Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Looking for the angel in the sky

Heavenly Angel

Foaming spring of the beautiful lawn,
With blooming flowers in the middle of the green pasture,
Beautifully awesome Angel of mine,
Always bloom in the middle of my Heart,
I'd be happy if you dwell there forever

Though heart and heart is connected
But without fate's favor, life is just a wind.
Cool water flowing through the pristine mountains,
Sad, I could not drink it, cos fate favored not
Same is you and me, here.

Fate has no eyes to see, no ages
We find happiness and sadness out of it,
Sun and moon shines in the middle of the sky,
But they cannot shine together, cos Fate favors not.
Same with us, Angel, we should follow the Fate.
Looking for the angel in the sky
Photo courtesy: Google.com

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Angel and The Devil.

That was our theme for the Inter-College Fashion Show Competition for Regale’13. We represented Navodaya college of Physiotherapy.
Show Opener: Angel Amy
My senior girls from Mizoram really put in their dedicated hard work. They spent sleepless nights and tiresome days in making wings of the angels. I saw them working tirelessly throughout the days. They went to market to purchase the things, and came back to classroom and designed everything with their skillful hands. Their skills fascinated me endless. And, I found the reason to appreciate their sacrifices. They worked for it, when all went for lunch. So, I coordinated from the boy’s side. It was frustrating when my friends failed to assemble as desired. Yet, we laughed and worked hard when we gathered together.

Late night practice on the auditorium, waiting patiently for our turn to come (as all colleges come to the same auditorium for the practice), evening walks to hostel after practice, hilarious laughter after the mistakes made by friends while practicing, tough time we had in adjusting timing of the music and tolerant wait for all of our friends to gather on the venue are the best memories of the Fashion show.
Our Angels (From left to right):Asangi, Ruati, Betsabi, Amoii and Hlimi.
We had tough time convincing Norbu not smile on ramp work. And, trained his partner Ruati at last two days to do it best. They did meticulously awesome at stage. Tobden, walked tall and perfect with skeleton painted on his top, and Rupa, the flower angel, did gigantic cat walk. They walked fantastic. Danish, tallest guy of our college, despite little confusion did marvelous walk with the tallest girl of our college, Ranjita, who is born model. They performed wonderful. Penjore, did all sincerely and honestly, and Asangi, walked confidently and resembled an angel with spider cobwebs on her wings. They did splendidly. Lalliantluanga, cool and serious, quite shy at practice hours did majestic walk with butterfly angel, Hlimi, who is fairly tall with rhythmic walking pattern. They did amazing job. Rubin, all rounder, perfected ramp walk with wonderful performance, and his partner, Betsabi, quite meek, rocked the show with confident walk. They walked brilliantly. And, my partner, Amoii, the peahen angel, decorated with beautiful feather of peahen, walked so dashing, and cheered the show to the fullest.
The Devils (Left to right): Lalliantluanga, Norbu, Penjore, Jenny, Tobden, Monu and Danish.
And the show opener was the real angel, Amy, dressed in white, decorated with white wings symbolize the purity of an angel. She opened the show with endless applause of the audience and their response was the source of inspiration for all of us.

We performed our best. Again, we had hard question and answering session with judges at the end of our show. Following are the some of the answers to the questions of judges.
“We made girls as the angel because they are sweet and caring…….”
“And boys as devil because all the terrorists in the world are boys….”
“This is an era of devils because most of the destructions are happing in this era….”
“We, as a youth, would like to change this era of devil into the era of angel. We dream, and we would work hard to achieve this dream…..”

And we dissolved into the backstage with the applause echoing in our ears. We felt so wonderful, yet, we waited with anxiety for judges to announce our results.

And, came Avinash sir running to our classroom along with Principal sir and Kowshik sir and shouted loudly:

“We got second prize…” As soon as he announced it, all of us surrounded him with screams and expression of our joy on top of our voice. We celebrated the moment, wonderful moment ever in the college. I really found profound meaning in Regale’13.

Now, we are so excited to perform our Fashion show in Reglae’13 which would be attended by distinguished guests on coming week. 
PS: I forgot to mention about our designers: Firstly, Jenny, who helped us in make-up, otherwise most of us would be a raw vegetables, and importantly I will not forget how hardly you pressed your kajol pencil on my tender eyelids. For a while I just wanted to run off and never return to you. And Christina, who decorated my eyes making it more devil, for sometimes, I felt she would even decorate my inner eye's lenses also. Thank god! she spared me after I could no more open my eyes. Zuali, she painted my lips with black color where I expected that she would paint with rosy red color. Thank you all for your efforts,  you all made our angels more beautiful, and devil more devil. Without your assistance we could not have been able to do ramp walk.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DaAza's Day: Happy Birth Day....

I exactly do not know whether it is only College Students who celebrate their birthday in the mid of night. It was our dear friend Tshering DaAza's birthday on 3rd Feburary. Supposedly, on Sunday. But messages of birthday wishes and calls frequented as soon as it was 12 of Saturday Night. 

It became our tradition to celebrate the birthday in mid-night. We kept ourselves lively and kicking till 11 pm. Birthday boy arranged everything special to treat us. What would be more special than Vodka and Horgola Fried Chicken (HFC)? This is new brand of home made chicken by DaAza's roommate, talented cook. When I think of it, water dripped from my mouth. 

Before 1, 2, 3 GO!!!!!
Best memories do not happen when desired the most. Best memories get crafted with creativity blended with right time. What would be more right time than birthday of our dearest friend. I am exactly not sure how many of my friends used to celebrate their birthday back home. But everybody does here. Because we have circle of friends connected heart to heart. Frankly, I never used to. 

Came birthday boy, arranged the stuffs on the table, and called all of his friends. And tossed cheers on us. Then, we sang:
 "Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you, dear friend DaAza."

That was very emotional moment. Circle of friends circling the Birth Day Boy. Toh, stood in S-hook position and clapped his hands, KitKat looked ever excited but sorry there was no chocolates,  Horgola quite worried how far his HCF would be sufficient, Changzay less engaged at first and elevated after few sips, Toobla composed cool and simple throughout, Allu more energetic and smiling with red glow after few minutes, Aarya, the natural actor had tough time anchoring his rowdy friends during the celebration, Thindruks transformed from a cool soldier boy into a rowdy Rathore, and me, I can't remember well, guess I was busy watching them. 

DaAza is the most festive boy. His strength to give life to the celebration is what I admire most about him. His scream and shout animates even the silent Toobla and coolest Ngajay. He made them dance. Dance and dance on the floor, is the best memories I would ever have of College Life. Even the most stiff and least flexible person like me and Changzay were found wriggling as flexible as earthworm after DaAza did his magic. He turns out the most odd and damp room into an exact Party Hall.

This is my simple Birthday Gift to my dear friend, Tshering DaAza Dorji. May his another brand new year gives him more happiness and shower him with more success. May he live long and always be the friend as he is to us and particularly me. 


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