Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lovers in the path of Life

Dedicated to Kunzang Lachey by Thinley Jamtsho. Poem so touching and soothing that binds two souls. 

In the euphoric far flung valley of eastern Bhutan,
Graced with the fragrance of blooming rhododendron
Silence kissing the peaceful world,
So calm! Away from hustles and bustles of the city,
Lived two best friends,
Can a girl and a boy be so close friend?
Yeah, there was.
They teased, played, ran, quarreled but stayed in good proximity.
What fate has in store, invisible!
He was flirty, she knows him in and out.
Lovers in the path of life. Photo courtesy: Google. 

But Love changed the course of their path
It intoxicated both of them, they fell in love.
And, deeper and deeper they fell, into the abyss of love.
Thus, story begun, in the remote valley of Bhutan
They shared their dreams, their aspirations, and their love.
The birds that fly or die, but together

Through the road of life, they travelled
Encountered thrilling suspense and brake that paused them
True lovers never travel the safest of all roads,
Obstacles and stumbles brings the tears,
But destiny decides it, after all,
The final force that assemble the perfect pair,

Fights and squabbles, tears & sweats,
Did not tear them apart,
Incessant quarrel of today germinates
The lovely and nagging words the next day
Up and down, good and bad,
They keep moving through the path of life-
Path, traveled less or untraveled, yet.
May faith and commitment bind them perfect

Unbelievable love story,
Neither published in book nor featured in movie.

Thinley Jamtsho
B.Sc. Nursing, Second Year

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Miscellaneous Post....

In this post, I would offer you all with all tit bits news on what I could not update before because of my Examination. 

Meeting of three Bloggers:
Last Friday, Bhutanese students studying in NALSAR came all the way from their College to our College to have Football match. I could not provide them with all the hospitality as I was busy with my books for First Internal Examination. But my other friends and seniors did their part, full and complete. 


In the team, Mr. Langa Tenzin also came. He is my Facebook friend and fellow blogger friend. On seeing him for the first time, I felt as if I spent my childhood with him. I felt so friendly and connected. That is the magic of social network in modern era. But frankly, we could not talk much about blogging and writing stuffs. As he get tired playing football, and me exhausted with thick books. Any way, I just enjoyed meeting him, and brief conversation was profound. Three of us (Langa Tenzin, Kinley Wangchuk and me) met briefly on the Sunday Morning for the photo session. 
I offered him The Joy of Beautiful Dreams, my first book to him as a token of love and appreciation. 

Three bloggers: Langa Tenzin, me and Kinley Wangchuk (Left to right)
Runner up for Inter-class Quiz Competition: 
BPT II: Monu, Rupa, Sankar and Rubin.
BPT II year stood second for the inter class Quiz competition organised by Dr. Avinash Bharti (PT) in Navodaya College of Physiotherapy. And today, we were awarded the silver coated Medals as a symbol of inspiration and token of appreciation. 
I would like to congratulate BPT I Year for your hard works and for being the winner. 

Regale Fever:
Navodaya Groups of Institution always bloom in February month with Regale. Colorful nights and melodious day, I heard. But unfortunately last year it was not conducted due to some inconveniences.  But this year we have from 25th to 28th February. Hoping for fun and enjoyment. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Cool Classmates.....

This post is dedicated to my classmates with whom I spent more than one year together. And I would like to wish them all, All the best in your Examination tomorrow. 

Lalhmangaihzuali, is it difficult to pronounce her name? Please, don't try hard or else your tongue will get twisted. Simply, call her Zuali or Zee Bee. But most of my foreign friends call her Juali or GB. Cool! She is from Mizoram. Shortest and cutest in the class. Mostly remains in her own dream world. She speaks soft and smooth, for which I never saw her screaming. She remains calm and cool under all circumstances-for which we can't distinguish her getting irritated. But she at least laughs when she is happy. She likes playing around like a kid, and used to munch numerous ice creams during winter but stopped in the summer. True lover by nature, hurt brings her tears but heals super fine next day. Cool life she leads.

She has a glasses bigger than her face. But she never wore it even once in the classroom. Otherwise, we could have teased her thoroughly.  

Christina Lalnunfeli Ralte, longest name perhaps in our class. But shortly we call her Krysty. Fashionable, Modern and frank! Closest friend of Zuali as they hail from same place. She prefers playing around, tickling, running around and making fun. Mostly, our Sankar falls victim of her, because all of us tease him the most. She is sensitive and emotional. 

She grasps at once what Lecturers says, and is good observant. She observes all in minute detail. Her passion in singing is immense, and performed so super excellent during the Fresher's Night, I nearly mistook her for Miley Cyrus. Her English is westernized, cool. She is the first foreign girl of my class with whom I spoke first. 

She is friendly with boys as well as girls. But she won't let you flirt. (Wink)

Rupa Gazmer, as far as I know her closely, she does not have any nickname, though she like having one. Highly fashionable, frank and jolly.  She can talk incessantly, non-stop. She is from Bhutan, and speaks fluent Dzongkha with correct pronunciation. Her dress is all modern and knows a lot about cosmetics. 
True lover but bitterly betrayed, I feel. But lives an optimistic life with full of ambitions. Intelligent and topper of the class with distinction score. Has great interest in literature, and ventured on maintaining Diary but she failed somewhere due to lack of time, I presume. She likes adventure, and travelling to unknown destinations and new places. She is emotionally weak, and talks profoundly philosophical.  

Rubin Khadka, most call him Rubin. He is Nepali. But one of our lecturer calls him Charlie Chaplin, I don't know why he calls him so. He is frank and comedian of our class. He is a good imitator, and can mimic anybody so well. Especially he mimics Sankar the most. He tease our classmates and irritate them pretty well, but not always.

His radiating smile collects good friends around him. He does not hesitate to joke even with our frank seniors. Cool looking guy with frank Heart. Among the boys he is the most dedicated lover. He does not dare speak of other girls than his loving girlfriend. Dedicated. Committed. 
He speaks pure Nepali and fluent Hindi. Most of the time I find him my nearest Google to learn new Hindi Terminology. We two communicates so well because both of us can speak Nepali. 

Siva Sankar Kalita, we call him Sankar, and he calls himself Dr. Sankar. Cool tempered guy, otherwise most of us would have got his blowing punch for we always tease him. We make fun of him, and he accepts it. He mispronounce some of the words like Chicken as Sicken, Chai as Sai. Because in Assamese they don't have 'Cha.' That is where we make fun of him. And he accepts it, but sometimes get irritated if we cross the limit. He needs dignified life.
He is frank person, and communicates in Hindi with me. We faced many obstacles before but now we can communicate well and smooth. I learnt a lot of Hindi from him. He speaks English but hesitate to speak in front of us, as you all know we make fun with his English because he miss Conjunctive words, and jumble with tenses. But he improved a lot in pronunciation with our criticism, and pronounce Chicken so carefully these days.
He is hard working guy. Dedicated lover but consider it as a break-up when they squabble once. But he dearly loves his girlfriend. 

Sonam Tobgay, most of the Indians mistake him for a girl, as his name is Sonam. Cool and reserved type of guy. He is from Paro, Bhutan. And pronounce some Dzongkha words in typical Parop accent. He is very easy-go guy. Girls of our class likes his cool temperament and his patience. He does not get angry easily. He is also another committed lover. 
He rarely opens up with his friends but he has that magic which makes all of us feel very close to him. He is a Korean fan and maintain Korean hairstyles. He values friendship the most. He likes us calling him by Korean name, but sorry, I forgot it. 
He loves last bench, and he rarely speaks in the classroom. Even if he does, he speaks in very low tone, enough for just other person to hear him. 

He always surprise us with unusual things he do. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy 64th Republic Day of India- Jai Hind...

Today is the day on which the Constitution of India came into force. The day where all Indians celebrate with pride and faith. India is the nation born out of hard work and endless fights from the grasp of British. It is also the day where we remember those selfless heroes who sacrificed their lives fighting for the freedom of India. India is an icon who proved that non violent protest works.These trend continues even today, and proved essential in reformation of many laws and fulfillment of the dreams of the many Indians.  

25 January 2013: His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen lay a wreath at the Gandhi memorial in Rajghat. 
His Majesty the King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck was invited as the chief guest of this very special day. It is the symbol of how close India and Bhutan is. Two nations are not only the neighbors, but also the closest friends. With the invaluable guidance and support of India, Bhutan achieved immense success in socio-economic development. Since the independence of India and establishment of friendship, Bhutan enjoyed unprecedented confidence as a sovereign nation. All gratitude goes to India.

On this profound day, I wish all of the Indians very Happy Republic Day. May the happiness flourish in this land blessed with the peaceful environment. May all dreams come true. May the aspirations of the India as an independent nation be achieved beyond the horizon. May the Indo-Bhutan friendship keep flourishing through all the time in the future as it always did. 
Happy Republic Day
JAI HIND.......

Photo courtesty: Her Majesty the Queen's official Facebook page, and Google.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Choice, More Responsibilities...

We have five registered political parties in Bhutan as of today. It means we have more choice, more democratic. It also means we have more responsibilities. More meetings to attend, more time required to decide which party candidate to vote. Huge responsibilities should be shouldered by the Bhutanese this time. We need to vote for the right person. We should not be the sheep lead by blind sheep, or else, all would fall inside the abyss of darkness. We should not decide the candidate by hearing from other person, or by looking at the party leader, or by looking at their age. 

We should learn from the past experience. We knew what mistakes we made in 2008, and what good things we did too. Just a grey hair man or woman does not mean he/she knows all the problems of the people. We don't want those representatives who never speak on the behalf of the people. We don't want MPs who are there in the Meetings just for attendance, and to warm up the chairs, anyone can do that. We need the one who works for the people, not for themselves. We need the one who can benefit our nation. 
First Political Party registered by ECB.
In 2008, people were divided into two groups: PDP and DPT. It reached to such a worst condition where they stopped talking, stopped exchanging labors and stopped dealing. We don't want that to happen again. Our country is too small to divide against ourselves. We need to work in solidarity. After all, one nation one people. We must remember the family values that we have, sense of brotherhood that we had from time immemorial. We should not lose our identity for the sake of politics. 
First Ruling Party of Bhutan
Do you all still remember what His Majesty the King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck said during his address on National day 2012? Are you all going to vote? What is so difficult to vote once in a five year? But we must remember that vote is our right, our jewel and our power. Use the vote rightly and meaningfully, so that we need not protest our government on mid-tenure. One vote makes all difference. It can make the right person stand or fall. It is always better to make the right person stand. But my worry is will I be able to vote for 2013. What special arrangement is made by ECB for those students studying abroad? 
Both Parties were registered on January 1, 2013.

Latest Party to get registered in Bhutan
We have choice. We have freedom. We have equally challenging responsibilities. We should not fail in our responsibilities. And, we should not let them fail in their responsibilities. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Modern Love Story......

"Hi Girls!!"
This is the most popular kick off to the eve teasing. Am I right? With this start, complicated chemistry of crush develops. Then, love shows flickering signal. Then, love cast the spell on each other, madly. We become friends, special friendship develops. Friendship which  demands privacy, can go for lonely walk, tease each other but others can't tease them. Friendship, in which, when one is absent in the class, other experiences the emptiness.  When one sit with other, another's eye burn with jealousy. That is the special friendship. Complicated. Yeah?
"I love you."
The chill of fear runs down my spinal cord on hearing this. Is it because I was rejected by numerous girls in the schools? Not exactly. But why? Because I am afraid, how degraded and cheap it became? It became a mantra to hook the girls, and dispose whenever felt like to. This sentence lost its seriousness and its profound meaning. Just when a boy catch the hand of a girl, and stare deep into her eyes, she thinks he loves her. That is the mistake. Love does not happen overnight, and to all. It is intricately special, and it happens between two special persons. 

Modern Love Cycle.
After the proposal, they become girlfriend and boyfriend. The start is always so smooth. Date in the ice cream parlor licking the cold ice creams, lonely walk along the silent roads and deep forests, deep kisses and warm hugs, miss you SMS and incessant calls. That is what happens. Beautiful. Awesome. Lovely. But it is so short lived. That is the sad part. Some reach to the worst extent of implanting the embryo of their short-lived love. And had to wash it off accumulating the unforgivable sins. Mixed feeling comes when boys scoot charge free. We are not a simple player and a actor. We are born to be a hero. Hero. 
"Break up"
Endless tears drop. Heart breaks. Story ends. But scars remain echoing into the haunting future. It keeps us crying and sobbing. All, at the end, we become stranger. But not the same stranger as of before. Here, stranger to whom we hate seeing, to whom we can't forgive, to whom we can't trust and talk our heart out. That is the end of the story. It is best we abstain, and abstain from the nightmare of modern love story. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Room star....

Raichurpas have less entertainment priority in comparison to those Bhutanese students studying in other part of India. 
But enjoyment and fun comes internally for us. No external stimulus required. Today, we had creatively unique set of fun session.
Actually, two Kinleys: Changzay and Kitkat were supposed to cook delicious Shakam curry. Along with yummy curry, they cooked another yummy program. They were cooking and singing. They could not decide whose voice is more sweet and melodious  I was watching movie but they dragged me out of my bed. They wanted me to judge their voice impartially. Impartial. But, our other friends too wanted to prove themselves best. All joined, and it became a singing competition among seven friends. I cannot judge them all, we called DaAza, actual judge because he has passion in singing. I was appointed as silent judge because they know I sing only inside the bathroom. But we were to sing in the room.

It begun informally. But it became serious as it gained the momentum. Two judges and seven contestants. In preliminary round, Bhagawat, Sarpang Gup had to drop because he got to look after his people's problems. And Horgola too accompanied him because he had to prepare momos. Then, six left. In second round, T.Namgay had to drop because he had to chat in Facebook. And, next, Kitkat had gone for eating chocolate. These are humorous reasons we made up because they got eliminated.Then, three remained for the final.
Interestingly, gift was sponsored by DaAza and Horgola, oh, deliciously yummy momo they prepared. But of varying sizes. First is to be served the largest momo, and of diminishing sizes to the runner ups.  
For the final contestants, there were three judges because our BSA President Dawa joined us too. We were humbled that it became large and well attended. 
So, final....
There were three finalists: Toobla, Changzay and Toh. All competitive. All optimistic and promising. They gave tough challenge to the judges as well as had horn on horn competition among themselves. So, Changzay  became second runner-up awarded with tinniest of all three momos, and Toh, despite his heavy capacity got the medium sized momo, and Tobla got the largest momo for he is adipose boy. Let me talk about how they sang, Tobla was low and melodious  perhaps, he can well make his baby sleep with his lullaby in absence of his wife. Toh, umm....his Rigsars were mingled with traditional and adversely high-pitched voice, perhaps, he would make a good boedra singer. And, Changzay, despite singing raw and low, he can be a backstage singer featuring Toh as a lead actor. Hahaha....These are all humor. Friends don't mind. They sang great. They entertained us thoroughly. Oops...I nearly forgot our judge DaAza, he was the anchor as well, Kencho Wangdi of Raichur Room Star. Hope we entertained our President?
Congratulations, our Room Star. 
And, we ended up with Trashi Labay. That was so formal, I felt. We enjoyed a lot.
We should search and find the entertainment within ourselves. It is within ourselves. Had there been enough leisure hours, we could have competed among all Raichurpas, but time and convenience makes it a dream hanging far away. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

New India to Bhutan Ambassador....

The Ambassador of India to Bhutan, V.P. Haran
Hearty welcome to Bhutan, Mr. V.P. Haran, we deeply wish you would be the symbol to further strength the relationship between India and Bhutan. Bhutan and India has been good friend for so many years, may it keep escalating and sustain through all times to come in future. May your stay in Bhutan be memorable and wish-fulfilling. 
For more news on new Ambassador to Bhutan, click here. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In your remembrance....exactly one year ago....

From my last year's Diary. 8/1/2012.

"Firoz Is dead."
My classmate, Rubin stood with tears in front of me after pulling my blanket, waking me up. It was Monday morning. First sentence heard that morning still haunts me. Unbelievable. I was lost, no reaction at all. Should I cry? Should I choke down and scream aloud? I asked him thrice in expectation that he might say he is telling lie. I jumped out of my bed, and rushed towards the hospital to see his dead body. How come that he is no more living? Why God didn't render him the chance to meet his friends at least once before he breath his last? How come he died when he was so healthy, so frank, so bold and so responsible? I asked so many questions. But I didn't get the answer. 
Late Firoz.
Gust of wind of uncertainty blew cool and deep in my heart. He was so close to me. He was the mitochondria of our class-responsible, caring and intelligent guy. I could not bear the pain of losing him forever. Just that tears didn't fell out of my eyes but I cried a lot. Became directionless. No peace. I could not help him when he needed me the most. He came here to be a physiotherapist who manages and relief the pain. But he could not bear the pain himself and left this world. My friends broke down when his face was seen covered with the blood. How come he died just in a bike accident? How unfair? Why? Why God didn't give him the second chance?

I prayed thus: It is not that I am happy losing you forever but feels that you are away from this dirty world, full of sufferings and sorrows. May your soul not drench among the dirt of the samsara. May your soul find the path to eternal peace and always be happy and rest in peace forever. We will be always missing you in every moments. 
Today it is exactly one year that he left us. We do miss you. May your soul found the place of eternal peace. RIP.
In Classroom: left to right: Sankar, Late Firoz, Me and Rubin.

During Priyanka's birthday.
We cherish those happy moment. It was full of memories. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tshejor's Ayzey-Our own Ayzey...

It is tradition that Bhutanese prefer hot chilies, special. We make various dishes out of it. Ema datshi being our traditional dish, hot and yummy. And pickles are the best flavor that quicken the food down our esophagus. Every meal, our mom prepare spicy Ayzey. But these days most of our mom is office goers, and has little time to prepare it for us. And heavy works consume their time. How many bottles of pickles do your mom prepare every year? Of course, the number keeps dwindling every year. 

But do not worry. Why?
Our own Tshejor's Ezay

Because we have Tshejor's Ayzey form our own land, with our own flavor and our own taste. We can consume it with rice. It can be Chhang pa (stuffs that you consume with locally brewed alcohol). It would please our drinking dad, simultaneously, lighten the burden on our working mom. It would be special to serve any visiting guests in our home. We can buy it as a gift. We can substitute curry with it, if you are lazy bachelor. Most essentially, it is so comfortable for those students studying abroad, it will not get spoil easily even if you lock it up in your cupboard in greed. Humor aside. But consume before its expiry date. 
Here, in Raichur, Tshewang Tobden brought it from home, and he share it with us occasionally. It definitely make us swallow another extra plate of rice. So yummy and homely. As good and delicious as from the hand of our mother. Next time I go Bhutan,  I would purchase enough to serve me six months. Will you all do it? Try it once, and I should not ask you all for second time. You would love it definitely. 
It can be the best parcel for your foreign friends and teachers, too.

Oh, let me tell you the interesting story here. It is very new in Bhutanese market. Entrepreneur for Tshejor's ayzey is Ms. Tshewang Dema, very enthusiastic and inspiring entrepreneur. When all look for the job, she created the job for others. We have numerous things to learn from her. Her dream didn't meet the reality in a day. Just click the link and know how Tshejor's Ayzey came into the Bhutanese market, very inspiring words from her to all of us. Who would have thought of it to be business? Her wait and patience became worth waiting. 
Youth have lot to learn from her. Government can't create job for every individuals. We can dream, we can act and we can achieve. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

100% of man, Not 100% man...

What did you see?

Honestly, what did you see in this photo? 
Perhaps, a beautifully sexy girl with a black bra. 
Anything more? 100% of man notice this and nothing more. But 100% man sees the Gorilla behind the girl. It is designed nature of human to see what attracts our mind and leave behind what does not. Frankly, young boys look at the boobs and buttocks of the girls and nothing more. Wow! she has good body figure. She has big tummy. She has sexy legs. All lives in the world of infatuation. 
Same goes with the girls: He is smart. He is really tall and giant, gentlemen. He has these and that. If you get trapped in such illusions, life would be little better than in the hell. 

Just before, I was watching a movie. My friend, Tshering DaAza laughed spontaneously,  I didn't know why he is laughing. I turned to him suspecting something funny. He asked me to look at the background people, not the one who is speaking. Yeah, exactly, very funny expression was made by a person in the background despite serious dialogue going on between the actors. We concentrate so much on whose mouth is moving, we forget to notice the environment. We lose ourselves looking at the center action. 

Let us try and look around, making our mind little more broader and little more wiser. Life is useless if we fail to enjoy the splendor of the surroundings, and fail to look deeply. 


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