Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lovers in the path of Life

Dedicated to Kunzang Lachey by Thinley Jamtsho. Poem so touching and soothing that binds two souls. 

In the euphoric far flung valley of eastern Bhutan,
Graced with the fragrance of blooming rhododendron
Silence kissing the peaceful world,
So calm! Away from hustles and bustles of the city,
Lived two best friends,
Can a girl and a boy be so close friend?
Yeah, there was.
They teased, played, ran, quarreled but stayed in good proximity.
What fate has in store, invisible!
He was flirty, she knows him in and out.
Lovers in the path of life. Photo courtesy: Google. 

But Love changed the course of their path
It intoxicated both of them, they fell in love.
And, deeper and deeper they fell, into the abyss of love.
Thus, story begun, in the remote valley of Bhutan
They shared their dreams, their aspirations, and their love.
The birds that fly or die, but together

Through the road of life, they travelled
Encountered thrilling suspense and brake that paused them
True lovers never travel the safest of all roads,
Obstacles and stumbles brings the tears,
But destiny decides it, after all,
The final force that assemble the perfect pair,

Fights and squabbles, tears & sweats,
Did not tear them apart,
Incessant quarrel of today germinates
The lovely and nagging words the next day
Up and down, good and bad,
They keep moving through the path of life-
Path, traveled less or untraveled, yet.
May faith and commitment bind them perfect

Unbelievable love story,
Neither published in book nor featured in movie.

Thinley Jamtsho
B.Sc. Nursing, Second Year


  1. I had a good time reading the story. It is so beautiful. I wish the two lovely couple an eternal love and let tears and laughters keep them together. Always!!!

  2. It's a beautiful poem. Crafted with mature and wise words, so masterfully limned each word for the right feeling. Thanks for sharing it here. And I encourage your friends to compose more poems.



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