Monday, December 31, 2012

New Journey Ahead...into the Future.

New year does not excite me much as such. It brings me the heavy feeling. I am becoming older, one step nearer to the death. Long journey awaits again. Spring blooms, summer pours, autumn falls and winter bites. All four seasons, cyclic. People enjoys, find it special. That should be the spirit. We have to shed off the burden of one year, and start fresh. 
New year resolution. New ambition. New decision. All talks about it.
I too have my resolution:
I have improved a lot in blogging world. I have around 70 posts for this year alone. I had . I promise I will post more than 100 posts in 2013. I would encourage readers to stick to my nonsense writings and pass your honest comment for my improvement. So that, I can bring out better posts in the future. I would dedicate my free hours for blogging. 
Despite heavily busy schedule of academic demands, I decided to work on my pioneer Novel too. Of course I have been writing it since Class VII, but I lost the track midway. I lost my hand written draft. Computer virus consumed my soft copy. But, I have tits and bits of it. Finally, I named my draft novel as Karsel Ma- The Princess of my Heart ( I omitted The Pretender). Wow, romantic! But only the title. It portrays the story of the young people, challenges, ambition, corruption, love, and works. I would put in my constant effort until it becomes a fine piece. So, dear friends wish me loads good luck. 
Find out your Animal.

Everyone of us are brought up in a society where we believe in beliefs. We would grow eager when some one predicts our future. Be it true or false, but we like having some one telling about our future. So, here I have the Chinese horoscope for all of you. Click the link and read what is there in your store.

1. Rat
2. Ox 
3. Tiger
4. Rabbit
5. Dragon
6. Snake
7. Horse
8. Sheep
9. Monkey
10. Bird
12. Pig

With this Happy New Year my dear friends and to all of your Family. May 2013 brings more happiness and success in your life. May all your sorrows and unhappiness stops hunting you from tomorrow. Trashi Delek. 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Publishing House in Bhutan...

"Kuzuzanpola..." I vowed in reverence. I was with a pen drive in my hand.
"Kuzu wai, can I help you young man?" He threw dirty and sarcastic look upon me.
"Actually, sir, I have drafted a book, and...."
He cut me short.
"Wow, young boy, great job. Is it a guide book? And for which class?"
I was puzzled. And don't know what to say. How can a class XII graduate write a guide book for class XII? He waited for my answer.
Finally I uttered, "It is not a guide book. It is an anthology of short stories and anecdotes."
"See, we only publish Guide books. It is hard that other books go in the market. It is of no use publishing those books which ruin our business."
I was startled. My long dream of publishing a book dusted down to the ground. I thought, I would never write any thing called book. Actually, I am a literature fan, but I hated literature instantly. What encouragement these so called publisher gives to a young men and women? Could be the possible reason that we hardly have any young writers? Or is it that only old, bald headed and eyes covered with glasses people become a writer? Don't we need the young writers for young people?

These publishing houses publish those guides book, thick Dzongkha texts, textbooks and other academic researches. How many more people's dream could have been crumpled by them? I would have been happy, had they at least read my manuscript  once and rejected. They broke my dreams of becoming a writer. I got rejected from more than three popular publishing houses in Bhutan of that time. I lost my hope. Young hope, perhaps. Since then I romanticized blogging. I am myself a writer, editor, reader and publisher in the blogging world.  It appeased my hunger of becoming a writer.
But I didn't abandoned my dream. I published the book myself. Because I wanted it to be published, no matter what world says. I am that impatient in running towards my dream. I requested for loan from Health Worker (HA) in my village. He agreed. Thus, with that limited amount of Nu. 25,000, I managed editing and printing cost. I printed 500 copies and distributed to small segment of my friends and well-wishers. I did it.
One of the pioneer book published by Riyangbooks.
But recently, my dream got re-energized. Riyangbooks gave me a new light. I have this hope, if young writer can be a writer, it can happen through this publishing house. This House is founded by literature giant, Aum Kunzang Choden whose Circle of karma is known internationally and first Bhutanese Novel, and Dawa-The story of a stray dog is a novel text book for class IX students in Bhutan. I have a hope, this house would make our dream come true. In romance with this house, I started writing a novel in my free hours. I hardly have free hours from my medical textbooks, but I wanted to write The Pretender (tentative title), which is for the youth. Guys, wish me good luck in this voyage of writing a novel. Remember, I am a medical guy in love with literature. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I lost my Phone: Letter to my Thief...

Dear Thief,

Don't find me offensive that I called you thief because I don't know who you are. I didn't feel like I lost it. I just felt that another caring owner owned my phone. Right? I know if you didn't love it, you will not pick it up. It is so amazing that you chose my phone only. Actually, I had my money purse too, lying next to it (Mobile), on my table. The charger and earphone is still lying on my table, abandoned. You could have taken that too. Whatever, I used it for more than five months and I didn't even scratch it once. I cared it dearly. Please give the same care and affection I gave.  

Model of my phone.
I am not so remorseful in losing my phone. It was just a cheap phone, if not cheapest of all. It is a money matter, and it does not matter much. But I am unhappy because I lost part of my memory with it. In it, I had my photos of unforgettable days, and I had part of my diary in its memo widget. And, I too lost my contact number. I can get the contacts through Facebook of those who are in Facebook, but what about those who never use and used Facebook? I have only few contact numbers scribbled in my heart, not head. But many I don't have it. 
I missed it so much. My hand went into my pocket every after a ten minutes. I used to use it for surfing web pages, frequently Twitter, Facebook and Blogs. Of course, for SMS and calls. 

I had few video clips, not so personal but memorable. Memories, actually, lives in our Heart, but my phone was so dear to me that I kept every bits of tangible memories in it. 
It is special that you took it on the Christmas eve. So let me suppose, it is a Christmas gift to you from my side. 
I am amazed that you entered my room, well-planned, exactly at our dinner time and escaped scoot free. Nobody knows who you are. My friends didn't believe me. I too. But chill ran through my spine, when I found it was already "switched off" when I called from my friend's cell, immediately. 
Anyways, enjoy using it. As much as I did, even more. Don't lose it and feel the pangs of losing it like me.

Thank you,
PS: I would be extremely happy if you read this letter and care it even more. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

On this Christmas eve, I heartily wish my friends and my readers a Merry Christmas. May this year bring more happiness and success in your lives. May your sorrows and unhappiness be diluted with wish-fulfilling year ahead. 

May Santa Claus bring you the chocolate of enjoyment, jubilation and happiness. May he take away your sorrows, sadness and unhappiness. 

Photo source:
On this special eve, may we pay our heartfelt gratitude to Father Mackey, he  brought tremendous changes in our education system. Perhaps, he opened the door to the modern education. We are ever grateful to his noble service of lighting the innocent souls, for showing the pathway to light and for removing the darkness from our society. He is a candle light with which he lit numerous candles to brighten our country. He really did it. Thank you so much, sir.  
Once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Stanley Ka Dabba-A Movie Review...

It has been more than two weeks that I watched this movie, but I believe it is never too late to talk about something good. Goodness lives forever. I watch numerous movies but I  rarely write their review because it should touch my heart to write about it. And, Stanley ka Dabba touched my heart after the last movie (The Story of Ron Clark) that touched my heart. 
Stanley is a small kid studying in fourth grade. He is very popular among his friends. Teachers, especially Ms. Rosy like him so much for his writing and speaking skills. His creativity is amazingly splendid. But he never brings his lunch box (dabba), and also don't wish to eat from other. He keeps drinking water to subside his hunger. He always goes out in lunch saying he would eat hot lunch prepared by his mom and come to class. But, in reality, he never goes home. Rather, he is seen praying in front of a statue of Mother Marry. One day, his friend knows the truth. Then, they share their lunch with him hiding from their Hindi teacher, Khadoos (meaning Grumpy). He is a miser, never brings his lunch box, and hunt from other teachers, and from his students, too. 
Stanley was always warned by Khadoos to bring his lunch box because he don't the share from the students when Stanley don't bring his dabba. Stanley was warned by Khadoos in terrace, while having shared lunch with his friends, Khadoos told him not to come to school if he can't bring the dabba. Then, Stanley didn't come to school for few days. His absence is felt by his friends and teachers. But one fine day, Stanley brought mouth-watering dishes for Khadoos, then, he realize his mistake and he quit the school. Stanley always says his mom prepared the lunch box for him and always talk about how sweet is his mom. 
Poster for Stanley ka dabba
 Ms. Rosy wants to drop him to his home but refuses saying his mom is waiting and would go with her. But school's principal drop him home. Not home, his residence.  Here the truth is revealed for why he never brought dabba. He is an orphan and work after his school in the restaurant and take left-over food in his dabba to school. 
It is a heart touching movie by Amole Gupte. It brings vivid memories of our school life. It talks about the harsh reality of child labor in India. And, no doubt it would touch the Bhutanese heart too. It is the reality in Bhutan too, especially in rural area. It would inspire our beloved teachers again because it portrays the role of the teachers in different angle. Watch it and feel the pangs of child labor in your heart.   And say, big NO to child labor.

Friday, December 21, 2012


Source: Facebook
It was extremely beautiful day. I know rumors of Doomsday infected all, small and big. Some tried to be bold, yet freaking at heart. Everybody share their fear and worry in Facebook and Twitter. Status updates on Facebook and Facebook pages were flooding with the messages on doomsday. I am so thankful that this infection did not invaded my beloved parents, otherwise how worrisome it would be to have  their eldest son away from home. I too didn't talk about it with them. I too am a weak guy myself but gave the solace to my friends. I kept updated through twitter and Facebook of if anything is happening, but nothing happened. I was relieved a lot reading this article

21/12/2012, we waited for this day for so long with tremendous anticipation. But today we stood face to face with it. It was rather a beautiful day, full of contemplation and celebration. All were doing their ritual works. I too was on the ritual duty to my college. Here, I would like to write something  casual, yet important.

Dear parents,
I am doing good as I used to do in your proximity. Today I had a deep contemplation on how grateful I am to be your son. I never wanted to haunt you all with this rumor, that is why I didn't say anything about it. How happy that you all didn't dreaded this day because you all didn't heed this rumor! Rather I am happy that my youngest brother and only sister got excellent result. Expect gift from me, my dear brother and sister on my next vacation. And I am praying that my brother (next to me) would qualify for the government school for your class 11. 
Thank you,
Always your eldest son &brother.

Dear friends,
In time of need, I have to lean on you. When I shed tears, I have to find solace on your shoulder. When I am sad, you all make me smile. When I am happy, I share my happiness and excitement with you all. After all, you all are everything for me. I am sorry if I unintentionally hurt you. Forgive me for my rawness. What I am and what I will be is all because of you all. We should sail the tears and fears, together. We should soar and fly, together. 
Today I taught one of my friend, what it meant to be a friend. She seems not knowing what it actually means to be a friend. I am sorry if I hurt you in the process, but I can't tolerate such rubbish. 
With love,
Your friend.

Dear Bloggers,
Blogging became my world. I share funny incidents, auspicious events, happy moments, bad encounters and joyous celebration to the world through my blog. It has been less than two years that I started blogging, but it has been a rewarding journey. I enjoy blogging tremendously. Addicted. Because of my blog, I knew so many of creative and genius soul of our land. Though I didn't meet almost all of the blogging friends but I feel I know them inside out through their blogs. I wish to meet them personally in time and in space. I know most of you all shared the same fear of this day as I did, but still acted brave. Most of you updated about it in your blogs. Now, it is over. I wish to read updated posts form you all. I spend most of my time checking the updated blogs but it is quite sad that these days, only few update their blogs  rarely. Could be because of Doomsday? (?). In Twitter, I personally tweeted for PaSsu sir to update his blog as I missed his updates. And, I shared same things with most of other fellow bloggers like Riku sir, Langa Tenzin, and others. Only Pelden Sonam Nima and Langa Tenzin have been active these days. Happy to see his blog updated frequently. 
Thank you,
Monu GhishYing Tamang.  

I would remember this day for as long as I live. Perhaps, I would show the movie 2012 and lie that I survived the invasion of doomsday to my children. It would be full of fun and celebration. Thank god, with your grace we could still live. Let such rumors never proliferate in any time in future. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Friends in spotlight II...

This post is dedicated to my friends. It is a gift from me towards the conclusion of the year. It is always wonderful to write about my friends because I know them closely. They are everyone for me-parents who cares me, brothers who guide me and friends who help me. I do not intend to hurt you all in any sense. Take it as a piece of humor.


MONU TAMANG, popularly known as....? Nothing as such. As "Cheu," Oh yeah! recently he has been given this name by Changzay keeping in account of his wide forehead and yet to get popular soon. Bombastic writing capability and bombastic knowledge stored inside his bombastic brain has probably made his forehead protude outward and widely open even for an aeroplane to land easily.
Nevertheless, he too has got a majestic walking style like Changzay, not like a drunkard  but like a Robot. His movement of the hands and legs would be as if the screws had been fixed between his articulating bones. And friends would be seen imitating him back to the hostel.
"Hay...hay...hay" with long gap in between each "hay, " he would be laughing staring at the laptop all by himself. Actually, it is his simple reaction after seeing hilarious reply he would receive from his facebook friends. Mostly, spotted infront of the laptop, he would be busy blogging, the one among our friends, who use the internet facility usefully. Within his wide Cheau, he has treasured the best qualities that a man must have and all our friends respect him for this with full dedication.-By Kinley Toobs. (My note: thank you dude for writing this for me as I request you to. This is unedited version of what you wrote to keep the originility of your writing. As I type this, I enjoyed your humor a lot).

Kitkat posing for photograph
KINLEY TSHERING, aka, Kitkat. He is a hyperactive boy with endurance. Once he started doing the work he gives the sound finishing move, very dedicated. Friendly guy, talkative in nature and damn jolly. He would keep his friends laughing knowingly or unknowingly. He would stand with his friends through the smooth and hard times. All his friends like him for his childish innocence, would love munching choclate a lot. He is a good sport man, and give active participation. For this very reason, he is appointed sport co-ordinator for the Bhutanese in Raichur. 
He is die hard fan of Messi and loved calling himself Messi. But it is sad that his friends call him Kitkat.   

 NGAJAY TSHERING, aka, Addict. Hey, don't think that he is addicted to some substances. He is a very decent guy. He got this name because he was encountered singing chorus for "Addict ya so nu" a popular dzongkha song, in extremely high-pitch by his friends.
He is a giant boy with bulky muscle. He visits gym daily keeping him healthy and fit. He is also a literature guy with highly intoxicated oxymoron in his write-ups. Among us he fills up the pages of Diary with lot of beauitful things. His writing is very unique. 
He is a friendly guy but he talks less. Don't mistake his reserved personility for stuborness. Once you are his friend, he shares every bit of his life.  
He is a big fan of Shakespeare and John Keats, and often shares his desire to be a writer like them.

Horgola with his friend, parrot.
 THINLEY JAMTSHO, his nickname is Horgola. Because he speaks incessantly like a parrot. Most of his friends do not know his real name but popular as Horgola. He do not hesitate to speak his heart out even with the strangers. He has that skill to make stranger feel so friendly and comfortable after a few minutes of conversation. Oh yeah, he has more energy to help girls than boys.
Popularly known among the friends for his cooking skills, I swear he would not let his wife cook atleast for a few months after the marriage. He prepares delicious ema datsi and kewa datsi. I am damn sure, most of our college mates has already tasted his dishes, especially girls and his beloved roomate, DaAza. These days, he endeavor to be a modernised guy by learning guitar and English songs from his roomate, and also commenced dressing all branded clothes.
He entertains his friends with his incessant humors and jokes. Perhaps, more of a Phurba Thinley to us. He loves his girlfriend, Kunzang Lache,  truly, despite their stumbles with squabbles and quarrels sometimes.

PS: Still four more friends  left to be written about. I will post as soon as possible. Enjoy Guys.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Friends in Spotlight I...

This post is dedicated to my friends. It is a gift from me towards the conclusion of the year. It is always wonderful to write about my friends because I know them closely. They are everyone for me-parents who cares me, brothers who guide me and friends who help me. I do not intend to hurt you all in any sense. Take it as a piece of humor.

Kinley Wangchuk K
KINLEY WANGCHUK, aka, Changzay (Drunkard), popular among the friends and classmates. It is not that he gets drunk everyday. It is derived following his popular dialogue, "Raa Zid yed mey" (meaning 'Intoxicated') whenever he is busy or tensed. But girls attributes his nickname with the majestic walking style he has, which resemble drunkard's gait. He is cool-tempered guy. But more furious than a tiger when he gets angry. He is talkative, friendly, and honestly honest. He does not hesitate to speak out the truth. Currently pursuing B.Sc MLT, but he always wanted to be an Army Officer. He dress so neat and clean, making him Army Officer in non-uniform. He is so faithful in relationship but always get deceived. Football fan he is, and basketball too is his favorite.
He rarely fantasize movie stars but he is a regular movie goer. But he is damn fan of Kobe, and Messi. He would spend handsome time updating the news on football and basketball.

Daaza with his Guitar
 TSHERING DORJI, Daaza of his family and friends. Fun loving guy with versatile talents. His keen observation skill help him imitate skillfully including his friends. He is a very good imitater, perhaps, junior Ulap Leki. He spends most of his time listening to the music, locked in his room. He believes in "cleanilness is next to godliness", he keeps his room extra clean. He dress decently fashionable and neatly clean. Talkative nature ease him to be friend with anyone. Oh, I told you, he is a versatile guy: he has a very melodious voice, talented acting skills, sporty, and of course a studious student. He is a smart boy. He has a number of dreams: to be an Actor, to be a singer, to be an Army officer, and Laboratory Technologist, of course. Changzay and Daaza combines to form Phub Thinley and Gyem Tshering, who tease his friends for fun, unlike two legends who tease eachother.  
He is die-hard fan of Tandin Bidha of Bhutanese film industry. He would love acting with her if he gets a chance. Oh, I nearly forgot, he plays guitar too.  

Our Soft ware Engineer lol
BHAGAWAT ACHARYA, my roomate, well known as Aarya among the friends. His nick name is derived from South Indian Movie, Aarya, which is his favorite. And, intrestingly, last part of his second name has Aarya, see here Ach-"arya." His passion with softwares fit him to be a software engineer but he says his fate brought him to Nursing College. He plays well with numerous softwares, and we take advantage of his knowledge to make slide show of our photos to gift our girl friends, prepare class room presentation,  photo editings, and downloading movies and songs. He is friendly guy. He is lean and thin. He goes on playing with laptop for hours and hours. Laptopphilic, indeed.  
He is never into any serious relationship after his last break up with his true lover. He feels useless to give false promises. We call him Sarpang Gup because his dude dad was former Gup of Sarpang, and also he looks like a Gup when he wears Gho.

Toobla, no Toobs!!!!
KINLEY WANGCHUK, Toobla for his friends, but he try to make it fashionable by replacing 'la' with 's' making it Toobs. He was called so because he is graciuosly huge guy with deposition of healthy adipose tissues. Cool tempered boy with enough patience to tolerate the mosquito bites. Friends call him slow motion because he has patience in doing every kind of works. He is very friendly guy who always wear big smile on his countenance. He too shares the passion for blogging, but he rarely updates it because of his patience, and laziness. He is a shy guy. He takes enough time to speak out what he thinks. He maintains his Dairy, but I don't know for how long he didn't write. He is a romantic person and loves living in the world of fantasy, but he never turns out his romantic self inside out. He is dedicated to his work, commited. He does not play games but Guitar, skillfully. He would definitely remain faithful in his relationship, if he gets his Little Lucky Angel.
He loves Bhutanese dishes and tradition very much. And, he is a talented cook. He prepared delicious ema datsi last time. It brings saliva on thinking of it.

PS: I would write about other friends in my next post. Till then enjoy reading this post and yeah, good day ahead.

Monday, December 17, 2012

105th National Day of Bhutan.

Air is full of celebration. The day we smile illuminating and express all our gratitude and appreciation to our monarchs. Bhutan crawled like a toddler towards the light of development, incessantly. Light of happiness and rays of peacefulness fell on the Land of thunder Dragon. As we flip through the history book, it brings tears and joy in our eyes. Civil wars and battles among the local leaders sucked the blood of our innocent people and high taxation burdened the subject. Land was filled with the bloodshed, all directionless. People long desired peace to prevail in our country. But light was dimmed by the pompous and power-hungry petty leaders. Amazingly, despite division within the country, we, Drukpas have that blood to fight unitedly against the external invasion. I admire that unity the most. Otherwise, we would have lost our independence long time ago. 

The light of peacefulness and unity shined on our land through the century. It is 105th National Day, and only we know how far we came. On this day, our forefathers unanimously enthroned Druk Gyalpo Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck on the golden throne as the first hereditary monarch. As we celebrate this day, it always brings the sense of pride to have our beloved monarchs.
Enthronement of our first King Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck.

Since our country formally established the institution of Monarchy from Theocracy, developmental activities commenced. People started enjoying greater peace, and treacherous assassinations and attacks vanished from our land. Bhutanese could travel around the country without any worries and tensions, security flourished. Our country saw first modern schools, sons and daughters of villagers started schooling rather than household chores. Modern education invaded our country. Our country saw first motor roads, first motor vehicles, telephones, hospitals, city, towns, mobile phone,  Druk Air, Internet access, and so many. Our nation broke the cocoon of isolation and joined United Nations Organisation, where world recognized our nation as a independent and sovereign nation. Our country sailed through such transition with the wisdom and leadership of our beloved monarchs. Shy Bhutan is know throughout the world as GNH country, more famously as the Last Shangrila

Today is the day where we see all Bhutanese people celebrate the day unitedly. Despite diversified political, economical, ethical  and religious backgrounds  all stand as Bhutanese and chant the prayers for the long lives of our Monarchs and express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to our Monarchs. All over the Bhutan, Bhutanese celebrates the day with songs and dances, plays and prays, all euphoria and fantasia. 

Today is also the "Result Declaration Day" in Bhutan, where year-long hard work of the students get justified and rewarded. Hard work pays off with good result. They reap as they sow. All the best of luck with your results, my dear young friends of Bhutan. But most of the schools declare the result on 18th December, because mixed emotions should not mist this important day. What about your school? 


Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Day for our Bhutanese Army

Yesterday, around the table, we sat and sipped beer, and talked about our Army. My friends, Kinley Wangchuk and Tshering Dorji, who dream of becoming Army Officer landed up taking medical profession. They talked a lot about beautiful world of Army. They are real fan. And, we talked about how brave our Army are. We talked about 13 December, 2003. Alongside, we talked about the Lyonchen's say about our Army: it is disheartening to hear him say that sovereignty of our country does not lies in the hand of our Army. It depends upon the Bhutanese, but Armed force are the one who protected our land just nine years ago. We must remember this day.  

His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck always support our Army, meet them, grant audience and  give time to be with them
I was in class five then. But I feel like it was just a year before. I can remember praying for the protective deities to protect our King and the Army. We prayed under the guidance of our Dzongkha lopen. I saw mixed emotions in their eyes. We were equally worried and nervous. Our Army under the leadership of Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck were fighting for our country. We could do nothing more than praying. On this day, I heard the blasting sound in the southern horizon of our country. The villagers were equally confused but remained vigilant. They were not equipped but they went out for night patrolling.  What could they have done? But I remember them saying, "we can at least hit them from back and kill them before we die." It touches my heart so deeply.

Today is the day for our Army. We would like to express our deep appreciation to our Army and pray for the peace of the souls who died for our country. 

Bhutanese Army

Here is the message from my friend, Kinley Wangchuk Tobla, who is also a blogger:
Some of the precious lives were lost, golden blood shed, and awakening of real patriot were born in this very day in the year 2003. The brave Army of Bhutan headed by Druk Gyal Zhipa along with his son, His Royal Highness Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck could kiss the heart of every Bhutanese with joy and appreciation.
At the very moment, we are what we are and living the second life gifted to us by our king and our Army without whom we would have lost our independence to an unknown ruler. So, I put my heartfelt gratitude to our Fourth King, His royal highness and pray for those who sacrificed their lives for our country.

Palden Drukpa Gyalo!!! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12.12.12 (Triple 12)

December has 31 days and February has least number of days, with only 28 days every year and 29 days in leap years. But this year, people are counting for 21 days in December. 21 December 2012 is rumored to be the "Doomsday".  World is going to end with massive destruction! If so, it is just nine days away. I have been hearing this rumors since I was in High school. Most of my friends found it useless to study if world is really going to end in 2012. They ended up their own world before the world end. I heard that 12.12.12 would be the day where world ends, but later it is postponed to 21.12.12. And recently I heard that the world will not end, but there would be total black out for three days, from 23-25. 12. 12. What the fuck is this? What to believe and what not to! 

World was predicted to end today four years ago. But didn't! It got postponed to 21.12.12.
It could be because God is giving time for Rajnikant sir to celebrate his birthday. 
I too heard the rumors saying that deaf would hear, dumb would speak, and blind would see from the year 2011. I was extremely happy with this rumor until I knew it is the rumor. How beautiful would have been the world when everybody has the speech, sight and hearing senses? I have my deaf and dumb grandma. When I heard it first in 2005, I just prayed for my grandma to live up to 2011, too see the miracle happen. She lived and is living with the grace of God. But miracle never happened. I bitterly felt betrayed because it didn't happen. 

Today, I woke up late and missed my first class. I looked around, sunny day with clear sky. My friends already went to their respective classes. People were living as usual. I stood on the sunny day and checked my shadow, yeah, it is still following me. I am not dead! I looked into the eyes of my friends, charming eyes and tangible body. All is well. Shopkeepers were selling their commodities, Doctors and Nurses were attending their patients, patients were hoping to get better, and work for the road pavement in our college area is under full progress. I looked around and felt happy, naturally and spontaneously. New buildings are under construction. So, when such huge investment is invested, why should I worry of dying? I see hope in it. I can see green mountains of Bhutan, so tender. I hear birds chirping, so harmonious. I see nature, so cheerful. I don't believe the world would end, not at all. 
"If you die on December 21, what would be your biggest regret?" My friends asked me and I too asked them. 
Mostly joke about dying virgin. I told about not being able to propose the girl I love. Shocking! ( I am laughing as I write these highlighted sentences). No, that is for fun. They looks around with deep breathe and tells the truth. Mostly we talk about not being able to serve our parents, government and the people of Bhutan. But I feel that we have been dutiful son and daughter, good citizen of our country and that is big reason that we must be happy. 
World will not end. But we must be careful that we should not let our world end by ourselves. What do you all say? 
Anyway, Happy Birthday to Rajinikant sir! May you live long. It could be that God allowed Rajini Sir to celebrate his birthday by not ending the world today LOL....
This image is fucking scary.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bhutanomics- Hilarious Website...

Heading of the Website.

With the commencement of democracy in Bhutan (since 2008), "freedom of Expression" became one of the best gift from the Throne as enshrined in the Constitution of Bhutan. We heard a lot of public voices. There were the emergence of numerous newspapers, mostly express their views and opinions through the various form of social networks. Especially blogs emerged giving new horizon for the Bhutanese writers (meaning, interested in writing). 

To be a writer, one either needs a creative mind or a big heart. Among the Bhutanese blogger, Mr. Sonam Pelden Nima was on the front line during the Tobacco Control Act online protest. He got warning letter from his Boss. Yet he continued blogging. Mr. Passu was most talked about when his blog went viral in Singapore when he responded Mr. Khaw's critical comment on GNH. And our OL Lyonpo Tshering Tobgay always writes about the hot issues in his blog. These are the metamorphosis in blogging world in Bhutan. From them I learnt that online protest is tremendously effective in Bhutan, therefore,  street demonstration is not required. Pedestrian Day too faced the same fate. 
Some formed groups in Facebook to protest our government, some used Twitter. JigsNews is hyperactive on Twitter during the Pedestrian Day protest. These are the gift of the democracy. It must happen in Bhutan. Bhutan is a young democracy which requires adequate criticism to grow strong. Criticism should not be taken in a wrong way, it must be the correction fluid to erase our follies. But sometimes it is sad that our senior officials themselves engage on personal attacks. Which actually should be taken as the constructive idea. For an instance, calling OL, "unpatriotic and disloyal" by our Honorable PM was the personal attack during the failed UNSC bid. 

Oh, I was to talk about Bhutanomics! Yeah, it is a website, which is humorous, satirical and hilarious. It is also the result of freedom of expression. But I feel that writers and contributors of this website need to expose their identity for the sake of credibility. And for the sake of upholding the truth that Freedom of speech exist in Bhutan. I find this website funnier than any funny caricatures. It is funny, yet truthful. But sometimes I find it over exaggerated, hyperbolic. Mostly, they write about the political figures and current issues in humorous ways. Their series of Report Cards of our MPs were very interesting. It is very active website, with high traffic. I believe that, it is maintained by those educated lot because it mostly contains matured thoughts. 

It is worth visiting this website. Click here to find its amusement, and share how you feel about it.   

Saturday, December 8, 2012

To Princess of my Heart

Dear princess of my Heart,

Photo from Google.
This is little a word out of my soul. Exhausted that long it has been unspoken, hidden and mystified. It is little in content, not that my heart contains less but when heart is full words are few. I must write a line or two in my forbidden diary and see if that will help in dismissing you from my mind for ever  short a time. Since I tried, no moment I succeeded. It is ever so harder than going thirsty a day and going hungry a week.

I can feel you in gently blowing breeze. I can see you in tapestry. Love came spontaneously and naturally. Truth untold is equal to lies, thus, I want to express it out. I look out of window, can see beautiful girls walking by, but I have no desire in them. But, I deeply wish if one of them is you. I rejoice in emptiness. On conclusion note of the day with tawny twilight, I come near you to wish you good night. In early morning, I woke up to wish you good morning with the steaming cup of love. I can see you growing with the sunrise. It is ecstasy to lose myself gazing the sunlight in metaphor of your bright smile.

It is no hyperbole but I need a word more beautiful than beautiful, needs more colorful words than color. It is not fair that words express too less than what I feel. How long should I sustain looking at your photo set as wall paper in my mobile phone? How long should I rejoice seeing you in my dream? How long should I tell lies to myself that you are there for me? How can I keep words hidden in my heart? I blame my fate and go for deep slumber for why should I trouble you in reading this but I can't hide it long. I blame for how dare I force you read it when you haven't seen me. It looks mysterious. But it became so, so inexplicable that words knot to come off my throat.

Image from Google.
It is not to promise you the twinkling stars from the sky and to scoop the jewels from the ocean. I may not give you all the luxuries but I will never let you live deprived of your needs. I may not keep you happy all the time but I will never let you cry. I may not be there with you all the time but will come home with sweet smile and kisses despite my day-work exhaustion. I may not be the source of happiness in our home but I will never be the source of sorrow for you. I may not pave your way with flowers but I will throw off the thrones on your way. Our home may not be the Taj Mahal but will be the home where you would smile life out.

There is no way that my love will decline. Rather it would grow much quicker than those multiplying virus. I would have colonies of love for you. It aready germinated and I can't abort it. I can't destroy it. Photo pasted in my heart cannot be removed as easily as those posters pasted on the wall with strongest glues. I wonder why I am so deeply in love with you but my heart has the answer too-love is the lawless domain. No jail can jail it, yet gets crippled in the cavity of the heart for it remains unrequited.

With Love,

PS: This I believe is the first Love Letter that I wrote for myself. I wrote numerous such letters as of now but none for myself. I was letter writer of my school friends. Thank you friends for you all made my English improve day after day. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Pilgrimage to Mundgod: With H.H the Dalai Lama. Part II


Ambrosia of peace and happiness with the blend of triumph prevailed in our heart. We are going to see the spiritual Buddhist leader and more excitingly the Nobel Peace Laureate, His Holiness the Dalai lama. We dressed neat in traditional attires and mumbled the prayers. It became profoundly splendid moment to wait eagerly for H.H the Dalai Lama, who would arrive shortly. It was 11 am and all were in queue. Ocean of red-robed monks lined along the road for reception. Fragrance of incense sticks filled the air, religious! Red robes dominated the crowd. Police engaged equally in arranging the crowd. Every one mumbled the prayer, in their heart and through their mouth. Different segment of people assembled, alike together. 

We, Bhutanese, joined the crowd with Khadar on our hand. Heart elevated with the grace of happiness and excitement. Despite hot sun burning our back, we stood challenging. I would rather say, we didn't feel the heat of the sun. At 11:17 am I saw H.H the Dalai Lama with my own naked eyes. Excitement grew spontaneously. Virtue grew immeasurable in my heart, cleansed with the rising sun. Happiness on seeing him became inexplicable. Gush of peacefulness rushed through our heart, filled with compassion and love. "Om a Hung Bazra Guru Pema Sidi Hung," I mumbled as I vow down with immense reverence. Heaven on earth, exactly. Radiation of His smile filled our heart with compassion, our heart received the new light. I felt like I am in heaven. His blessing of illuminating smile and virtue of catching him with our eyes cleansed our heart. He is the real ambassador of peace. 

30/12/ 2012

Train of people lined along the road to enter inside the gate where H.H the Dalai Lama would preach the Jangchub Lamrim Teaching. There were many foreigners. And of course  monk in red robes dominated the crowd. Police had tough time checking every individual in the entrance point. I saw them pushing off some people forcefully, out of frustration. I can understand how frustrating and tiring would be their job. Among the crowd, we were there in our own short queue, unique.  

Among the Bhutanese boys, I was carrying a bagful of steel plates. Plates are for eating lunch because once we enter we won't be sent out. It is for the convenience of Police and security personnel. So, I was made to open my bag by all security personnel. All of my friends went in because they didn't carry anything. But I was stopped by every police there and checked my bag thoroughly. That is why I was late. My friends laughed a lot because I was checked by every body.    

After all of the devotees entered the gate, still some were sitting outside the gate. Then came in the pilot, and finally arrived H.H the Dalai Lama. We saw him for second time on second day. My friends, Bejay and Pradip shed out the tears of happiness on seeing him. It was so emotional and so joyous moment. We got to see him real, where mostly we saw him in internet, books, newspapers and televisions. It was dream come true for us. The monk body received him in traditional manner. There was deep contemplating prayer before his teaching started. We too prayed. We can well read the Tibetan script, though we could not grasps its meanings.   


It was on the first day of the last month of the year 2012. One of the Bhutanese monk, through his consultation with senior lopens, made appointment for all Bhutanese students to meet His Holiness personally. Early in the morning, we all dressed in national dress. We all were smiling and feeling the aroma of meeting him in real. Then, we were guided by the monk towards the place where we would meet H.H. We were made to wait on the steps where H.H would come. There were two groups that day, who were eagerly waiting for him. One of them is our group. Then, H.H came, finally.

"Are they Drukpas?" H.H pointed to us. He preferred to meet us first. As H.H walked towards us, all of us rushed to touch him. It is the symbol of getting blessed by touching him.  

His Holiness told us, "You all are Buddhist, and Buddhism is not all about saying prayers from your mouth. It must be practiced. You all are studying in India, land where many great scholars were produced. You all must study hard as well." (This is not the exact words as said by H.H). 

Most Memorable moment for everyone of us. 
It was the day where I am sure is the most memorable day for all of us. We really felt that we are blessed. I smiled whole day. I had no room for the sadness and sorrow. It was deeply emotional moment. I prayed thus:

"May the peace flourish in this world. May all the sentient being be free of sufferings. May all beings enjoy the moment of happiness. May His Holiness the Dalai Lama have long life. May the Tibet be free from the grasp of China and Tibetans get back their peaceful home."

That was what I quickly prayed and wished on seeing His Holiness. I could not believe that I saw him, real. It was dream come true for me.   

Returning Journey

We have to book the bus ticket from Hubli City, which is one and half hour journey from where we were. To book it, three of us: Kinley, Daaza and I drove earlier to Hubli. We booked the ticket for 9:30 pm. After the arrangement, we roamed in the city and waited for our friends. To refresh, we went to the restaurant. We had dinner and some bottles of beer. We were semi-drunk. All of our friends reached by 7:00 pm, then we all waited for the bus. Bus didn't turn up until 9.00 pm which made all of our friends panic and worried. On top of that, three of us were drunk. They inquired every people out there, they said it will come very soon. Another thirty minutes passed, but no bus turned up. All worried. All anticipated conspiracy! Yet no bus! More than three bus ply off from that platform. We were equally worried but we know that bus would come. Every one re-checked the ticket, individually. No bus!!!

But, finally it came with the signboard, "Hubli to Hyderabad" and we were confused. But that was the bus. All were reluctant to get in until driver confirmed that it is the bus to Hyderabad via Raichur. Movement of the AC bus was as smooth as silk in paved road. But shaky earthquake movement in the rough road and on bumpers made our mates wake up disturbibg their beautiful dreams.

Finally, back to Raichur, after a night travel. It was memorable moment for everyone of us. we reached by 4 am in our hostel and slept throughout the Sunday morning.    

Monday, December 3, 2012

Pilgrimage to Mundgod: With H.H the Dalai Lama. Part I

On Pilgrimage...

In this post, I will write about the journey and some other interesting things that happened. And in the next post, I will write about the audience with His Holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet.

Towards the evening of 28th November, with the tawny sun set, we started packing our clothes to set on the pilgrimage to Mundgod. We were a group of Bhutanese students studying in Navodaya Group of Institutions. Mundgod is about 400 plus Kilometers from Raichur. I was so impressed that all of my friends have Bhutanese National dress in their bags. We have that unique dress, united. Finally, at 9.30 pm bus started moving, all of us smiled with the assurance that we are on the pilgrimage to meet His holiness the Dalai Lama who would visit Mundgod, where thousands of Tibetans settled as refugee since China captured their peaceful country. It was full of fun in the bus: we tried closing our eyes and enter into the dreamland but bumping bus cut our beautiful dream short. Early in the morning of 29th November, we reached Mundgod.

We were so impressed with the architectural beauty of the monasteries where thousands of Tibetan monks study. We forgot that we were in India. Designs and painting resembles Bhutanese architecture a lot. We were mesmerized with the beautiful paintings, so artistic! Then our senior Tshering Choden escorted us to the room (Bhutanese students were offered two rooms for boys a room for girls). I am sure I run short of word to describe the spectacular scene without these photos:

KalaChakra Stupa

Gaden Shartse  Thoesam Norling Monastry.

Audience with Bhutanese Rinpochoe and Gesheys...

On 29th November, all Bhutanese were granted audience by Thukden  Yarphel Rinpochoe in the afternoon. He appreciated our willingness to wear our national dress despite being in India. And, as a token of gift and hearty welcome, he sponsored dinner for all Bhutanese pilgrims ( 46 students from Raichur and some Bhutanese devotees). We are so grateful to Rinpochoe for his time with us. 

On the morning of 30th November, Geshey Thukden granted us audience. He expressed his happiness to see us in Gho and Kira. He gave us the token of appreciation, individually. We offered Khadar to greet him in Bhutanese tradition. Towards the crawl of twilight, we were in Gajang Tibetan Herbal Center with Geshey Dr. Lobsang Tenzin. He is from Trashi Yangtse. He said, "I am so happy that you all came to meet me. Serve your country to the best of your ability as an educated people. Our country is unique and must remain so through all generations. You all look handsome and beautiful in Gho and Kira." He speaks so humble and keeps smiling throughout our presence. I can still feel his soft touch on my cheeks when I offered Khadar to him. We had photo session. He played and snapped photo with the children.

I am so sure that we would not have got this opportunity without the help of two Bhutanese monks. We would like to thank two monks for escorting us, guiding us and for making our presence important. Without you two we may not have got this golden opportunity to meet Rinpochoe and Gesheys who are also from Bhutan. I felt proud to be the son of Drukyul.  

Bhutanes boys posing for photo after the reception of H.H the Dalai Lama

International Appreciations...

"I am impressed that you all care to come in National Dress. It looks spectacular and unique," said one of the Bhutanese monk. We met with the Bhutanese students from Pune. Had there been no dress, how would we recognize them in the crowd?

There were hundreds of tourist in queue, who all came to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama and attain his 13 days Jangchup Lamrim Teachings. We succeeded to catch their attention, it happened all naturally. They were amazed with our union, walking all together in same dress. They came forward to snap photos with us, some piped and snapped our photos. And smiled broad when we notice them stealing our presence to their camera. 

Singaporean tourist teased Kinley Wangchuk, "Oh! handsome boy came here," and touched his hair and adjusted their posture for the shoot. They were happy with our interactive nature. 

With Singaporean tourist where Kinley was teased.
Tibetan Dishes...

Camp sumpa (meaning Camp 3) was our frequent destination, for we get to taste Momo, Bathup, Thukpa and other Bhutanese-friendly dishes. We felt we are in Bhutan when we see Choekyed signboard everywhere. We can read it. It is so amazing that the Bhutanese and the Tibetan can interact in our own languages. We spoke in Dzongkha, they understood us. They spoke in Tibetan, we understood them. In some cases, we have to communicate in Hindi when we fail to communicate in our own languages. That was full of fun. 

Some of our boys were trapped by the beautiful Tibetan girls. Their eyes were hooked to them until they enter their house or go out of their sight. But our boys never has that gut to speak with them ha-ha-ha. 


Beggars were in plenty. It could be because the compassionate monks offer them enough. They have different styles of begging: some carry crying baby and beg from us to fed her child full, some dance and sing, some simply sit and beg, some were forceful enough to take advantage of cool Bhutanese, and some were with drums. I was startled with two beggars. They were a couple. Wife beats the drum, musically. And husband dance, rhythmically. He carried a whip of a length little bit shorter than his height. He beats his body where whip goes around his body making loud sound. If I get that hard beating, I would not be able to move my body for next two days. But he does it normally. He does it every time we request him to do. Bhutanese boys gave him around Rs. 40 for his skillful demonstration. But I didn't.

Concluding remark...

Drukpas from Drukyul

It is the evidence which proves how handsome, beautiful,  smart, pretty, decent and disciplined the Bhutanese looks in our national dress. I am so happy that we got this golden opportunity. It was the memorable moment. I was teased, "Wai...Chief Guest, you are coming late," just before we snapped this photo because I was late for some reason. We always have the sense of humor. 


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