and thief
Even the beggar have a Mobile in their pocket.
About students.....
More concentration on SMS than on the study...
They don't earn a penny per day but spend two,
Think of National Income if it continues...????
They dumped the Radio the grandpa bought
Because they have FM on Mobile, and on paying few pennies one get unlimited songs in Mobile
Culture and tradition are on dilution
Quality of education on decline....
Those with potential to complete Class XII, marry in Class X,
And those with potential to reach X, marry on VIII

How many would have sold cows and buffalo?
How may chicken???
Just to buy a Mobile Phone
Anyone would feel proud to have a Mobile in the pocket,
Instead of Pen to jot down the Cell Number of another...
One may not sleep or go hungry without the Mobile...


Forgive me for any grammatical mistakes and spelling errors as I was in Hurry becaues I have to attend the call in my cell!!!!


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