Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Being Roman in Rome

Does dressing matters?

Yes! People judge us by the way we dress.

In Paddy field with my Brother

I am a College student pursuing one of the medical profession. But I am an Actor too, seriously. Not a drama or a film actor, but a real life actor. I am a responsible actor. I have multi-roles which I should not fail. I have to act as a caring elder brother to my younger siblings, a responsible son to my parents, an obedient student, an honest neighbor and a  loyal citizen. And sometimes an irritating friend. All acting I have to do and it is tremendously amazing that it comes so naturally- I need no cosmetics and make-up. I am a multi-actor, all naturally.

Taking rest after the work with my co-worker

With my Brother and sister during Dipawali 
In village, I become exactly another villager. During this vacation I spent working in construction sites- breaking boulders, loading timber, digging foundation of the building, and sometimes working in the paddy fields. I was so happy that I was considered another villager, amazing! Even the school Principal where I went to do the social work took time to explain me in my local dialect what he just spoke in Dzongkha to other mates. I dressed shabby, unshaven mustache and beard. And primary students played old English Song and stood challenging, speaking immature English with constant input of slang. But they scoot away when they heard English song when my friend called me, I mean my Ringtone. I didn't mean to challenge them but it happened thus.

Back in the College

Some of my fellow village mates went on to say:
"How dare you work like a villager when you are a college student?"
I didn't know what I should say. But I didn't stay silent. And I replied honestly:
"I have to be a Roman in Rome. It is an opportunity for me to work like this after nearly a year. I would miss this work once I reach my college." 

They just giggled and I continued working. 

But meet me in the towns and College, I walk in level-fashion with any fashionable guys if not more fashionable. With punk hair styles, dazzling jeans and shining shoes. 

I think I am a successful Actor. What do you all think? Are you one of the Actor too?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Returning to College...

It is so natural that I started to adapt with the law of nature: we meet to depart, born to die and so many uncontrolable phenomenons. I smiled to meet my parents and see my brothers and sister doing good in my home. But yesterday I have to leave behind that happiness. After a month long of stay in my home I am leaving to my college. 

It is so emotional to leave behind my parents and venture on my journey to my college. I feel so that I never have to leave behind what I truly want by my side. But I smile amongst the ocean of saddness because I am going out for our goodness. I am going there to be a good son, caring brother and good human, indeed. That is and should be the ultimate fruit of education. I will miss my days in my home.

Natural law: Happy to meet, sad to depart.

My parents and my neighbors have high expectation from me. I did nearly shed off the tears when my neighbors came to see me off with pickles, money and words of wishes and advice. I am certainly sure that I can never repay these acts of kindness, but I would stand up to be a person upon whom you all can call for the help. They came at the last to say "Safe Journey" where they dissoleved into the thin air after the bus moved. You all remained behind in terms of distance but you all are so close in my heart. And, "Hi  Friends there at Raichur, I am coming soon. See you all there."


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