Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DaAza's Day: Happy Birth Day....

I exactly do not know whether it is only College Students who celebrate their birthday in the mid of night. It was our dear friend Tshering DaAza's birthday on 3rd Feburary. Supposedly, on Sunday. But messages of birthday wishes and calls frequented as soon as it was 12 of Saturday Night. 

It became our tradition to celebrate the birthday in mid-night. We kept ourselves lively and kicking till 11 pm. Birthday boy arranged everything special to treat us. What would be more special than Vodka and Horgola Fried Chicken (HFC)? This is new brand of home made chicken by DaAza's roommate, talented cook. When I think of it, water dripped from my mouth. 

Before 1, 2, 3 GO!!!!!
Best memories do not happen when desired the most. Best memories get crafted with creativity blended with right time. What would be more right time than birthday of our dearest friend. I am exactly not sure how many of my friends used to celebrate their birthday back home. But everybody does here. Because we have circle of friends connected heart to heart. Frankly, I never used to. 

Came birthday boy, arranged the stuffs on the table, and called all of his friends. And tossed cheers on us. Then, we sang:
 "Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you, dear friend DaAza."

That was very emotional moment. Circle of friends circling the Birth Day Boy. Toh, stood in S-hook position and clapped his hands, KitKat looked ever excited but sorry there was no chocolates,  Horgola quite worried how far his HCF would be sufficient, Changzay less engaged at first and elevated after few sips, Toobla composed cool and simple throughout, Allu more energetic and smiling with red glow after few minutes, Aarya, the natural actor had tough time anchoring his rowdy friends during the celebration, Thindruks transformed from a cool soldier boy into a rowdy Rathore, and me, I can't remember well, guess I was busy watching them. 

DaAza is the most festive boy. His strength to give life to the celebration is what I admire most about him. His scream and shout animates even the silent Toobla and coolest Ngajay. He made them dance. Dance and dance on the floor, is the best memories I would ever have of College Life. Even the most stiff and least flexible person like me and Changzay were found wriggling as flexible as earthworm after DaAza did his magic. He turns out the most odd and damp room into an exact Party Hall.

This is my simple Birthday Gift to my dear friend, Tshering DaAza Dorji. May his another brand new year gives him more happiness and shower him with more success. May he live long and always be the friend as he is to us and particularly me. 


  1. wow i alys feels glad 2 read ur literature

  2. thnku soo much buddy....this one is very precious bdy gift eva to me :)

  3. Wish him Happy Birthday although I am late to do so. I was without internet for a few days. There are awesome bunch of guys there! :)



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